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The ASX’s


of the 21st Century…

Dear Reader,

Flogged, smashed, touched up, clobbered, taken to the cleaners…

However you want to phrase it, there’s one ASX sector that’s been through the wringer more than most in the last 18 months.

Which one?

Small-cap stocks.

What’s going on?

These companies are usually the growth engine of any serious, long-term portfolio.

They are the innovators, explorers,  developers and niche operators of the investment world.

And they can give you huge windfall gains when they deliver on their promise.

Take lithium developer Liontown Resources [ASX:LTR].

This is THE best example of this in the last few years. 

In 2018, Liontown was 2 cents per share.

Today, it’s trading around $2.75.

That’s right, LTR is up 14,000% in five years.

What a ride for its shareholders…

Fat Tail Investment Research

Source: Optuma
Past performance is not a reliable guide to future results

Today, Tim Goyder, Liontown’s major shareholder, is a billionaire in part thanks to this beauty.

I met Tim at a resource conference five years ago.

He was sitting in a company promotion booth…trying to get investors to back him and his projects.

Nobody knew him outside of WA mining circles.

Nowadays anyone would beg for a word with the new king of Aussie mining!

Liontown is certainly not your typical small-cap high-flyer of the last five years. This type of outlier only comes along once or twice a decade.

But it sure does show the potential of the small-cap sector…and why it’s wise to allocate a small portion of your risk capital toward it.

Lately, though, the vibe couldn’t be more different…

Global economic trouble, rising interest rates and terrible investor sentiment have ripped through the sector like Godzilla through Tokyo.

2022 was especially rough.

While there were a few stocks like LTR that bucked the trend, small caps generally got smacked between the legs.

See for yourself. Below is a chart of the Small Ordinaries (small-cap) index over the last couple of years…

Fat Tail Investment Research

Source: Optuma

One thing about small-cap shares is that many are not profitable…

 …or at least not very diversified in terms of products or revenue.

While that’s what you expect with early stage, developing companies…

It does mean they rely on investor sentiment to flourish.

When confidence goes down, investors flee this sector first to ‘defensives’ like Woolworths and Coles…

…or go to cash.

And boy did investors chuck in the towel on this one.

Since 2021, Aussie small-cap shares…as a sector…have gone through their longest period of relative underperformance to the ASX ‘blue chips’ in 23 years.

You can see what this looks like here…

Fat Tail Investment Research

Source: Longwave Capital Partners

Above is a chart showing three different periods: 2000, 2007, and 2021.

Each time, the small-cap companies on the ASX ‘underperformed’ the large-cap sector significantly.

We’re now in historic territory.

As you can see, the current ASX small-cap drawdown is now longer than the two previous significant small-cap bear markets since the turn of the century…

  1. The first being after the 2000 ‘tech wreck’…
  2. And the second after the 2008 meltdown.

In fact, one Aussie fund manager, 1851 Capital’s Chris Stott, confirms he hasn’t seen sentiment as bad as this since the GFC.

But you know what?

This is great news for you…

The third great signal
in 25 years

Right now, you have an opportunity to do what all the great investors preach: buy up shares when sentiment is depressed…and incredible value is on offer.

As I said, this is only the third opportunity like this in the last 25 years.

As the team at Longwave Capital put it (emphasis mine)…

We continue to see attractive opportunities in high quality businesses in this sector over a three to five year horizon, opportunities which are available mostly because the market time horizon is currently so short and multiples are so compressed due to uncertainty.’

You saw earlier that the small sector has fallen sharply against the big ASX blue chip shares over the last 18 months.

This is a similar down move to what happened in the years around 2000 and 2008.

Now look at how the small-cap sector came back after two previous drawdowns…this time after the 2020 COVID collapse and the GFC…

Fat Tail Investment Research

Source: Sepheria Asset Management

You can clearly see one thing after the COVID crunch in 2020…


Take a look at the green line in the first chart.

This tracks the ‘emerging companies’ index on the ASX.

Stocks in this index range from as little as $33 million to $1.1 billion, with a median market cap of $232 million.

The blue line — the Top 100 Total Return index — represent the 100 biggest companies on the ASX share market.

The current top 100 have a median market cap of $9 billion.

You can see on the chart above that the much smaller ‘emerging companies’ massively outperformed and outplaced the Top 100 ASX stocks after 2020. The result after 2008 wasn’t too shabby either!

Now that’s the kind of thing ASX stock hunters like me love to see…

…Lots and lots of cheap stocks with massive upside.

That market cap range of the ASX emerging index — from $30 million to about $1 billion — is the EXACT hunting ground for my small-cap advisory service. 

And I’m here to tell you…

I’m backing small caps to do the same thing again over the next 1–3 years.

And I reckon you should too.

Callum Newman

Callum Newman
Editor, Australian
Small-Cap Investigator

My name is Callum Newman. I’m a professional stock analyst and advisor.

For 11 years now, I’ve been working with Fat Tail Investment Research.

I was a total greenhorn when I started. But I was also hungry to learn.

In fact, I’ve done nothing since!

It’s a fulltime job just keeping up with all the changes in the financial world. They come daily, weekly and yearly.

Then there’s studying commodity trends…consumer changes…financial conditions…investor psychology…and market history.

Fat Tail Investment ResearchToday, I have a podcast and even a book published on Amazon.

I’ve been lucky to learn from a wide network of investors, analysts and advisors.

Now I also know some big names in finance personally.

Like Warren Ebert, one of Australia’s best property fund managers. I had coffee with him when I went to Queensland recently.

Occasionally I grab a burger with Hedley Widdup, chief investment officer of the $80 million resource fund, Lion Selection Group.

My mate Catherine Cashmore is one of Australia’s best real estate advisors for retail investors.

Fat Tail Investment ResearchWe even wrote a small book together in April 2020 to say why real estate would boom…despite COVID. We were bang on.

Today I run Fat Tail’s ‘small-cap division’, via two premier advisories: Australian Small-Cap Investigator and Small-Cap Systems.

Australian Small-Cap Investigator is focused on finding long term stocks with great products and innovations that could grow market share.

Small-Cap Systems is a short-term trading system that combines a proprietary-commissioned momentum algorithm with my fundamental analysis.  

Let me be clear…

It’s not as if there’ve been no opportunities since 2021…

You’ve already heard about Liontown (I know it well because I recommended LTR as a profitable short-term trade in 2020).

But another example is Bellevue Gold [ASX:BGL]

This gold stock was my key recommendation in Australian Small-Cap Investigator back in November 2022.

Market timing is hard, but this one proved prescient.

Originally, the plan was to hold for 12–18 months.

But BGL flew up 60% between mid-November 2022 and March 2023.

In fact, it went up so hard…and so fast…I told my readers to bank the quick win.

When you look at the chart, you can see why I made this decision…

Fat Tail Investment Research

Source: Optuma
Past performance is not a reliable guide to future results

This move in BGL was an absolute cracker for my readers.

Now…you know as well as I do that not all stocks do this…I can pick a dud too occasionally…and past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

But I show you this for another reason...

It gives you a perfect representation of what I see brewing in the wider small-cap sector in the second half of 2023…and into 2024.

You see…

Gold shares were just so darn cheap late last year.

Too cheap, in fact, relative to their potential.

They’d been in a downtrend since 2021…and investors got fed up and impatient.

Many threw in the towel.

As a result, gold shares sold off to such historically low levels…the odds told me they had to improve.

All it needed was a spark.

That spark came in November…as the UK financial system wobbled from interest rate volatility…and the world feared a big US recession brewing.

See the big consequential rally in gold shares from late last year on this chart?

Fat Tail Investment Research

Source: Optuma

It shows the ASX gold index — a bunch of gold miners, in other words, aggregated together — rallying 50% from September 2022 to July 2023.

This opportunity presented DESPITE all the negativity you hear in the mainstream press about the stock market.

BGL certainly isn’t the only gold play out there.

In fact, my service still has a foot in the gold sector with another cracking small-cap miner…

  • It’s just gone into production with an expected cost per ounce of US$875–US$975. Gold is trading around US$1,950 as I write.
  • Its current market cap is only around $600 million…and should produce 200,000 ounces in 2024. That should mint them a fortune in cash.

And if gold goes up, they’ll make even more (more on this below).

The point is…

…the big rally in gold shares is a taste of what I believe is brewing across the sector…across ALL small-cap shares.

That’s why I’m shouting from the rooftops for all to hear…

I don’t believe you’ll see as
tremendous a buying opportunity


Don’t get me wrong…

There’s no doubt 2022 was a tough year.

That’s both on the Aussie stock market and the global economy.

But we’re halfway through 2023 now.

It’s not THAT bad out there.

Just look out the window and see for yourself…

  • Aussie house prices are rising, not falling
  • Unemployment is very low, not high at all
  • And Australia’s terms of trade are BOOMING, with not a deficit in sight.

Let’s be clear about this…

Since 2019, the world wants what we’re selling. Take a look at the great run of trade surpluses Australia has run since 2019…

Fat Tail Investment Research

Source: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade


It can’t be that bad if even the politicians in Canberra can run a budget surplus.

It’s the first in 15 years, by the way.

You know why?

Companies and workers are making so much money…they’re paying lots of taxes.

I’m not saying we don’t have issues in Australia.


My read on the situation is that investor sentiment is way worse that Australia’s economic reality.

Here’s the thing…

The world will never be ‘perfect’ for investing without a headache or two to consider.

You know this.

And you’ll never get ahead hunkering in cash.

You know that too.

All my experience says…the time to back the market is now.

But also know…

Some individual stocks can do
much, much better

As I say, I’m proud to be editor of Fat Tail Investment Research’s longest running flagship small-cap advisory letter, Australian Small-Cap Investigator.

It’s a letter with a history for unearthing and backing some of Australia’s great innovators…before they became big stocks.

Of course, not all recommendations work out. This is the small-cap sector after all. But we’re never afraid of sticking our neck out.

Because when you get on a good one…boy it’s a ride.

For example, had you been a reader back in June 2019, you’d have learnt about a tiny, unknown resource stock called Arafura Rare Earths.

The stock code was ARU. It was 12.5 cents per share at the time.

We said back then that rare earth resources OUTSIDE of China would catch the eye of the market because of the China/US trade conflict.

It doesn’t get more bang on than this.

By February this year, ARU hit an all-time high of 70 cents per share.

Take a look at this flier…

Fat Tail Investment Research

Source: Optuma

That’s a 460% rise.

Australian Small-Cap Investigator readers got most of this move too…banking a 380% gain back in March.

Now consider the wider context here…

Our readers couldn’t be sure that Arafura Rare Earths would be the star stock in 2023 if they backed it way back in 2019.

Australia didn’t look too flash back then, either.

And then COVID came…and rising rates…and a potential recession.

Arafura soared anyway.

All you had to do was put a small stake down…and hang on.

Now, we can’t use hindsight bias here, either.

It’s possible you could have held on…and under different circumstances…ARU could’ve tanked like a free diver wearing concrete boots!

Over the years, I’ve had few recommendations do exactly that.

Small-caps are risky, volatile, and unpredictable. They are for your high-risk capital only.

They may also not be for you if you’re down to your last $500 in savings, have a monster mortgage or big pills to pay.

But you can also invest as little as $500 too. You can decide if this sounds right for you.

And as for ARU, that’s yesterday’s news now.

Now it’s time to be thinking about which shares might be the investor darlings in 2024 and 2025.

We’re already getting a taste of the potential for the next wave of ASX stars to storm higher…

Some recent gains on my buy list (at the time of writing in August) include:

  • A mining service company +47%
  • A travel software firm +40%
  • An AI data analytics star +48%
  • An advertising firm +68%

These are open positions, and I think there’s plenty more coming up for all four.

These are just a taste of the potential in the market currently.

There are so many potential crackers out there.

Let me tell you about one specifically…

In March 2023, I got wind of a
communications company called Tuas

Here’s the background…

In December 2021, one share of Tuas [ASX:TUA] was more than $2. 

By June 2022 one share was barely holding above $1...

Investors dumped the stock in a panic over the prospect of a global recession.

But here’s the thing…

The share price performance had nothing to do with how the business was doing.

Tuas sells mobile subscriptions in the Singapore market.

Australia doesn’t even matter to it!

In the second quarter of Financial Year 2022 it had 487,000 subscribers.

Now it has over 640,000.

And you know what?

The man behind Tuas is one of Australia’s most successful — and richest — entrepreneurs.

You could only know that with meticulous research.

David Teoh is famously publicity shy. He doesn’t give interviews.

He doesn’t crow about what’s he’s up too. He barely even speaks on the analyst calls.

But he’s also a cold, hard money maker…

I’ll back David Teoh every day of
the week — recession or not!

I put it like this to my readers back in March…

Come to the fore, David Teoh!

Do you know the name? Probably not.

David Teoh was the mastermind behind the rise of communication firm TPG.

TPG made Teoh a billionaire. It’s an amazing story, considering he emigrated to Australia from Malaysia and began selling computer parts.

Teoh merged TPG with Vodafone back in 2020 and later stepped down as Chairman of the business.

But he kept an iron in the market fire with a smaller company called Tuas [ASX:TUA].

This is something like the original version of ‘TPG’ reborn, except Tuas’s market is now Singapore instead of Australia.

Tuas trades on the ASX for around $1.30 per share and has a $600 million market cap.

David Teoh isn’t afraid to back himself. He entered the Singapore market from scratch and built a 4G network to take on the incumbent providers.

He used a familiar move too: undercut them on price to win market share!

Since then, Tuas has ran back toward $2 per share.

The chart has investor psychology all over it…

Fat Tail Investment Research

Source: Optuma

As of July 2023, Tuas is up over 50%.

It’s still an open position on my buy list as I write…

(Note: that does NOT mean you should buy it. Things change fast on the stock market. And my specific buying instructions are only available to Australian Small-Cap Investigator subscribers.) 

The point I’m driving home is that in the same timeframe that Tuas rose 50%, the ASX 200 went up…

…Just 3.65%.

Let me tell you, of course, that Tuas could keep soaring from here…

Or it could crash and burn.

That’s the wild, speculative ride of backing small-cap stocks.

It’s the risk you take. They certainly don’t all go up like Tuas…and they aren’t all backed by David Teoh.

But personally, I’d rather back one of Australia’s best businessmen growing sales and subscribers than some doddering old stock that passed its best years ago.

Let me illustrate why…

Small-cap stocks are companies with market capitalisations usually between $50 million and about $2 billion. 

They tend to be innovators...start-ups...or explorers.

And they’re typically listed on the ASX for anywhere between one cent and three bucks a share.

Because of their tiny size, it doesn’t take much trading volume to move the value of a small-cap company by a lot — up OR down.

Here’s the logic…

If Woolworths’ shares go up by 2 cents, big whoop.

But if a small-cap stock goes up by 2 cents…it can double your investment fast.

Here’s a hypothetical example:

Fat Tail Investment Research


Woolworths — on the left — is a large-cap share, sometimes known as a ‘blue-chip’ share. It’s one of the largest companies in Australia.

At around $34 a share, Woolworths is probably not going to double in a week.

In fact, there’s little chance of any blue-chip share going up by any more than a handful of percent in the short term.

Sure, they may pay a small dividend a couple of times a year…but if you’re looking for stunning profits, forget it.

A quick note of caution too on this point...

What gives small caps this ‘hyper-gearing’ quality is also what makes them the riskiest stocks on the market.

Put another way: Woolworths is also unlikely to HALVE in a week.

But some small caps can.

However, as above, so many stocks in the sector have been hammered that I believe you’re almost crazy NOT to dip your toe in now.

Let me reiterate…

There are potential opportunities like Tuas and ARU all over the market.

I’m not saying there’s no more risk. I can’t promise you that.

But we have every reason to think small cap opportunities like this are going to keep coming…


We’re approaching the
end of the RBA rate rise cycle

Rising interest rates have been a massive headwind for the stock market ever since the RBA began to life rates in May 2022.

You can see on the chart below of the ASX 200 — the general market in other words — that this is when the ASX hit trouble and became incredible volatile…

Fat Tail Investment Research

Source: Optuma

It also sent volatility skyrocketing for ALL of 2022.

We can see that the ‘VIX’ index…a common measure of volatility, and what some people call the ‘fear’ index. It tends to skyrocket when things get hairy out there!

Fat Tail Investment Research

Source: Optuma

Let me tell you this vital observation…

The overriding issue has been the uncertainty around when the rate rises will STOP.

We’re getting very close to that point, if we’re not there already.

Inflation readings are falling around the world…

Fat Tail Investment Research

Source: Twitter

This takes the pressure of central banks to keep raising rates to choke it off.

Rightly or wrongly, most interest traders think the RBA is finished.

We can see that via the interest rate curve…

Fat Tail Investment Research

Source: Refinitiv

Indeed, we could even see interest rate cuts in 2024.

This is great news for you and me. Early signs are that inflation is coming under control.

I believe most of the troubles and headaches that rattled the ASX since 2021, are now in the rear view mirror.

I went public with this forecast in April 2023, by the way, on one of Australia’s premier investing websites, Livewire.

This was when the market was panicking over the US banking issues at the time.

You can see that here…

Fat Tail Investment Research

Source: Livewire

And you know what?

Interest rates are certainly higher.

But they’re not ‘crazy high’. Not by historical standards.

In fact, today Australian interest rates are around their 20-year average.

The chart below compares the RBA cash rate with the 10-year Aussie government bond rate.

It also shows them over a 20-year timeframe to put the current rate in historical context.

Fat Tail Investment Research

Source: Alphinity

And you should know the ASX rose over 100% between 2003 and 2007 — and rate rises were happening then.

What killed the market this time around was the speed and unexpectedness of the rate rises.

It was the fastest rate hike we’ve ever seen.

It’s mostly behind us now.

I know, I know…

There’s still the Ukraine war and a question of how ‘sticky’ inflation could prove to be.

And the average Aussie consumer is under the pump.

The world may (or may not) be going into a recession later this year (I don’t think so).

There are still worries out there. There always is, and always will be.

Here’s what you need to know about this…

All these issues are priced into the market already.

Take a look at this chart of the ASX 200 to see this…

Fat Tail Investment Research

Source: Optuma

You can see that the market hit its (current) bottom value in October of 2022 at 6,411 points.

In July 2023 the XJO traded around 7,350 points.

That tells me, at least as one indicator, that the worst is well and truly behind us.

Let me emphasise this point…

You should be positioning for a

You need to know a little about how markets work to see the opportunity here.

Here’s a stylised chart to see that — historically anyway — the stock market will bottom ahead of the recession/slowdown in the economy…

Fat Tail Investment Research

Source: Stansberry Research

As my US colleague Matt Weinsheck puts it,

The market leads the economy. Stocks are priced on expectations. So a bottom in the market will come before a bottom in the economy.’

However, a stylised chart is all well and good, in theory.

We’re both human.

It can feel risky to put your money into the market at times like these.

That’s why investors usually ascend this emotional curve as well…

Fat Tail Investment Research

Source: Stansberry

I’d say most people are somewhere between despondency and scepticism right now.

By the end of listening to me you should be at hope…and prepared to invest on it!

Do you see the implication?

In my view…

Putting your money to work in
the market right now is exactly
what you should be doing!

Like I said, everything I see says that we’re now in the first phase of a new bull market.

Here’s what I told my subscribers back in March 2023, in the heat of the US banking crisis that gripped the markets earlier in the year…

There’s another reason I lean to think the next few years could look like the boom years of the late 90s.

Back then, the internet was the hot new thing that sent US productivity soaring.

It seems to me we could be up for the same thing as artificial intelligence finds more and more commercial application

Forecasting markets is a tough game. So much can change…as we’ve just seen in the last week or two.

However, as far as I’m concerned, dips are still opportunities to buy if you’re in for the long term.’

The Nasdaq has since risen 20%, and has had the best six-month start in 40 years.

We caught this AI tailwind on one of our former Australian Small-Cap Investigator recommendations too.

See how semiconductor firm Weebit Nano [ASX:WBT] took off from October 2022 to March 2023…

Fat Tail Investment Research

Source: Optuma
Past performance is not a reliable guide to future results

Readers of Australian Small-Cap Investigator had the chance to bank an 80% profit on that one too.

More opportunities should be coming.

There’s another nice way of putting it…

Fund manager Nick Griffin said recently…

“‘The reality is you can spend the last 20 years in Australia looking at macroeconomics.

“You could have tried to work out what interest rates were going to do, what the government was going to do, or what was going to happen to the budget deficit,” he said.

Or you could have worked out blood plasma was going to be pretty useful to cure diseases, and you could have just bought CSL.

Now’s the time to be actively hunting for the next CSL.

We should have the market tailwind at our back soon enough too.

A new bull run brewing now is perfectly in accord with the history of markets.

There’s a classic Aussie investment book I keep in my office library.

It’s called Building Wealth in the Stock Market. A private investor Colin Nicholson wrote it.

It’s an outstanding guide to navigating the stock market with your hard-earned money at risk.

Colin gives us the following list to identify that we’re in stage one of a new bull market (emphasis added) — and not, say, a so-called ‘bear market rally’.

Colin called this part…

Bull Market Stage #1:
‘Reviving Confidence’

Fat Tail Investment ResearchColin also listed some indicators to identify it. They were:

  • All news is bad
  • Based on anticipation
  • Public absent from the market
  • Market may ignore bad news
  • Thought to be a bear market rally
  • Disbelief turns to fear of missing out

Today, this looks spot on to me.

Now, Colin’s book was written 15 years ago. And, as Warren Buffet says, if history had all the answers then the richest people would be librarians.

I could be totally wrong about stocks entering a new bull market. One of my colleagues is the total reverse…and is basically all in cash!

However, stocks generally favour the optimists among us.

Take a look at this front page showing different share market returns from 1993 to 2023…then look at what cash did.

Fat Tail Investment Research

Source: Australian Financial Review

This is another reason I think fretting about the economy today is foolhardy.

The stock market priced in the current slowdown we’re in ages ago.

Now it’s hunting for the stocks oversold, misunderstood, and new agents of change and growth.

In that book, Colin Nicholson also writes the following about stage one of a new bull market (emphasis added)…

It is common at this time for most people to have completely lost interest in the stock market.

The general public will be completely disillusioned about stocks. They have abandoned the market to the professionals…

‘…The irony in this is that just when the best opportunities are emerging, the general public are not watching.


The Australian Financial Review reported in July 2023 (emphasis mine)…

It is a bit quiet out there on equities desks. How quiet? Summer holidays quiet.

‘Repeated days with only $5 billion or $5.5 billion in Australian shares traded, which is about 20 per cent less than last year…

‘Retail investors look fatigued…’

Now look at what the professional investors are doing and saying…

Short version: accumulating cheap stocks!

Here’s one example:

Aussie equity investment manager Datt Capital also believes the market timing is opportune to uncover alpha in the ASX small caps space in 2023…

“Many of these small caps, which offer investors access to earlier-stage, higher-growth businesses, are currently trading on single-digit earnings multiples, and, as such, present a compelling investment story,” he said.

I couldn’t agree more.

Small-cap fund manager Chris Stott was cited recently on investor forum Livewire.

The report said, in part:

Those willing to do the work will discover that there are some stocks currently trading 60-80% off their highs, while the micro-cap end of the market hasn't been this unloved since the Global Financial Crisis…

But we are dipping our toes more into the micro-cap space than ever in the last three to six months.

We've seen great opportunities in that space...

Can you see where I’m going with this?

Aussie small-caps stocks: at their
cheapest relative level in a
quarter of a century

You have a chance right now to swoop in and pick up incredibly cheap small-cap shares, some selling at 50–90% off their former highs.

We can see the massive opportunity to acquire cheap shares in other ways too: mergers, buyouts and acquisitions.

Look at this activity on the ASX lately…and the gains for shareholders:

  • Wesfarmers bidding for small-cap stock Silk Laser Australia [ASX:SLA]:

Fat Tail Investment Research

Source: Optuma
  • Gold miner Ramelius Resources going after smaller player Musgrave Minerals [ASX:MGV]:

Fat Tail Investment Research

Source: Optuma
  • International player Thales swallowing Tesserent:

Fat Tail Investment Research

Source: Optuma

There could be a whole lot more coming too.

Recently The Australian reported…

At least one Australian private equity firm is understood to have started turning its attention to listed buyout opportunities among the non-bank financials as valuations come under heavy pressure in the high interest rate environment.’

Get it?

The professional money is going
shopping…so should we

I hope you’re with me by now.

The easiest way to get started ASAP is to follow this link and join my small-cap advisory Australian Small-Cap Investigator.

I’ve prepared a fresh report detailing my ‘Top Five “Big Buy Alert” Shares to Grab’ in 2023.

There are so many exciting resource stories in the market today…with huge potential.

Take copper. The outlook for this is wildly bullish.  

Earlier I mentioned that in a previous small-cap ‘Big Buy’ opportunity there was a stock that went on to gain over 10,000%.

Let me tell you about what happened after the 2008 small-cap crunch…and why small caps are the potential stars of tomorrow to back.

After March 2009, investors started buying again.

China began spending big on infrastructure projects. These projects required a lot of Aussie natural resources.

So investors loaded up on mining stocks.

Smart move!

One big Aussie mining stock, OZ Minerals [ASX:OZL], did pretty well out of this renewed confidence.

Investors grabbed armfuls of the blue-chip stock following the March low — and held on while the mining boom took hold.

Another smart move.

Turns out, investors in OZ Minerals would have made an impressive 128% gain in about a year and a half.

$1,000 sunk into OZ Minerals would have become $2,280.

Not bad.

But in the small-cap sector…you could have invested the same amount of money after the market downturn — and made a MUCH BIGGER impact.

Check this out…

I overlaid OZ Minerals’ share price chart with a little-known, small-cap miner called Sandfire Resources [ASX:SFR].

Over the same time frame, Sandfire investors would have made a 10,942% gain on their investment.

See for yourself…

Sandfire is the top line, OZ Minerals is at the bottom.

Yes, Sandfire is a rare outlier, but this actually happened:

Fat Tail Investment Research

Source: Yahoo Finance
Past performance is not a reliable guide to future results.

To be clear, Sandfire is a copper stock like OZ Minerals…

It operates in the same industry...BUT...it had a much smaller market cap.

Meaning any market tailwinds tend to have a much bigger impact on the share price.

How much bigger?

Well…$1,000 invested in Sandfire in March 2009 would have become $110,420 over the same 18-month period.

Now, which would you rather have
in your pocket: $2,280…or $110,420?

Think this is impossible?

I mentioned mining giant Tim Goyder earlier. I met him in 2018.

What I didn’t mention is that I recommended his other company — then called Chalice Gold Mines — a little later after that.

At the very depths of the market collapse in 2020, Chalice [ASX:CHN] hit one of the best resource strikes seen in Australia IN DECADES.

Chalice skyrocketed to as high as $10 per share by 2021.

I still have an email from a subscriber who told me that — at the time — he was up over 6,000% on that former recommendation of mine.

He deserves all the credit for holding on through COVID…and such an astonishing rise.

You see?

These kinds of gains
ARE possible

But what about today?

All you have to do is go here to my ‘Top Five’ shares in the report I’ve prepared for you.

I’ve been getting great feedback this year too.

Take a look at what some of my subscribers are saying…

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Excellent service. Priceless info at a very reasonable price! The team really know their stuff.

B.M. said…

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T.B. has a different sort of complaint!

Frustrating...only because I dont have enough money available to invest in recommended stocks. Apart from that I like it.’

And C.G. is happy…

Callum has recommended stocks which have jumped off the chart.’

K.H. from NSW is enjoying it too…

I think you are one of the best services out there.’

Now, I’m not going to assess myself in that way by agreeing with these readers. And I’m not going to expect you take their words for it either.

Instead, I’d like you to step inside and see if my works suits you, first hand, starting with…

My ‘Top Five’ ASX small-cap plays

Fat Tail Invetsment ResearchThe report I’ve compiled has five plays to pick up on the cheap.

And I want to put a copy of this report in your hands today.

Here’s a brief rundown of each play it uncovers…

  • BIG BUY SMALL-CAP #1 — I told you about this one above. My favourite gold stock on the ASX is primed to cash in over the next 18 months as it monetises the great gold margins on offer currently. I see every chance of gold going up too.
  • BIG BUY SMALL-CAP #2 — Right now you have a chance to back one of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs. He’s worth about $300 million. And you can invest right alongside him. You’ll see why you’d want to in my report.
  • BIG BUY SMALL-CAP #3 — The steel industry is going through its biggest shift in 200 years because of decarbonisation and net zero. One small Aussie miner can cash on the global push to ‘Green Steel’. Learn how.
  • BIG BUY SMALL-CAP #4 — Australia’s baby boomers are aging, and government spending on healthcare is only going one way: UP. Discover this small medical stock still on the floor from the COVID disruption…but finally ready to fly again.
  • BIG BUY SMALL-CAP #5 — I don’t want to give too much ‘Google-able’ stuff away here...but this small ASX belter is primed to cash in on the potential of up to $500 billion in fixed home loans due to rollover in the next two years to variable rates. Every borrower in the country will be looking for the best deal, and this beauty can help them beat the banks…

In my report, you’ll get the rundown of why I think these opportunities are so good, and the risks they come with.


But really, this report is just the start of what I have for you.

Fat Tail Invetsment ResearchYou can access this report today by commencing a 12-month subscription to Australian Small-Cap Investigator, covered by a fully guaranteed membership-fee refund period for the first 30 days.

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What are you waiting for?

Let’s get going…


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