Do you remember the vice-presidential debate in October 2008 between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin?

Few do. Except for one phrase…

Biden went hard at John McCain’s energy policy, saying his only answer was to ‘drill, drill, drill’.  

It was meant as a criticism.

But Palin embraced it. 

The chant is “drill, baby, drill”’ she responded.

From then on, drill, baby, drill became a rally cry to tap into the US’s domestic resources.

In 2023 — on the other side of the world here in Australia — we’re now hearing a similar rally cry.

Australia’s drilling again.


I’m about to show you why that is.

How the world’s top 50 mining companies managed to pile on US$165 billion in the fourth quarter alone last year…even as wider markets were pummeled. 

And give you an experienced geologist’s perspective on the best ways to invest in this trend if it accelerates in 2023.

It’s no secret the ‘old economy’ is coming back.

Tech stocks are out. Real asset stocks are back in.

You saw the first hints of this trend-change in late 2022/early 2023 market action.

Mining majors like Fortescue and BHP hit gains around 50% and 40% from their lows recorded in late October 2022.

As a former senior exec of one of the largest energy companies listed on the NYSE, I can’t overemphasize how impressed I’ve been with James Cooper...

…Having been a senior exec myself, surrounded by global technical experts at the highest level, it is obvious to me that James knows how resources companies work, how to value their assets and assess their risks, and most importantly how to value the share price relative to the resources in the ground and risks from exploration phases through to development and production.

That is exactly what I’m looking for in a resources company adviser.

Martin Breen,
Coorparoo, QLD

But there’s a deeper story here.

One that’s bigger — and potentially much more profitable — than the obvious one the mainstream is cottoning onto…

You’re about to see data and conclusions garnered from INSIDE the very industry that’s starting to ramp up once more.

It’s these data points that have led me to put URGENT BUY labels on what I believe to be six KEY players in what happens next.

Even if you don’t add these stocks to your portfolio, what follows should (hopefully) put you way ahead of the mainstream crowd in the months ahead.

You’ll have a rare perspective on what’s happening right now…where Australia sits in a new and unique commodity cycle…the kind of stocks I see pulling away from the general indices for at least the next few years…

…and, most importantly, WHY this new sub-boom is taking place in such an uncertain market for investors.

To put it all on the table:

My specialty primarily is in mining exploration itself, not the stock market.

But I HAVE had deep involvement with ASX-listed explorers.

It was what some did in the last boom. And I really do believe that, for the speculative investor, they’re going to be the best game to play for the foreseeable future.

But you MUST
nail the RIGHT stocks

You’ve found a unicorn having a seasoned geologist that understands the field and inner workings of mining companies well, and where they’re going…

…Knowing who to back and who some of the rare earths and precious metals players are likely to be (now) is invaluable.

Josh G,

You may’ve already noticed that Australia’s mining sector has finally emerged from a decade of hibernation.

The stock performance boards from last year make it hard to ignore.

There’s nothing mysterious about it.

It’s simply the cycle turning once more.

The pandemic, supply chain disruptions, war in Ukraine, global inflation, and the race to create a green future…

It’s all combining to create severe shortages in key resources.

Right now, you’re seeing both gold and copper prices surge.

Lithium prices went exponential last year. Coal prices reached never-seen levels. Potash hit a 14-year peak. Even uranium is seeing the most strength since Fukushima.  

All this is underpinned by years of chronic underinvestment in new projects.

The new deposits just aren’t there to meet demand.

Let me give you a quick case study.

It paints a much wider picture of what’s about to happen with a whole bunch of commodities.

And why Australia has now re-entered drill, baby, drill mode.

It concerns copper.

Whether you like it or not, the world is committing itself to a carbon-neutral electrified economy.

Electric vehicles (EVs) need a threefold increase in copper content versus a conventional vehicle.

EVs have a battery pack containing 40kg of copper.

Copper is also the key metal for transporting renewable energy to homes and businesses. Copper wires the thickness of your leg will need to crisscross entire continents to deliver green energy.

According to the International Copper Association, China is spending US$350 billion through 2025 on upgrades to increase the transmission of renewable power. While the US is spending US$200 billion on cables to meet 2030 climate goals.

Also, consider the millions of households that will need to install dedicated EV charging stations to power up their cars overnight for the following day’s commute. Charging stations need copper, requiring thick copper wiring to enable rapid charging.

By 2030, Wood Mackenzie, a global research and investment firm, anticipates more than 20 million EV charging points will be deployed worldwide.

But here’s something only exploration geologists like me know and policymakers don’t…

The copper isn’t there

I mean, it’s technically there. In the earth.

But the means to get all the copper that’s needed…as quick as it’s needed…is not.

There has been ZERO uptick in copper exploration…despite prices rising since the major bottom that occurred in 2016.   

In fact, new discoveries have been heading in the wrong direction for more than 12 years. According to S&P Global Market Intelligence, new copper discoveries have fallen by at least 80% since 2010.

Future copper supply is absolutely at odds with demand expectations. But a lack of new discoveries is just one of the reasons behind looming supply issues.

There’s a perfect storm brewing for copper.

2023 is setting up for a breakout year.

When the world finally wakes up to the looming crisis at hand, companies holding quality copper assets are set to reap handsome returns.

Which brings me to one of my recommendations for you today…

I’ve searched far and wide for a copper explorer that has the potential to deliver strong returns as the critical demand factors play out.   

The company I’ve landed on holds what I call a ‘cheat sheet’ for fast-tracking copper exploration.

The key words there being ‘fast-tracking’.

We drill into this recommendation a bit further on.

And why I think you could see it right at the top of the stock performance charts by the end of the year.

But here’s the point:

It’s not just copper

The fundamental impact on real demand for commodities is most likely to be felt in the second half of this year’, says Fastmarkets head of metals research and strategy Boris Mikanikreza.

This tale of massive demand meeting chronic underinvestment is only in its first chapters.

Demand for battery-grade graphite, for instance, is set to see a seven-fold increase over the coming years…that’s according to Benchmark Intelligence.  

You just saw 27 commodity prices ranging from metals, energy, and agriculture soar at the fastest pace on record last year.  

The consensus at this year’s Vancouver Resource Investment Conference?

We’re looking at new booms for ‘every single metal on the periodic table’.

And a new ‘golden age’ for junior explorers who get ahead of the curve.

I’m not going to waste more time making a case for a turn in Australia’s mining cycle.

As you’ve seen, it’s already happening.

The years ahead will be like the mining boom on steroids, predicts Peter Milne in the Sydney Morning Herald.

And it’s all going down right under your nose.

Few places on Earth harbour as many key resources and critical minerals as Australia.

As such, the Aussie Government has begun fast-tracking project approvals.

The same characters who gobbled riches in the last mining boom have begun mysteriously popping up again…

…getting appointed as non-exec directors on the next wave of explorers.

I know from working with these guys…

They’re just as adept at mining the stock market as mining ore. And they’re setting up to do it all over again...

Have a look at this…

The hazy days of mining
IPO gains are back

Drill, baby, drill is now morphing into list, baby, list.

This is EXACTLY what happened in the 2003/04-stage of our last mining boom.

An initial public offering (IPO) is where a privately held company sells its shares to the public for the first time.

Around 200 new companies listed on the ASX in FY22.

For most, it was a bad year to IPO. 

Well over half ended 2022 in the red.

Fintech IPOs got really hammered — with companies like Beforepay Group [ASX:B4P] and Equity Story Group [ASX:EQS] down more than 70% from their listing prices.

But have a look at the top 20 IPO performers in 2022.

The ones that listed strong…and then just kept on rising…despite the bad market.  

All but one was related to mining.

Resources utterly dominated a challenging year for new listings…


Source: Stockhead

In a risk-off market that sparked carnage in small caps, new mining listings completely bucked the trend…

But you’ll see that was definitively the case last year with new companies flooding the market…

If you weren’t a miner, you should have stayed private…

Among the top-performing IPO shares of 2022, mining stocks took out the top 18 positions.

Clear. Not a utility, carmaker, or new tech listing among them.

Of the top-performing 70 IPOs last year, 58 of them were resources.

I’ve been in the exploration game since the last mining boom.

Even in the earliest days of that boom…I don’t recall a level of IPO dominance quite like this.

Something is brewing.

Something big…

And I’m going to share my highest-conviction stock plays to try and help you capitalise on what I see coming…

I’ve been involved in or close to several mining IPOs myself. And — while I’ve not seen this outperformance jump out of nowhere before — I’m pretty sure I know the reasons behind it.

When capital flows into the exploration sector…it’s an indication of a long-term secular shift in the market.

You see, public investor interest flows toward the producers first…major mining stocks are the early beneficiaries of a new mining boom.

This is what we’ve seen over the last couple of years as Australia’s largest producers break past their early 2000s boom-time peaks.

As the cycle progresses and momentum continues to build…capital starts to find its way back into exploration, the most speculative part of mining.

These are the ore-hunters I’ve worked with and specialise in.

It’s this next leg-up in the cycle that results in a flurry of IPO listings for new exploration companies.

This is exactly what you saw in 2022. And I’m willing to bet the house on the fact it will ramp up further in 2023 and 2024.


Source: Google Finance
Past performance is not a reliable guide to future results.

WA1 Resources [ASX:WA1] listed for 20 cents in February 2022.

By November, it hit $2.28.

A massive 1,000% gain on the listing price within in 10 months.

It’s since dropped back to $1.48.

WA1 is an example of a torrent of small explorers coming to market to fill the supply gap in critical minerals like niobium…


Source: Google Finance
Past performance is not a reliable guide to future results.

NiCo Resources [ASX:NC1].

A nickel, cobalt, and manganese explorer that hit the index in Jan ’22.

By years’ end, its shares were up 360%.


Source: Google Finance
Past performance is not a reliable guide to future results.

Southern Cross Gold [ASX:SXG].

IPO’d in May at 20 cents.

Shares now trading at 72 cents.

Of course, it was not a free pass to all mining IPOs.

Some, like Southern Cross Gold, came out firing but have given half their gains back.  

Others, like Octava Minerals, listed and have gone down ever since. 

And, as I’ve mentioned, recent wider market selling has pulled a lot of these IPOs down more than is justified.

After a huge outperformance in 2022, we were bound to see a correction.

The issue of rising rates and persistently high inflation was never resolved.

It’s now resurfacing in a big way…that’s why you need to brace for further wider market pressure.

And it’s also why you must be EXTREMELY picky…and know what you’re looking for…if you’re going to back a new explorer that will stick its ASX landing.

But…not to sound like a broken record…you really do need to put those 2022 mining IPO gains into the context of the wider market action.

The US, basically the benchmark index of the world, suffered the seventh-worst loss since the 1920s.

Cryptos were almost wiped off the map.

The bond market also had one of its worst years in history.

But while all this was happening, investors in the right Aussie mining stocks were making bank with annual gains akin to a raging bull market!

The ‘decoupling’ of Aussie mining from the rest of the financial world happened in 2003/04.

If you don’t remember...that period was a super-volatile time in markets and the world generally.

We had crazy geopolitical risks.

September 11 was still fresh. The US was ramping up multiple wars.

The dotcom bust had just happened. Investors who couldn’t get enough of the growth a few years earlier now HATED anything new and speculative. 

Fat Tail Investment Advisory

Source: Google Finance
Past performance is not a reliable guide to future results.

The heavily tech-weighted NASDAQ had just fallen 78% from its 2000 peak. Zero-earning stocks suffered the biggest losses.

Sound familiar?

These were perfect drill, baby, drill incubation conditions.

And here we are again. Full circle.

Once again, a segment of our economy that investors have grossly underappreciated is experiencing a rapid reopening.

Once more, investors who’ve been hypnotised by high-growth tech are being punished.


Those with the foresight to see the trend-shift FIRST…and be in the right stocks early…are being rewarded.  

The misalignment of capital over the last 10 years to the ‘new economy’ was like a replay of the ’90s.

The period from 2013–21 will perhaps be looked back on as one of history’s most inflated bubbles…

At its culmination in early 2022, Apple’s market cap was an astounding US$3 trillion.

At one point, the size of Apple was larger than 186 countries…only the US, China, Japan, and Germany were bigger.

It’s absurd to think that a single company making some pretty little ‘devices’ could be worth more than France, Italy, the UK, Australia, or Korea.

But that’s the scale of the bubble we’ve just had.

And now…just like the mid-2000s…the pendulum is swinging back to REAL ASSETS.

But here’s the thing…

None of this has filtered through to the mainstream consciousness yet.

And that’s your ‘in’ as a speculative investor.

There’s a delicate window
of opportunity here

Look. I’m a former mineral hunter who’s worked over the last 15 years with tiny explorers and big-name producers. And it’s my contention that we’re now entering a new kind of mining boom.

Some investors are cottoning onto this fact already.

And realising that if you’re going to speculate on stocks…this is probably the ‘only game in town’ for the foreseeable future.

I’d go one step further…

I predict that the market-topping gains we’re witnessing now are just a precursor of much bigger potential gains to come.

Most investors starting to pay attention to this new boom still remain focused on the large producers.

That’s why you’re seeing more and more mainstream reporting like this 11 January headline to the right.

But my hunch…from what I’m hearing from colleagues and seeing first-hand on the ground…is that we’re about to see a major shift towards exploration.

It’s drill, baby, drill time again in the Aussie commodity sector.

And, as an investor, it’s definitely worth allocating a small percentage of your portfolio right now to capture large gains…before more investors pour into the speculative end of the market in 2023 and 2024.

It’s worth pointing out that the stock recommendations that are about to follow don’t come from an armchair observer.

I’ll give you my full credentials in a moment.

But I’m an exploration geologist who has worked with the biggest names in the business.

And when it comes to which stocks might go up next…and highest…in a mining exploration boom…

…you should probably listen to us.

Not investment websites and finance page editorials.

You see, geologists sit at the forefront of exploration…first come the geos, then come the rigs.

Think about it: If we’ve entered drill, baby, drill mode again…who’s doing the drilling?

Demand for exploration geologists like me gives you solid clues as to where this boom goes next.

Since the start of the year, I’ve dusted off my contact book.

And colleagues in the industry are telling me they’re having to put their phones on silent…such is the revived interest in experienced ore hunters.

By their very nature, mines and oil fields are depleting assets; to replace major reserves requires years of intense investor capital.

And to open up new discoveries, you need the experts in discovering.

With a lack of new discoveries in established mining districts, companies are forced to explore for new ore in increasingly volatile ‘frontier’ locations.

Even in a stable, mining friendly jurisdiction, with a skilled labour force, such as Australia, development could take around 10 years from discovery to first production.

It’s no coincidence many of my exploration vet colleagues are being plucked from whatever far-flung bar they’ve been hiding in for more than a decade.

This evidence is anecdotal, though. It’s just what I’m seeing first-hand.

I’ve also gone deep into harder data, pouring over records held by the Australian Institute of Geoscientists (AIG).

Geos started losing their jobs around the peak of the last boom, in 2011.

I was one of the lucky ones. I spent this period helping explorer Equinox Minerals through a staggering $7.5 billion takeover by Barrick Gold — formally the world’s largest gold producer.

As the cycle wound down…I was busy working on the biggest resource drill-out that ever took place in Africa.

But many of my geo peers weren’t as fortunate when the last cycle turned.

Most industry heavyweights started to pull the pin on long-term development projects.

As always, the first to go is exploration!

Mining entered retreat mode

By 2012, geologist under/unemployment was already exceeding

This was a move away from spending capital on new discovery.

Despite record-high commodity prices, companies were already beginning to downsize their exploration budgets…yet directors were unlikely to go public on this news.

For unknowing investors, the mood was overwhelmingly bullish during those culminating years of the last mining boom.

We are at the opposite stage in the cycle now.

War chests are opening.

Spending is ramping up.

Demand for key resources is soaring.

But the supply just isn’t there.

Ageing operations located in established mining territories will struggle to meet normal demand over the near future. 

Step in, the explorers and the geos.

Our time has
come again…

But, as I say, none of this has quite filtered through to the market yet.

According to AIG spokesperson Andrew Waltho (emphasis added):

The survey results supported anecdotal evidence of improved industry activity and a tight market for geoscience skills across all sectors of the geoscience profession across Australia during the past year.’

Take it from someone inside the geoscience profession…

This uptick is a sign of something big coming down the line.

And this recent wider market correction presents a HUGE buying opportunity.

But which stocks?

We’ll devote the rest of this report to specific recommendations.

I’m going to give you four primary ones.

These are small- and mid-tier miners I believe are going to become much, much bigger companies over the next 2–3 years.

Each has an X-Factor that’s not yet apparent to the wider market.

Several are about to bring MASSIVE resources online. One has an insider onboard who turned a 1-cent shell into a $15 billion producer in the last mining boom.

The idea is simple.

Get in on these stocks at the right price now…and you could see really big capital appreciation. In quick time. Regardless of which direction ‘standard universe’ stocks go in.

Then…if you’re willing to REALLY push the boat out risk-wise…

I’m going to introduce you to two ultra-wildcatters.

Tiny explorers I believe have the potential to ride this boom to large-cap status if they play their cards right and get a bit of luck going their way.

Fortescue Metals was the poster child of this kind of play in the last mining boom.

I’m certainly not saying these ultra-junior plays will gift you 130,000%, as Fortescue did to investors who got in early.

But we are aiming very high with these two highest risk plays.

Invest in them with caution.

In fact, that really applies to each stock we’re going to get to shortly…

These are make-or-break times for the speculative investor.

The WIDER market is under significant strain as it looks to unwind 2023’s early gains.

But with volatility brings enormous opportunity in this unfurling Aussie resources boom.

I firmly believe the coming weeks could offer investors one of the last great opportunities to add quality resource stocks still trading at attractive valuations.

What follows are my six PRIMARY recommendations.

Given the volatility…they may not necessarily be in my buy zone at the time you’re reading this.

But the time to buy will come and all I ask is that you hear what I have to say on them.

Make your own judgement.


From then on, we are setting up for a long secular move in commodity markets.

Of that I am confident.

There are zero guarantees of success even when the cycle appears to be turning.

Plenty of mining explorers blew up and delisted, even during the last mining boom.

Last year…despite the fact that mining clearly broke out from most other sectors…we still saw 14 explorers drop out of the $500 million market cap club.

And, despite resource stocks completely dominating the ASX IPO performance table last year…you’ll find some down the bottom of that table too.

So it goes without saying…

If you’re going to consider buying any of my selections, you need to do it with your eyes wide open.

You could lose money.  

With that caveat out of the way…

I started my new drill, baby, drill explorer portfolio project last November.

Already one of these moves has flown above my buy-up-to price.

Even with the recent selling, it’s still up around 50%.

However, it’s a long-term play. And at some point, it may pull back and give you a chance to enter at the right price.

These prices move fast. Up and down.  

So, all of the following recommendations come with strong advice that you only buy at my suggested prices, when the time is right.

In my view, these are exploration stocks cornering tangible assets that’ll dominate the investor landscape over the coming years.

At least three are candidates for buy-outs from much bigger producers.

If that happens, you could see really big upward share price moves in a matter of weeks.

As we see a great shift in global capital that brings on more investment into the exploration side in 2023 and 2024…I’ve pinpointed these small stocks to be prime beneficiaries.

No more so than this first stock move:

Drill, Baby, Drill PLAY #1



2022 was a breakout year for lithium stock investors.

These guys entered drill, baby, drill mode last year.

Lithium was the forerunner of this new phase transition we’re talking about.

Companies like Argosy Minerals [ASX:AGY], Core Lithium [ASX:CXO], and Mineral Resources [ASX:MIN] piled on stock gains while the rest of the market suffered.    

Soaring demand…restricted supply…and a relentlessly growing EV battery market were the drivers.

As we entered 2023, though, the heat cooled in the lithium market.

That happens. And is to be expected going forward.

Even in a long-term uptrend, when things get too hot too quickly, certain pockets will temporarily correct.  

The big question you should be asking now is:

What’s the lithium of

My bet is graphite.

I’m not alone here.

Stockhead recently released an article saying graphite is poised to ‘do a lithium’ in 2023.

I think they’re right.

But the armchair observers there are only seeing part of the picture.

For the real story, you need the geology perspective.

As an exploration geologist, I’ve been involved in massive ore discoveries and multibillion-dollar takeovers...soul-crushing failures and delistings...and everything in between.

I’ve helped manage rigs, soil sampling, and analysing data-organising field crews in far-flung places. I’ve taught what I know at international schools.

Ideally, you should make investments in what happens next from a geology and exploration perspective.

You shouldn’t buy mining stocks just because a finance website said they look good.

I can tell you now that lithium, nickel, and cobalt are the three headline resources driving the EV transition around the globe.

But graphite is the forgotten fourth.

So far, it’s the ignored mineral in the battery trend.

Graphite is used in anodes of lithium-ion batteries...and needs a massive 600% increase in its current production to meet future demand. EVs need 40–60kg of graphite…roughly 40 times more than the required amount of lithium.


There’s one specific type of graphite that commands a premium in the market right now — Purified Spherical Graphite (PSG).

Trust me.

Mining capacity for PSG is nowhere near meeting the demand that’s coming.

In a year where lots of these kinds of plays took off, graphite stocks had subpar trading on the ASX.

They’re still in the doldrums.

But I see a flip in the market coming…soon. And getting ahead of it…with the right couple of stocks…could see you making a lot of money over the next 24 months.

From what I’m seeing on the ground…and projecting ahead…I predict a huge supply gap opening soon. On par with lithium last year.

So, what’s the best stock to play it?

You COULD go with Syrah Resources [ASX:SYR].

The obvious choice.

It’s still down two-thirds from its record-high in 2016. But it’s up 10-fold since its pandemic lows.

I would say Syrah could benefit significantly from the coming graphite supply crunch…and end 2023 with a higher price than where it currently sits.

So, if you want to play as safe as you can in this field, buy Syrah.

It’ll get renewed investor attention from the scarcity/underinvestment/sharp pickup in demand from the battery maker equation.

But Syrah’s a billion-dollar company.

It’s not a true graphite explorer…which is where I see the REALLY big gains coming from soon.

My selection here is much further down on the graphite food chain.

Much riskier. (And even buying Syrah is still risky.)

But it’s sitting on a proven reserve. One, when unleashed, could potentially become the world’s second largest.

I’ve gone deep on these guys.

And the more I’ve dug up, the more excited I am.

This ore body ticks ALL the right boxes from a mining and geological perspective.

It’s a high-grade deposit that sits just five metres below the surface, making extraction extremely low cost. It’s also a geometrically advantageous flat-lying ore body. Making it easy to mine, which also lowers mining costs.

Most importantly, though, the reserve is high-grade and MASSIVE.

This company is on track to become a unique non-Chinese processing option for graphite in the scarcity years ahead.

Who are they?

And why the heck are they currently trading below 30 cents…if they’re such a clear leader in the graphite recovery theme?

I’m naming this stock…and have outlined why I think it has the potential to bust out of multiyear sideways lows to be among the top ASX performers come Christmas ’23.

Before we get to that, you need to hear about my second play, which is closely linked to what I see about to unfold in the graphite space…

Drill, Baby, Drill PLAY #2


Zinc is a second critical metal that’s about to get renewed attention over the next 12 months. 

Certain green energy companies are racing to develop a water-based zinc-ion battery…one that has the same power, performance, and carbon footprint as lithium-ion batteries…but with less safety risk.

My second driller selection is a zinc player emerging from the Pilbara.

Once thought of as a giant slab of iron ore...the region is now seen as a richly endowed critical mineral province.

A new generation of explorers are rising there.

Stock is one of the most promising…

It’s a late-stage explorer knocking on the door of production.

As more investment floods in…creating more competition for land holdings…you want to own companies with a first-mover advantage.

This zinc play has already started drilling and testing open mineralisation.  

665 metres have been drilled so far.

When the first results (called assays) are released…and if they’re positive…that’s when you could see the first round of share price fireworks from these guys.

Now, more than ever, it pays to follow the insiders who made their fortunes in the LAST mining boom.

They have an uncanny ability to buy the right projects at precisely the right time in the market.

I’ve been tracking one such insider…and he’s turned his attention and experience to THIS soon-to-be-zinc producer.

This guy turned a particular 1-cent shell into a major $15 billion producer in the last cycle.

In 2023, he’s turning to critical metals. And THIS little-known player…

But there’s one more reason I’ve put an urgent buy on them.

They also have a little ace up their sleeve.

A ‘side gig’ that’s going to provide cash flow while they keep drilling this year.

Trust me from experience…

It’s SUPER RARE for an explorer to have access to immediate revenue WHILE they’re drilling…cash that can be deployed toward project development, without the need for capital raisings or debt.

These are the kind of X-Factors you need to target when picking drilling stocks going forward.

It’s like a winning lottery ticket if you find an explorer…sitting on a key resource…with access to income at the early stage in its development cycle.

Before we get to specific names, ticker symbols, and buy-up-to prices, it’s important I introduce myself properly.

Who am I?

And why should you take these five stock recommendations seriously?

As I say, my name is
James Cooper

James Cooper

James Cooper

I’ve clocked years of geologist ‘walkabout’ in the Outback and in Africa, contracted by the small explorers and the major players.

And as we move into a scarcity-driven resources bull market…there’s ONE THING you need to keep front-and-center in your mind…

It takes years of dedicated mineral exploration to find the NEW bodies of minerals that are going to be needed in the next few years.

I’ve poured over everything from diatomaceous clays (used in kitty litter) copper in helping develop an iron ore project that fed directly into making Toyota Prados and Outlanders.

As I keep saying, I think actual rock hunters are who you should be listening to when it comes to up-and-coming mining stocks.

Not posters on mining stock forums. Or investment journalists.

You need a guy who knows how to dig into actual dirt just as well as balance sheets.

I’m not a hobby pundit; I’ve been right in the thick of it since the rise and fall of the LAST boom…and what came afterwards.

Through the pandemic, for instance, I was with gold mining behemoth Northern Star. In 2021, I was headhunted to be Dacian’s Senior Exploration charge of the company’s growth in rare earth projects.

Put simply: I know through experience how hard it is to make these finds.

Right now, I’m seeing direct evidence of resource companies starting to frantically sift through old drill cores in the hope of finding a strike in critical metals.

It’s an inexpensive strategy that could gift a company an instant windfall.

But it’s a long shot.

And these small wins won’t be enough to supply the breathtaking level of demand that’s coming...

Many exploration geologists have spent careers spanning 40-plus years...unable to make a single find that led to the development of a mine.

This is not due to a lack of skill or knowledge either.

It’s based squarely on the issue that viable bodies of ore, as well as oil and gas fields, are becoming increasingly harder to find.

This is happening at a time when exploration has suffered from critical underinvestment for more than a decade.

‘Perfect storm for commodity prices’ is a cliché.

But there is no truer description of what’s coming.

Each of my stock buys are based on EXACTLY what I’m seeing and hearing in the space at this very moment.

Take cobalt, for instance.

Its supply is dominated by the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

As a geologist, I spent more than three years working along the DRC border.

It’s not a country to mess with, let alone invest in.

Corrupt government, child labour, guerrilla warfare. But…cobalt is needed for iPhones, Macs, PCs, you name it. Apple and Google don’t really have any other option despite the public blasting they receive.

So how does that fit in with my #3 stock pick?

Well, the DRC, among other things, accounts for around 70% of global cobalt production.

I’m picking that in the next year or two…some key global manufacturers are going to be looking for NON-DRC cobalt supplies.

Step in…

Drill, Baby, Drill PLAY #3


This is a small Aussie explorer looking to bring a dedicated cobalt processing facility online before it starts mining.

It’s VERY early stage.

The company must prove it can extract ore for a profit before construction gets underway.


I’ve discovered that its estimated production per year of cobalt sulphate…when it gets underway…is going to be huge.

For perspective, the world’s largest deposit for this commodity is the copper-cobalt Kamoto deposit, located in the DRC, which produces around 25,000 tonnes per year.

This company’s cobalt resource isn’t that big. But it’s in spitting distance.  

This would make it a MAJOR global supplier. This deposit alone would secure Australia’s ranking as the second-largest producer of cobalt, just after the DRC.

As major tech firms look to sidestep the geopolitical supply threat (from China) and all the ethical scrutiny, the potential for this company to take market share away from the DRC is enormous.

As is the potential for share price gains.

Just be sure to check it’s inside my buy price zone before you decide to make a move.

I’ve compiled a comprehensive due diligence report on this opportunity…as well as three other plays.

It’s called:

Four Prime ‘Age of Scarcity’
Stocks to Own

You can get this report as part of a new investment advisory I’ve just launched.

It’s called Diggers and Drillers.

I believe, it’s perhaps, the most important newsletter you could subscribe to between 2023 and 2030...

Diggers and Drillers has a bit of a backstory.

It was the publishing company I now work for’s first-ever newsletter. Fat Tail Investment Research (then called Port Phillip Publishing) established it for the last mining boom. And the call-to-arms then was just as emphatic as this one. As they said at the time...

The sheer magnitude of what’s about to take place is incredible.

I can honestly say I’ve seen nothing like it. Australia is about to become the commodities centre of the world.

This was the magnitude of those projects by April 2007:


Source: ABARE
Past performance is not a reliable guide to future results.

I’m sure you’re aware of the wealth our country...and SOME early stock investors...made over those boom years.

China had an insatiable appetite for our iron ore.

But that boom, like all booms, wound down.

Mining stocks started to correct...the opportunities began to dry up...and Diggers and Drillers was put on indefinite hiatus. 

One of the benefits of being an independent financial research company is we only have one remit: Is this research in our readers’ interest?

I agreed to join Fat Tail Investment Research last year because they don’t publish newsletters for the sake of it.

And don’t put out a mining stock newsletter just because ‘there’s a bunch of mining stocks on the ASX’.

The timing of the cycle has to be exactly right.

Well, the cycle has turned again. And, as such, I’ve accepted the task of taking Diggers and Drillers out of retirement.

The aim of this next-gen 2.0 version is simple:  

To get you into the right discounted prices...before everyone else

We only began this project last November. But already, I’ve been humbled by the dozens of responses I’ve already received from those who have joined me. No more so than this one, from Martin Breen of Coorparoo, QLD:

As a former senior exec of one of the largest energy companies listed on the NYSE, I can’t overemphasize how impressed I’ve been with James Coopers Diggers & Drillers subscription.

I was cautious and wary at first, wondering what I was getting into.

But now that I’ve been a customer for several months I feel very confident that James is exceptionally well qualified to find top quality resources investments in the ASX. For the modest subscription fee, if I placed a value on my time, I would make that money back in half a day. I have invested in three of his recommendations and even though it’s early days, I am already well ahead and feel safe with the profit margin buffer that has been built since the day I purchased.

If that’s not convincing enough for you, then I would strongly recommend you subscribe for James knowledge of both resources companies and markets.

Having been a senior exec myself, surrounded by global technical experts at the highest level, it is obvious to me that James knows how resources companies work, how to value their assets and assess their risks, and most importantly how to value the share price relative to the resources in the ground and risks from exploration phases through to development and production.

That is exactly what I’m looking for in a resources company adviser.

And this, from Lawrence Li of Campbelltown, NSW:

James, I just want to say that I am grateful to be one of your subscribers and very much appreciate you sharing your knowledge and experience in the mining industry with us.

Also trying to buy into the shares that you recommended was an unbelievable experience, like ARU and RNU both not only went up like a rocket but also announced a share placement in a couple of days.

Gavin W of Port Macquarie, NSW emailed to say:

Absolutely love it and this has become my favourite thing. I am thinking my greatest gains will come from this. Very promising so far!

What these readers and I are doing is targeting a new kind of resources boom.

Australia’s last mining boom revolved around a steel-intensive economic transformation taking place in China...and, to a lesser extent, other emerging Asian countries.

I think this next one is going to be bigger.

As another commodity trading insider predicted on 12 September 2022, we’re now on the verge of ‘the biggest commodity supply squeeze ever in history’.

Not just iron ore and coking coal.

Rare earths, energy, and other critical resources are now going to be in the mix, too.

It’ll involve almost every country and every supply chain in the world.

Each explorer I detail in ‘Four Prime Age of Scarcity Stocks to Own’, has what I see as a distinct first-mover advantage.

If you’re going to consider buying them now, there’s one critical point I need to hammer home…

The ‘everything bubble’
forgot to include

Absolutely love it and this has become my favourite thing. I am thinking my greatest gains will come from this. Very promising so far!

Gavin W, Port Macquarie, NSW

I find this service one of the most potentially valuable advisories from the Group. First hand professional and technical knowledge of the resources sector enables James to provide investors with tailored recommendations well in advance of broader market awareness. Good work James, value you input.

John Symons, Toorak, VIC

Absolutely love his clear and well-argued reasoning, have followed ALL recommendations and am well ahead already. So glad I am a subscriber.

Peter S, Mosman, NSW

To have such an expert as James share his knowledge so “freely” is amazing. I have profited already and am extremely grateful.

Malcolm, Bellerive, TAS

I have found D&D to be a wonderful service, reports are easy to read and understand. With James having worked as an insider to the mining sector, I think his knowledge flows through to his service. (He makes me want to buy every stock and lots of them!!)

Jenny D, Labrador, QLD

I have been thoroughly impressed with the new Diggers and Drillers' service and the value for money it offers. James has produced some very well researched long-term ASX listed recommendations so far while clearly outlining the upside and downside risks for each recommendation. Keep up the good work, James!

James Dianella, WA

Excellent start. Thorough, detailed analysis. Enthusiastic and positive, with sound logic to support ideas. Looking forward to seeing how things unfold.

AJH, Alexandra Headlands, QLD

I think that this service has been introduced at exactly the right time in the cycle. I am looking forward to good results!

RGL, Sydney, NSW

Amazing work getting James Cooper on board. You’ve found a unicorn having a seasoned geologist that understands the field and inner workings of mining companies well, and where they’re going (analysing what they’ve acquired, future exploration potential implications and also takes care to look at who’s running the show within each company). James also puts the pieces of the puzzle together that most can’t see (yet). There’s a wealth of opportunity in the years to come and likely something not too far ahead on the horizon in the mining diggers and drillers space for Australia. Knowing who to back and who some of the rare earths and precious metalsplayers are likely to be (now) is invaluable.

Josh G, Adelaide, SA

I'm loving the technical knowledge that James shares about the mining industry and the expertise he brings in sizing up projects. So far I'm happy with the service and the recommendations James has provided.

Cam N, Melbourne, VIC

Excellent service that gives you the confidence to invest in this sector.

Miranda, NSW

I like the clear explanation about the industry and its history and how that relates to the choice of stocks. I enjoy reading the articles and can understand the logic. Combination of fundamentals and technical analysis from an industry insider is fantastic. It is early days but the stock portfolio seems to be moving in the right direction.

Elaine, Preston, VIC

I’ve long been keen to invest in mining companies but not had either the knowledge or skill in investigating them to be confident in doing so. I’ve found James’s recommendations to be thorough and very believable and written in a way that is easy to understand. Please keep up the good work.

MW, Redcliffe, QLD

Love it. James seems to know what he is talking about. Certainly, he provides excellent information and knowledge that reek of good sense. My preferred style.

Bruce S, Maroochydore, QLD

You might be wary about making stock speculations right now.

Even in light of the strength that’s come back to markets recently.

Last year’s correction was brutal.

But that big bubble that blew up and popped didn’t include mining shares.

As someone who lives and breathes resources, it’s becoming blindingly obvious the insurmountable task the global economy faces in delivering not just critical metals for the future energy transition but food, water, and energy.

The period from 2013–21 has mistakenly been termed the ‘everything bubble’.

It actually wasn’t.

Resources were NOT part of that boom period…far from it.

The term itself diminishes the significance of resources as an asset class, assuming that ‘everything’ means the NEW economy.

Investors have ignored the onset of extreme scarcity of basic human needs for far too long.

The tech bust we needed to have has finally occurred…and still has some way to go yet.

Another ‘great asset transition’ has commenced.

It’s these tangible assets that will dominate the investor landscape over the coming years.

Each of the recommendations in ‘Four Prime Age of Scarcity Stocks to Own’ sit at the speculative spearhead of this trend-change.

You can download the full report now simply by becoming a member of my new Diggers and Drillers advisory.

You can see from the reader feedback that’s already coming in that we’re coming out of the gates firing on all cylinders.

I’m new to the financial newsletter space.

But I’m told by my publisher that feedback like you see to the right is atypical right after a launch.

So, we’re on the right track!

What you’ll also notice is that Diggers and Drillers is extremely good value. 

Just $199-per-year is the official annual subscription.


To mark the reopening of this advisory, we’re slashing that by half.


And that crazy-low price is covered by a 30-day subscription refund guarantee.

Meaning, you can read my full due diligence in ‘Four Prime Age of Scarcity Stocks to Own’…

...and STILL choose to get a full refund of your membership fee within 30 days if you so desire.

Look around. There aren’t many players in this game that swallow a subscription risk like that.

Recommendations like these tend to get locked right behind a paywall without any remote possibility of a refund.

It’s a great deal.

Hopefully it shows you how much conviction I have in what we’ve kickstarted here.  

I think once you dig into these stocks and our gameplan going’d have to be crazy not to stick around after the trial period!

For instance, you’ll learn about:

Drill, Baby, Drill PLAY #4


Noticed the gold rally?

It’s quietly powered into 2023.

Gold is its own thing…different dynamics at play here from the critical metals we’ve been talking about so far.

I took an exploration contract with gold major Northern Star a few years after they’d bought up Barrick Gold’s Australian assets for a fire sale price. 

Generally, the big players are not my cup of tea. But I learnt some valuable insights on the ground exploring in the goldfields area surrounding Kalgoorlie.

In early 2021, I moved back to my comfort zone and took a job with Dacian as the Senior Exploration Geologist in charge of the company’s regional projects.

Dacian was a gold producer, but gold wasn’t the only commodity we focused on.

Nickel, copper, and Rare Earth Elements (REEs) were also targets in the mineral rich grounds surrounding the small Western Australian township of Leonora, around four hours’ drive north of Kalgoorlie.

When it comes to gold, though, and which stocks to buy to leverage gold’s resurgence…you need to be really picky right now.  

I have selected just one.

It’s a prime example of the quiet ‘decoupling’ from the rest of the market that some of these stocks are undergoing.

It’s steadily moved up in the last year as swathes of other stocks have sold off.

But in my’s still MASSIVELY underpriced.

It’s WA-based, with projects that span from the Pilbara to just north of Perth. It has a former CEO of a HUGE player that’s just come on to run the show.

I would say if you’re going to buy just ONE stock on the ASX this year that leverages further up-moves in gold, you should make it THIS one.

You can find out more on this play
now by clicking here to join
Diggers and Drillers for just $99.

It’s pretty clear we’re entering some form of a new commodity boom. But this is going to be driven by scarcity rather than demand.

There are certain investments you can make right now that stand to benefit greatly from this.

Especially because you’re an investor situated in one of the most resource-rich nations on Earth.

Four Prime Age of Scarcity Stocks to Own’ are my best bets here for significant potential capital growth this year and next.

But, as I mentioned, I’d like to include two more slightly higher-risk bets.

Mining and exploration are inherently risky business.

All four stocks mentioned so far carry unique risk factors, which I will outline for you in your report.

But these two…even more so…

These are what I call ‘Phase Oners’. I typically ignore the very early-stage miners (at phase one in the development cycle). There’s often simply not enough evidence or data available that allows me to determine whether the company has the potential for growth.

These are the ‘penny dreadfuls’ you see trading for cents.

Drill targets are developed on very subjective geological ‘ideas’ and rarely lead to success. In normal times, it’s best to leave these penny stocks alone and wait for them to prove themselves worthy of your hard-earned cash.

Otherwise, it’s all risk with very little chance of reward.

But, as you’ve seen, these are NOT normal times in Aussie mining…

So, I’m taking a calculated punt on TWO.

Simply because the potential upside if we get it right is enormous.

I’m talking about potentially repeating the path of stocks like Northern Star Resources…going from a 5-cent ‘Phase One’ to a $15 major producer within the course of a single mining cycle. 

Goes without saying don’t go near these plays without purely speculative capital you’re prepared to lose.

But you’ll find everything you need to know in a second report, called ‘Two Mining Moonshots (for Super-Speculators Only)’.

Heads-up on these two plays — there’s a chance they’ll be hovering out of my suggested buy zone when you read this report.

Especially given the wider market action recently.

That’s the volatile nature of going after juniors like this.

What price you take a position at is up to you.

But my advice is to time your entry until these two plays are under my buy-up-to price…

Moonshot #1


It doesn’t matter how good you are at the art of geoscience…

…unless you’re looking in the right place, you’re set to fail.

And sometimes those right places are not within Australian borders.

Despite our clear advantages, Australia’s still a relatively small part of the puzzle when it comes to the global supply of critical minerals.

As such, this riskier play is heading across the Indian Ocean and back to my old stomping ground, Africa.

A bit of backstory…

While I was working for the Australian-based copper producer Equinox Minerals in 2011, I took a three-week break in Malawi.

My experiences in the country helped forge my opinion that this small African nation offers immense undiscovered potential.

So, what did I uncover while I was there?

After spending almost 56 days straight working at our small exploration camp in northwest Zambia, I was ready to take an extended break.

I booked a ticket to see this little-visited country.

But I’m not the type to sit idly along the shores of the stunning Lake Malawi drinking Pina Coladas all day…I was in my late twenties and eager to explore.

Catching local buses, visiting rural towns, and even arranging to catch up with a former geologist mate I worked with in Zambia, those three weeks taught me a lot about what Malawi offers.

It was a chance to understand the people and the economy…not to mention the geological riches espoused by my contact working there.

With a country eager to support mining and a population ready to move out of poverty and seek a better future, Malawi has a LOT to offer.

So, too, does my final pick for you today. I think it could potentially top the share price gains tables this year because it has positioned itself well by uncovering an underexplored frontier that offers both geological potential and geopolitical stability.

You’ll hear everything I’ve uncovered on them in ‘Two Mining Moonshots (for Super-Speculators Only)’.

It’s Australian-owned…but holds a world-class deposit just 75 kilometres from the bustling Malawian city, Lilongwe.

This play gives you exposure to TWO critical metals in what I believe to be a premier location.

You can find out more on this play
now by clicking here to join
Diggers and Drillers for just $99.

For my final moonshot play, we circle back to copper.

As we talked about, the set-up for copper is as good as it gets right now.

In mid-2010, I was recruited by copper explorer Equinox Minerals and sent to the frontier in Zambia to look for the stuff.

It was the dream project for an up-and-coming geo.

Equinox owned an enormous tenement package…which gave me free reign and heaps of resources at my disposal to scour virgin areas around the northwest province of Zambia.

We also met with other copper explorers in the area…mostly Canadian companies, and some from just across the border in the DRC.

A few months into the job and I met my future wife, Andrea.

I don’t mention this to be sentimental.

Meeting Andrea was a key moment on my journey to becoming a better explorer.

She was an American Peace Corps volunteer working near our camp.

She was able to show me another side of living in Zambia beyond the exploration work I was doing — visiting and staying in small villages in the area and even helping at the local orphanage.

This is a VITAL aspect of successful exploration that you only see if you work for the BEST players…AND trust your own instincts.

You can’t find ore unless you have ‘good will’ from the people on the ground you’re drilling.

It’s something that Equinox encouraged as an Australian company working in Africa. We developed water bores for the villages and helped build schools, something the bigger miners could learn from.

It helped us gain a lot of support from the locals and made access approvals for exploration a lot easier.

So with all that in mind…what’s the deal with copper exploration going forward? And which ASX explorer do I think has the biggest head start?

Moonshot #2


At the moment…these guys are still well-up on where I recommended them.

Despite the big market corrections.

That could change, and if it does, I would say: GET IN!

Copper is charging from its lows of less than US$7,000/t towards all-time highs in excess of US$10,000/t.

In Chile, copper production dropped last year because of poor ore grades.

Chile is the world’s largest copper producer. But it’s still relying on decades-old low-grade ‘porphyry’ deposits.

I can tell you from a geo perspective…

Lower grades mean higher production costs. This pushes operations to the edge of viability. In ageing operations, like those in Chile, miners are forced to extract low-grade ‘fringes’ of the pit and run ‘low-grade’ waste through processing facilities.

It’s not isolated to Chile, either. The trend of lower copper grades is occurring across all major producing countries. You can see for yourself here:


Source: AME Company Reports

In Peru, there have also been protests that have disrupted copper production and shipments. Chile and Peru together hold around 40% of the world’s copper production.

Metal stockpiles in exchanges have also dropped recently.  

So, the million-dollar question is:

What’s the best stock to buy now to play the 2023 copper breakout?

Well, like I say, this play is right up on the risk-spectrum.

You need to go for the super-juniors here.

The fact is, there are very few late-stage copper explorers or early producers listed in Australia.

Copper is not a major Aussie export. Our copper reserves pale in comparison to the world’s largest copper-producing nations — as I said, Chile and Peru.


Aussie copper deposits here offer a risk-free premium.

That’s going to be a distinct advantage going forward.

Ever wondered why BHP was so keen to get hold of one of Australia’s best copper assets via the Oz Minerals [ASX:OZL] takeover?

Well, its Escondida project in Chile is facing major pressures, from striking workers to a less than supportive government, so BHP needs to derisk its copper portfolio fast.

That’s why, while Australia is a relatively small player in terms of global copper production, our deposits offer additional upside thanks to political stability, supportive governments, and a skilled labour force.

The small explorer I’ve landed on has various exploration projects on the go…and not just copper. It’s holding tenement packages with the potential for lithium, platinum group metals (PGEs), and gold as well.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m picking it for copper.

In fact, as I’ll explain, I’ve assessed that these guys hold a sort of ‘cheat sheet’ for coming new copper discoveries.

But the mix of other resources it has on-the-go is important.

When you get into the game of analysing explorers, you need to understand that these companies often diversify their landholdings and commodity exposure.

They’re testing a number of targets in the hope of finding something special.

And I believe — after doubling down in one particular area this year — this niche copper play is about to find something very special indeed…

You’ll get a full rundown in ‘Two Mining Moonshots (for Super-Speculators Only)’.

The only question now is:

Are you ready to join me as
we tackle this new boom head-on?

So now you have my take on what I think is happening in the Aussie resources space currently.

You’ve seen it break away from other stock sectors in 2022.

Evidence has piled up that this ‘decoupling’ is actually accelerating so far in 2023.

You’ve seen some pretty golden words of endorsement from my first Diggers and Drillers subscribers.

I don’t think this trend is a fleeting thing.

As Umair Haque puts it in Medium:

It is a Big Deal — as big as the Industrial Revolution before it.

The Industrial Revolution made generational wealth for those who played it correctly.

I think this new Drill, Baby, Drill boom playing out in Australia will too.

If you agree, you should join me.

And learn about the stocks I’m recommending you buy now.


Remember: there’s a 30-day refund period.

You can learn all about these stocks…and STILL get a refund of that modest $99 outlay inside 30 days if you want.

Up to you.

But I’m convinced this boom is only just beginning.

Join us now and we’ll give you a roadmap for playing it.

$199 normally.

$99 today.

And with a full 30-day refund guarantee.

Click the SUBSCRIBE NOW link below and let’s get cracking.


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