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Do NOT Buy Lithium Stocks
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Want to know where a 15-year mining-industry insider says the next big
resource bull market will start?

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The Red Drought

This event will go live at 12:00pm (AEDT) sharp.

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I think that this service has been introduced at exactly the right time in the cycle. I am looking forward to good results!

RGL, Sydney, NSW

Excellent service that gives you the confidence to invest in this sector.

Miranda, NSW

To have such an expert as James share his knowledge so “freely” is amazing. I have profited already and am extremely grateful.

Malcolm, Bellerive, TAS

Absolutely love it and this has become my favourite thing. I am thinking my greatest gains will come from this. Very promising so far!

Gavin W, Port Macquarie, NSW

Excellent start. Thorough, detailed analysis. Enthusiastic and positive, with sound logic to support ideas. Looking forward to seeing how things unfold.

AJH, Alexandra Headlands, QLD

Absolutely love his clear and well-argued reasoning, have followed ALL recommendations and am well ahead already. So glad I am a subscriber.

Peter S, Mosman, NSW

15-Year mining insider James Cooper

James Cooper
James Cooper

James Cooper has been working in Australian mining for the past 15 years.

During this time, he’s clocked years of geologist ‘walkabout’ in the outback and Africa…headhunted by both the small explorers and major players, including Dacian Gold and Equinox.

And he was in the thick of it during the LAST Aussie mining boom…and the billion-dollar takeovers and soul-crushing failures that ensued.

For instance, James was in Equinox when Barrick Gold came knocking with an enormous $7.5 billion takeover bid.

When he isn’t out in the field managing rigs and organising field crews in far-flung places, James is overseeing the ins and outs of company balance sheets.

Put simply: James Cooper is someone who knows how to dig into actual dirt just as well as balance sheets.