Your exploration geology expert:

James Cooper

James Cooper has clocked years of geologist ‘walkabout’ experience in the Outback and Africa, contracted by small explorers, major players, and blue-chip producers.

He’s been involved in massive ore discoveries and multibillion-dollar takeovers...soul-crushing failures and delistings...and everything in between. He was actually right at the heart of it when Barrick Gold came in in 2011 and bought out Equinox for a staggering $7.5 billion.

As he says:

While the big major mine companies were not really my cup of tea, it was interesting to see the takeover, then play a role in what was the biggest resource drill-out that ever took place in Africa.

Put simply, if you’re going to search out the miners with the best chance of hitting it big in the NEXT need an actual ore hunter with these credentials as your guide. Not a hack or a keyboard ‘expert’.

You need a guy who knows how to dig into actual dirt just as well as balance sheets.

JAMES IS THAT GUY…hit play on the video above to discover his ‘Attack Plan’.