New COVID cases, rising and falling cryptos, booming property prices.

No wonder no-one’s paying attention to a homegrown opportunity right under our nose…

Why Australia Could Be the Epicentre of the Biggest Gold Bull Market in History

The biggest gold bull market in history.
That’s a big statement.
How to justify it?
Let’s start with one very simple fact…

Dear Reader,

According to Resources Monitor, Australia is set to overtake China and become the number one gold producer in the world.

That’s huge.

It would put Australia — and Australian gold mining stocks, specifically — right at the heart of a rapidly rising gold market, potentially for years to come.

But there’s an urgency to this now.

Which means that gold should really be centred on your investment radar if you want to make money for the rest of this year, and in 2022.

What many assumed should have happened as soon as the pandemic hit is finally materialising now.

The gold price is rising.

And gold stocks are starting to respond.  

Until May 2021, gold just bobbed around during the COVID crisis. Other commodities took off. People stampeded into cryptos. Gold and gold stocks sluggishly edged lower.

But look what’s just happened…


Gold’s broken out.


There are subtle reasons for this — that most in the mainstream don’t realise — which we’ll get to below.

But there’s a very obvious one, too. Inflation.

Inflation fears have spiked. Inflation data from around the world is flooding in, and it’s surprisingly high. All kinds of prices are rising. After sluicing trillions in stimulus into economies…there’s now a queasy feeling that the central banks are losing control.

There’s one thing that both nations and investors historically turn to when this happens. Gold.

And I believe that getting ahead of the crowd on this could make you a lot of money over the next two years.

Now, I’ll confess my bias from the outset.

I’m an active gold investor, and have been for some time. I’ve allocated several hundred thousand dollars of my own family’s portfolio to various gold-related investments.

As you’ll see, we’ve done very well so far…in ups and downs. But, essentially, what I’ve been doing is laying the groundwork for the super-spike I think we could be just months away from…

My name is Brian Chu. And I’m the founder of the Australian Gold Fund, a family office investment fund.

I don’t know of any other investment fund in this country solely focused on Australian gold stocks.  

As at 14 September 2021, my fund has delivered:

  • 16% yearly outperformance over the ASX Gold Index over two years
  • 187% returns since January 2017 versus the ASX Gold Index’s 66%
  • And 559% returns since July 2015 versus the ASX Gold Index’s 177%

I don’t list these figures to boast. I do it so you can see I know what I’m talking about when it comes to gold and gold stocks.

And what I’m seeing now is something pretty historic in the making.

It’s clear gold is stepping back onto the stage.

But most investors don’t yet see what kind of starring role it’s about to play.

And that’s your ‘in’.

I’ve laid out in a new report what I think happens next, now that gold has finally broken out of its consolidation pattern. And the strategy I suggest you enact right now in order to take advantage.

This report is called ‘5 Gold Investments to Make Now’.

If you already invest in gold…want to get started…or just want to take advantage of what I believe is soon going to be mainstream news, this is a must-read.

I’ll show you how to get your copy (alongside four other bonus gold investing guides) in a moment.

But first, you need to understand something before you do anything in gold and related stocks today…

The #1 insight you need to understand
about today’s crazy markets

We’re living through the most extreme government intervention in the financial markets in history.

According to Reuters, central banks and governments globally have unveiled an estimated $15 TRILLION in ‘stimulus’ packages to shield their economies from the economic fallout of COVID-19.

That includes tax cuts…extra government spending…new loan guarantees…special ‘furlough’ schemes…even cheques in the mail.

It equates to roughly 17% of the world’s GDP last year.

This is government and state intervention on a scale we’ve never seen before.

And it comes on top of interest rates plunging to 0.1% here in Australia…and even lower abroad.

No one quite knows where all this money will come from.

But given that world debt stood at $250 TRILLION in 2019, we can have a good guess.

Most of it will be borrowed.

Failing that, it’ll simply be created out of thin air by central banks.

That’s already happening in the UK.

According to the Financial Times, the UK government isn’t even bothering to borrow money anymore. The Bank of England is simply creating money on demand for the government to spend.

These measures are designed to be ‘temporary and short-term’, according to the BoE.

We’ll see about that.

But right now, here’s the number one most important insight you need to understand at times like this:

Though we’ve never seen intervention on this scale before…

We HAVE seen three distinct times in history when something like this has occurred…

When social and financial panics such as this were met with money printing and interference in the economy…

And they’ve always led to the same thing: A huge bull market in gold and gold stocks.

Now, overall, gold has risen 25% since March 2020.

That’s good. But it hasn’t completely ‘popped’.

I think we’re finally seeing signs that’s about to happen.

And institutional investors ditching bitcoin for gold is just one small factor.

I’m convinced we’re about to see another ‘grandaddy’ gold bull market. And you’ll kick yourself if you don’t start accumulating certain gold stocks NOW.  

In some rare cases in the past, we’ve seen gains of 474% to 900% in a little under two years from the types of gold stocks you’ll find in ‘5 Gold Investments to Make Now’.

History could be about to repeat itself

There have been three times in the past when we’ve seen anything to compare to this.

First, in the Great Depression…

Second, in the chaos of the 1970s following the Vietnam War…

And third, immediately after the banking crisis in 2008.

Each panic varied in size and severity. But they were all met with a similar response: Huge intervention in the economy — in the form of stimulus, money printing and large-scale bailouts…

More than that, those interventions forced governments to rewrite the rules of the financial system in order to adjust to the new reality.

All of which ultimately sent the price of gold (and other critical commodities) through the roof.

Just take a look at this chart of gold (inflation adjusted) exploding higher after the 1930s…in the 1970s…and after 2008…

Source: Macro Trends

Understanding why that is might just be the single most important thing you can do for yourself, your family and your savings right now.

Because all the signs point to history repeating itself in the coming months. I’ll show you how in a second.

But first, we need to take a closer look at the three historical long-term gold bull markets with direct parallels to today…

Gold Bull Market #1:
The Great Depression’s greatest secret

The Great Depression began with ‘Black Thursday’. On 29 October 1929, the US stock market lost 11% of its value at the opening bell.

Soon every economy in the world was staring down the barrel of a brutal economic downturn…followed by mass unemployment…civil unrest…and huge social instability.

In response, the Australian authorities did what governments always do…

They sacrificed the currency.

Back then, we used Australian pounds — which were ‘pegged’ to the British pound, which in turn was tied to gold.

The Great Depression broke that peg.

The Aussie pound left the gold standard…and almost overnight dropped in value by 30% against the pound.

But the panic didn’t stop there.

And nor did the devaluations…

Soon, foreign institutions were demanding their gold back from British gold vaults.

The outflows of gold forced the UK government to take action. It took Britain off the gold standard and devalued its currency.

It’s a little-known side story of the Great Depression.

Most people only understand the Depression in very general terms: The crash, the banking failures, unemployment, strike action, the rise of the Nazis, the Second World War.

They don’t understand perhaps the most important part of what happened: The sudden re-ordering of the financial system and the spike in the price of gold.

Between 1931 and 1934, virtually every major nation on the planet sought to manipulate the value of its currency down.

Britain was first. The US followed. Then the rest of the world…

Did you know that the US revalued gold from US$25 an ounce of gold to US$35 in a matter of days back in 1933? Think of that as a 40% loss of your wealth, without you having done a thing.

The same was true in France…

Source: New World Economics

In China…

Source: New World Economics

And even in Chile…

Source: New World Economics

In other words: Governments intervened to fight the crisis…devalued their currencies…a new currency system emerged…and gold soared.

Not only that, but certain gold stocks went to the moon — even as other stocks crashed.

Just take a look at this chart: 

Source: Gold Speculator, Southbank Investment Research

It shows what happened in the US markets in the aftermath of the Wall Street Crash of 1929.  

The red line tracks the Dow. As you can see, it collapsed in late 1929. But just check out the black line.  

It shows what happened to the share price of Homestake, then America’s premier gold miner.  

When the crash devastated the markets, Homestake did get momentarily dragged down with everything else.

But as the Dow continued its decline in 1930, Homestake went through the roof

Between 1929 and 1933, shares in Homestake rose 474%. That would have turned a 10,000 pound stake into more than 50,000 pounds (excluding trading costs) — during the worst economic downturn in history. 

And Homestake was not the only mining stock to jump. If you were willing to speculate and put a little capital into higher risk gold miners…you could have made tens of thousands of pounds in profit.

This graph compares the performance of the two outstanding gold miners, Homestake and Dome Mines, against regular stocks between 1929 and 1933... 

Source: Casey Research

As you can see, the Dow got pummelled by a collapsing credit bubble — losing 73% of its value. Meanwhile, ‘supply kings’ Homestake and Dome Mines rose 474% and 558% respectively.   

Now, those stocks were both listed in the US, not Australia. We didn’t even have an official stock market until 1938.

But that’s the beauty of gold. It’s the same everywhere. It’s ‘God’s currency’, as they say. An ounce of gold in the US is the same as an ounce of gold right here.

And while there are never any guarantees of a repeat — looking at the data available to us — history indicates that there’s a very simple recurring pattern…

  1. A crisis strikes.
  2. Governments respond with devaluations, bailouts and money printing.
  3. Gold soars in response.
  4. And certain gold stocks go to the moon.

It wasn’t the first time. And I’m sure it won’t be the last…

Gold Bull Market #2:
Stocks down, gold UP

To create a new prosperity without war…’

That’s how Richard Nixon described his decision to take the US dollar off the gold standard in 1971.

It’s now known as the Nixon Shock.

It was the same story as the 1930s…

The Vietnam War had put the US under huge financial strain.

And so Nixon was forced to take the global financial system off the dollar.

That unleashed a huge binge of government spending…borrowing…and money printing.

Wharton professor Jeremy Siegel called it ‘the greatest failure of American macroeconomic policy in the post-war period.’

And it led to a wave of instability…volatility…social disorder…and inflation.

We got our own taste of this right here in Australia.

Between 1970 and 1981, inflation soared — crushing savers and wiping out billions of dollars in real wealth.

For much of that period, stocks were crushed.

Between 1969 and 1976, the All Ordinaries crashed by 34%.

But what happened to the dollar in your pocket was even worse…

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, inflation in the 1970s sent the price of everyday goods soaring a staggering 194%!

That means what cost you $10 in the 1970s set you back $29.50 by the end of 1981.

What does that do to the real value of your savings?

If you can bear to look, just consider this chart of the true value of a dollar through the 1970s and beyond…


Inflation was rampant.

It seemed like every time you turned your back, bank savings lost more of their value.

Every single day, you became a little poorer.

Unless you understood history.

Unless you knew what was really happening.

Unless you owned enough gold to offset the damage.

As a Business Insider piece from 2016 put it (emphasis added):

The world didn’t end in the 1970s, but double-digit inflation, oil price shocks, a weak dollar, and political instability made investors fearful and nervous. With rising fear and uncertainty investors bought more gold, since it is a tangible store of wealth. As the ’70s drew to a close, people stampeded to own it.

It happened once — and it could happen again.’

Between 1970 and 1980, gold prices soared by 1,607%. 

And gold stocks?

Some of them soared.

Here’s a sample of the performance of some overseas gold stocks between the end of 1978 and the peak of the mania in September 1980 (excluding trading costs).

Source: BullionVault

Look at smaller gold and silver stocks around the world, and you’ll see just how profitable the mania was for some speculators willing to take a risk, and who bought and sold at the right time.

But it is not just the small speculative stocks that can deliver spectacular gains.

Producers, both large and small, have also delivered some exceptional gains in a short time period, under the right market conditions.

For example, here are some of the companies that I managed to invest in at the right place — and at the right time — via my family’s gold fund:

Source: Thomson Reuters DataStream

Now, I want to clarify a couple of things...

Firstly, these are not the only investments I made on gold stocks.

Secondly, the gains you see above are the percentage gains from the lowest point…to the highest point…of each individual producer in their respective gold bull markets.

I am not saying I got in at the bottom…and sold at the top. That’s extremely hard to do, if not impossible.

However, I absolutely did identify these stocks during this timeframe, and I can assure you that I rode these waves up…and earned some handsome profits.

To this day I still hold these stocks in my family’s fund.

Of course, the journey was not smooth sailing. I made some losses along the way, some of them were quite painful.

Take Newcrest Mining (NCM), for example. A great gold producer and business. I started accumulating NCM during the 2012 bull market. As you can see, it ran up massively into 2016.

It’s struggled to reach those highs since, and my fund’s holdings of NCM are currently down -4.79%. But that’s OK, because I believe we are well set for the next bull run, and NCM is a must-own as one of the world’s top gold producers.

But then there are great performers like Aeris Resources (AIS). We’re currently up nearly 400% on that one. I managed to capture a good portion of its up-move.

My point is — if you identify a gold bull market early, at the right time, you can give yourself exposure to this kind of momentum in the bigger names in the industry.

Well, I believe the ‘right time’ is coming around once more.

A perfect mix of runaway inflation, loose money and political unrest could again send some gold stocks to the moon — rewarding speculators and risk takers.

While there’s no guarantee that we’ll see similar results as before, you can certainly see that this followed the same pattern again.

A panic. Intervention on a huge scale. Money printing. A new financial system. And a massive gold and gold stocks bull market.

Just like what happened again in 2008…

Gold Bull Market #3:
Banks crash, gold soars

I’ll keep this short because by now I’m sure you can see my point.

In 2008, Lehman Brothers went to the wall.

The US authorities responded with a monetary bazooka…the biggest round of bailouts in history.

In the space of a few short months, central banks around the world pumped trillions into the financial system, led by the US Federal Reserve.

Just as in the 1930s and 1970s, that sent gold and other commodities on a tear.

Here’s what happened to the gold price (in US dollars) post-2008:


And certain gold stocks shot up even quicker.

Not all, but take US gold miner Royal Gold, for instance. It soared four times in the next decade.

And some Australian mining stocks got in on the party this time around!

Alkane Resources traded at just 27 cents on 18 June 2010. Yet less than a year later on 21 April, it had gone vertical — up to $2.51. That’s more than 900% in less than a year. 

Or take Saracen Minerals. On 19 September 2008, it traded at just nine cents…by 18 November 2011, it had soared more than eightfold.

Now, given what you’ve just seen…consider what is happening in the financial system right now.

  • The Federal Reserve has committed to unlimited money printing in a new QE program…and committed $1 trillion every day in emergency ‘repo’ funding…
  • Our own government is already pumping an enormous volume of cash into the economy…with $200 billion in new spending and borrowing. (That’s equal to 10% of the entire economy…in one shot.)
  • The ECB has launched a mammoth 750 billion euro money-printing program.
  • Germany has freed its state bank to lend out an additional $610 billion to ‘cushion’ the impact.
  • China has pumped $79 billion of extra stimulus into its economy.
  • The US government has created a $2 trillion ‘rescue package’ for Americans…which may involve mailing cheques to everyone in the post.
  • The UK government has begun pumping taxpayer money into the economy…with a total of 330 billion pounds committed so far.

All of this has happened in 2020 alone.

New measures are being announced all the time.

It’s hard to add up the total cost, because there’s just so much ‘stimulus’ happening. But as I showed you earlier, Reuters has recorded a sum of at least $15 trillion.

To put that into perspective, in today’s dollar terms, fighting the Second World War cost America $4 trillion.

In other words: The COVID-19 ‘stimulus’ packages to date are many times more costly than the costliest war in history.

Now ask yourself:

Exactly where is all that money
going to come from?

It sure as heck won’t come from tax receipts.

And thanks to the policies implemented after the financial crisis, the world is already awash in debt.

So it’ll simply be ‘created’.

Globally, the bill will run into the tens of trillions of dollars.

Anyone who tells you that it won’t have serious consequences is either a liar or a madman.

We’re witnessing the death of the old monetary system…and the rapid emergence of something new and dangerous.

Ask yourself…

Can things really go back to ‘normal’ after this?

Can things really go back to the way they were?

Can we really expect no CONSEQUENCES from what we’re seeing?

We both know the answers to those questions.

And as you’ve seen, the lessons of history are clear…

The conditions we’re seeing right now
are a perfect storm for gold

In fact, with the first murmurings of a gold breakout taking place…I can’t remember a better time than right now to load up on gold and a handful of specific speculative gold investments.

Now, I know that lots of people will say that the best way to capitalise on a gold bull market is to buy physical gold, in the form of bullion or coins.

After all, it seems like the logical thing to do when the gold price is going up.

And it makes sense.

Though I believe it means you could miss some of the bigger, faster gains of the bull market.

To capture them, history tells us you have to look beyond bullion…and consider swiftly building a portfolio of other gold investments, particularly certain gold miners primed to explode higher…

And that’s not easy. Nor is it risk-free. Gold mining stocks are speculative and can be highly risky. There’s no guarantee that the historical examples will be repeated. You should not speculate on these types of stocks with money you can’t afford to lose.

My research aims to guide you through how best to manage your risk.

Now, I know full well that not everyone can do this kind of specific research. They don’t have the time, the knowledge, the expertise or the confidence, for that matter.

But I do.

And I’ve put it all into a report called:

5 Gold Investments to Make Now

This report — which I can send to you today — contains my specific gold investing plan to help you make the most of this anticipated bull market, before it gets into full swing.

In it, you’ll find five high-potential gold investment recommendations to get you started.

In my opinion, these five investments will give you a quick and solid foothold in a market that looks like it’s getting ready to take off...

...AND position you to potentially do really well — in the event of a COVID-19-induced major run-up in the gold price.

Get this report, and you’ll learn all about...

  1. A small-cap gold explorer on the verge of turning an old 500,000-ounce site into a 2.7 million-ounce site in WA. Mining legend Eric Sprott recently dumped nearly two million bucks of his own money into this firm, such is its awesome potential...
  2. A mid-cap producer that has been producing for a year — also out in WA. This company is sitting on a confirmed 4.5 million-ounce resource — so its growth prospects look great in a bull market. One year into production and they have paid a dividend...
  3. Another mid-cap gold producer that has made a big purchase — also out in WA. This company has a track record of being a low-cost producer. They also have paid over $500m in dividends. And, to top it off, they have another mine that is waiting to be approved by the government. They are on-track to become the next producer to deliver in excess of 500,000 ounces per year.
  4. A well-known large-cap Aussie gold miner with five producing mines in Australia and Canada. They are in the Top 5 of ASX’s largest gold producers. They not only produce gold, but silver and copper. Late in 2019, they bought a high-grade mine out in Canada for US$350m. This mine is situated in one of the most prolific gold producing regions in the world. Not satisfied with that purchase, the CEO has made yet another acquisition in March 2021, this time a Canadian explorer company. This acquisition increases its properties in the same region as the mine they acquired in 2019. What is clear to me is they are onto something big…
  5. An Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) that tracks the gold price in Aussie dollars...Why not US dollars, you ask? Because the AUD has been so weak recently, any rise is likely to be higher and faster in response to the underlying asset price than a USD-based ETF. If you’re just looking to get quick exposure to a rising Aussie dollar gold price, this is the ETF you want.

When you get your copy of ‘5 Gold Investments to Make Now’ today, you’ll get the name and ticker symbol of each of these investments — meaning you can buy right away (which I think would be a wise move).

In the case of the five stocks, you’ll also get a detailed analysis of their operations, financial health and future prospects — as well as the associated risks, given the speculative nature of these investments.

I’m biased, of course, but I think it’s a terrific way for someone who doesn’t have a lot of knowledge or time to take an informed position ahead of the anticipated gold rush that I believe is inevitable.

In fact, even if you ONLY buy these five investments, and nothing else, I believe you could do very well over the next 12 to 24 months.

You can get started quickly — today, if you choose — provided you get a copy of my new report, ‘5 Gold Investments to Make Now’, through the link at the bottom of this page.

I hope you move to get this report.

And move quickly — because who knows how long we have before this story really starts to take off?

How long before everyone you know is talking about gold being in a bull market (like we saw with bitcoin in 2017)?

If I’m right, I’m pretty sure you’ll kick yourself forever if you know — deep down — that you could have been early on the boom, but missed your shot.

That’s what’s on the table for you today.

A chance to be early, be smart and set yourself up for potentially significant gains down the line.

But my offer to you goes much further than those five gold investments.

I don’t just want to help you make a lot of money.

I want to help you take your gold investing to the next level — and build up your ability to analyse gold and precious metals investments like a professional, even outdoing them…

Why? Because I am not only going recommend stocks for you to include in your portfolio, I am going to equip you with the insights and skills that helped me generate outsized gains.

Gold: Investing to beat the professionals

As I said, my name is Brian Chu. I founded the Australian Gold Fund, a private investment fund that holds ASX-listed gold mining stocks. As of 14 September 2021, this fund has achieved a yearly outperformance of 16% over the ASX Gold Index since its inception in mid-2019.

I’m a contributing editor to The Daily Reckoning Australia.

I’m an experienced gold investor. On top of that, I lecture at university and in the actuarial profession. My strengths lie in data analysis, history and risk management.

Every thesis has a story, a proposal, results and a conclusion. I hereby present briefly my thesis to you.

The story is that your wealth is not safe from unscrupulous bankers and policymakers. Financial experts and economists are not always acting in your best interest. They have used the fiat currency system to silently steal your wealth from you.

The proposal is for you to invest in gold, precious metals and mining stocks to fortify your wealth. This path is not easy. Many have fallen because they do not know how to go about it the right way. But I am here to guide you. I have an approach that has been proven to work.

The results are in my past performance and my conviction that I can deliver going into the future.

As for the conclusion, you will have to join us to take part in writing it!

I’d also like you to take a look at the gold- and mining-focused investment advisory I recently took the helm of...

It’s called Rock Stock Insider

If you’re into gold...and want to know how to potentially make money from really are in exactly the right place.

Not only is Australia the world’s second largest gold producer, we also have more known gold resources than any other country in the world.

Around 16% of all the gold on the planet is buried under our beautiful red Aussie earth.

Suffice it to say that the gold industry here is HUGE.

But not just that.

It’s teeming with smart people, innovation, state-of-the-art technology and more.

Some of our world-class miners are worthy of investment, even when the market conditions for gold aren’t all that favourable.

But in a market that looks like it’s getting ready to soar?

Believe me, there’s no better place to invest in gold than right here in Australia, right now.

And that’s what I want to help you do.

Or at least, that’s part of it.

There are over 200 gold-related stocks listed on the ASX.

And if gold hits a new high as I expect it to, some of these companies are surely going to explode in value over the coming months.

Which ones?

Good question.

When you’re staring at a long list of explorers, developers or producers, they all start to look the same.

You need a critical eye. More than that. You need to know what you’re looking for on a balance sheet.

Even more than that, you need to be able to review the production and cost summary, their exploration budgets, drilling results, and more.

And even more than need to know you can pick up the phone and call a trusted industry contact...someone in the know...someone who’ll give you that one key piece of insight that tells you this one’s a ‘go’ and that one isn’t.

That’s what I can do for you.

And if you want to know which gold stocks look good right now, well, several candidates leap to mind (aside from the ones I’ll send you in your ‘mini portfolio’ report).

Some of our producers are ready to rally to exceed all-time highs.

And on the more speculative side, we have on our buy-list explorers and developers that could boost your profits — IF they get the funding needed to build the plant and start turning resources beneath the ground into revenue and profits.

Point is, it’s a super exciting time to be an Australian gold investor. Especially now.

As I’ve shown you, gold is the one asset people flock to — and cling to — in a depression.

We’re already starting to see that.

Perth Mint sales hit milestone levels in the first quarter of 2021.  

The fact that people are rushing to buy physical gold
tells you something important…

There can be some lag time.

But, eventually, after a global crisis like the one we’ve seen in 2020 and 2021, the authorities are forced to devalue paper currencies…and that tends to be the environment in which gold soars.

If you’re interested in gold...or thinking of diversifying...

...or you just want to know how to seed your money in what could be the biggest gold bull market of all time.

…then I’d urge you to make Rock Stock Insider part of your regular reading.

The beauty of what I’m offering you today is that it gives you the chance to trial my work for the next 30 days.

Trial it. Review my ideas…recommendations…my insights.

See if I deliver on my promises. If it does not work out for you, walk away and no hard feelings.

Of course, I’m confident that won’t happen…

In fact, I’m certain that once you’ve seen what an ‘edge’ my work brings you…you’ll want to stick with me long term.

That’s why I’m happy to give you a 30-day test run.

All this could be yours in the next five minutes

The second you accept my offer (I’ll show you how in a second), you’ll get instant access to all this:

  • Your copy of ‘5 Gold Investments to Make Now’, which shows you a quick way to construct a gold investment portfolio to make the most of this anticipated ‘mania market’. I will send a download link to you the moment I confirm your order today...
  • Full access to the Rock Stock Insider portfolio — including five live stock picks to move on right away. This is a core mission of this advisory — to show you precisely what to buy to potentially profit from the gold boom. When the opportunities present, I’ll add new picks, share my full research on what’s going on, and explain why I think you should buy.
  • Immediate access to the Rock Stock Insider research library. The second you accept this offer, you don’t just unlock valuable stock recommendations…you’ll also get every word of analysis I’ve already shared with readers, as part of our research library.

You’ll discover who JP Morgan is secretly amassing large amounts of silver for…how you could boost your gold gains…by buying silver…why gold priced in Aussie dollars could be about to be driven up further by private wealth…why silver, lead and zinc investors should be taking a serious look at Mexico right now...the hidden copper supply crisis — how electric vehicles are very likely to cause a price spike when people realise that each car requires a whopping four kilometres of copper wire...why offline mines in Brazil are good news for resource investors in Australia…and much more besides.

Plus, you’ll also get immediate access to a whole load of bonus reports, research and how-to guides…

  • BONUS REPORT 1: The Ultimate Bullion Buyer’s Guide. In this first special report, I share the details of what I believe is the perfect physical gold portfolio for people with $1,000, $2,000 or $10,000 to invest. I’ll also dive into gold’s important role in the history of money, how that history could be about to repeat, and what that might mean for the gold price…
  • BONUS REPORT 2: The Best Way for Australians to Buy, Sell and Store Gold. In this second report, I’ll show you how and where to buy physical gold in Australia. I’ll reveal the lowest cost ways to get exposure to gold in a bull market. And I’ll explain whether bars or coins make the better investment for beginners. Finally, I’ll show you a handful of simple ways to store your physical gold safely.
  • BONUS REPORT 3: The Australian’s Guide to Gold’s New Bull Market. In your third bonus report, I’ll talk you through a gold investment strategy called the ‘Aussie gold quadrants’. Then I’ll reveal how to build what I call your ‘personal gold standard’…
  • BONUS REPORT 4: Three Strategic Resources to Buy and Hold for the Next Decade. Your fourth bonus report looks at how a specific cluster of minerals have become politically and strategically significant. And how taking a stake in the companies that mine them now could prove to be an astute move — especially as the trade war plays out over the coming months.

Actually, that reminds me…

See, so far I’ve just focused on what happened to gold at times like this in the past.

As you’ve seen, in the 1930s, 1970s and post-2008, a financial crisis very quickly led to currency devaluation and an epic gold boom.

But it also triggered a major commodity bull market.

The exact same conditions that sent gold soaring — money printing, low interest rates, monetary stimulus and central banks’ intent on ‘reflating’ asset prices — sent the price of a whole slew of other commodities to the moon.

I’m talking about metals like gold, silver, platinum, palladium, nickel, iron, tin and copper…

One way or another, they all soared between 2009 and 2012. They did again since 2019.

The rally was short, sharp — and extremely lucrative for some.

For many mining companies (and anyone who held stock in them), it was one of the most profitable times in history.

That should have your eyes lighting up and your heart beating that bit faster. Why?

Because Australia is blessed with one of the greatest mining industries in the world.

I’m not just talking about gold. It goes much further than that.

And in the post-2008 boom, some of those ASX-listed stocks made an absolute killing.

Right gold stock, at the right time =
17,144% in less than two years

There was Mount Gibson Iron, which soared 1,052%.

Rio Tinto gapped 246% higher.

IMDEX popped 1,182% in the blink of an eye.

Fortescue Metals Group soared 467%.

And Dragon Mining rocketed 1,163%.

Now, of course, not all mining stocks performed like these.

But these are all real gains delivered by some Australian mining stocks — the last time we saw conditions like this.

Then you have perhaps the most lucrative example of all…

Most people have never heard of Sandfire Resources.

But right after the 2008 bust…it was one of the best stocks in the world to own.

Just look at what happened to its share price starting in 2009…

Source: Optuma

It went vertical.

It soared a frankly ridiculous 17,144%.

That’s enough to turn a $2k speculative stake into $342,000.

Those gains were extraordinary. And you would’ve had to time your move perfectly to capture all of the move up — which is hard to do.

And while I’m not suggesting my stock tips will necessarily perform like these, they perfectly illustrate the point I’m making.

Make the right move at the right time and you can make a killing from a select group of Aussie mining stocks.

And in case I’m not being blunt enough:

That’s why my recommendations to you won’t be restricted to purely gold or silver miners.

We have a world-class mining industry here in Australia.

It’s something we should all be proud of.

And in my book, certain parts of it could be about to start delivering returns similar to what we saw post-2009.

Note: I said ‘certain’ parts. There are no guarantees.

Not all of it will boom.

Just a few select pockets of the industry that I’ve been tracking for nearly a year now (while helping Rock Stock Insider readers position their cash ahead of the boom). 

Today I’m inviting you to become one of those readers.

What do I want from you in return?

One year of Rock Stock Insider is just $149.

To be honest, the gold portfolio is — in my view — worth 10 times that on its own.

This is something that could position you perfectly to take advantage of what looks like a major new bull market in the yellow metal.

The recommendations in my report will help you get access to this expected upside in FIVE different ways over the coming months.

Again, you’re unlikely to get this kind of research anywhere else.

But right now, I don’t want price to be a barrier to anyone who wants to get this kind of insight.

So much has changed in the last month. And the biggest changes could be yet to come, as you’ve seen.

I want to stack the odds in your favour on this one. That’s why, after talking it over with my publisher, we agreed that we wouldn’t charge you the official price of $149 for your first year of Rock Stock Insider.

Instead, you’ll pay just $99. Which — let’s be fair — is insane.

This is (much) less than what many people spend on dining out or Uber Eats in a week!

That’s crazy. The crisis has seen a lot of people lose their heads. I’d urge you not to lose yours.

For just $99, you can access everything I’ve just shown you — all of which could help you become a better, smarter and more profitable investor.

It’s an investment — perhaps the single most valuable investment you can make at a time like this.

And that’s why this super-cheap introductory deal is ONLY available to you right now, through this page.

Say the word, and all this is yours today

Just ask yourself: How much can more credit, more borrowing and more money printing REALLY do to solve the long-term economic damage caused by COVID-19?

It might be able to paper over the cracks…for a while.

But at what cost?

I’m not here to speculate. I simply want to point out that every single time a major crisis has occurred in the past…it has led to money printing and currency devaluation.

And gold has always prospered in those circumstances. It’s always been the last currency standing.

Given what we face today…it is just good common sense to own it. And if you want to be more aggressive, it seems like a good idea to own gold stocks that are likely to soar in a gold bull market.

That’s why I’m making a very simple offer to you today:

You can get everything I’ve just told you about — as well as a whole year of Rock Stock Insider — for a massive discount. As I’ve said, you’ll pay just $99 for your first 12 months.

And — for your peace of mind — at any point in the next 30 days, you can walk away with a full refund of your subscription fee if you change your mind about Rock Stock Insider, for whatever reason. No questions asked.

It’s that simple. Just follow this link to accept my offer now.

Just know this:

Gold — and gold stocks — don’t always rise.

But when they do — when the system is under high stress and the printing presses are at full speed — they can rise hard and fast.

You saw a glimpse of this from May 2019 to August 2020. That was just a dress rehearsal.

So, when are we going to see the show?

History suggests it’ll happen soon — especially if the government is forced to keep borrowing and spending like there’s no tomorrow.

And there’s no end of that in sight. Not yet.

Actually, if you want to see how violent the rally can be, I have one word for you: cryptocurrencies.

That’s why I’d urge you to click this link now and use this window of opportunity to your advantage.

Yours sincerely,

Brian Chu Signature

Brian Chu,
Editor, Rock Stock Insider

PS: Still undecided? Here are some answers to your possible questions…

Quick answers to help you
make up your mind...

My goal for Rock Stock Insider is to help you invest successfully in some of the most exciting mining stocks on the Australian market — investments many people never get to hear about.

I’ve developed this FAQs section because I believe in accountability, honesty and transparency — about what I do and how I do it.

Please have a read. I’m sure it will address any concerns you have. If there’s still something you’d like to know, please send an email to

What will you send me?

Let’s run over this again — because you’re seconds away from unlocking a LOT of very valuable (and potentially lucrative) research.

First up, you’ll get your critical briefing: ‘5 Gold Investments to Make Now’.

You’ll get names…ticker symbols…a description of who they are…what they do…and my analysis of their potential and the key risks associated with them.

You will also get copies of these bonus reports:

  • The Ultimate Bullion Buyer’s Guide...
  • The Best Way for Australians to Buy, Sell and Store Gold...
  • The Australian’s Guide to Gold’s New Bull Market...
  • Three Strategic Resources to Buy and Hold for the Next Decade.

In addition, you get a 30-day, no-obligation trial period with your subscription to my investment newsletter, Rock Stock Insider.

Is this a scam?

No. I’m real. My publisher is real. We’re part of a publishing group that’s been around since 1979.

Our business is regulated in Australia by ASIC. I am a fully accredited stock analyst, which means I’m able to give general investment advice in Australia.

Some people will no doubt be wondering if Rock Stock Insider is a ‘pump and dump’ scheme…or whether I’m ‘front-running’ stocks.

No. Absolutely not.

I also make a living investing in my own portfolio of gold stocks. This is why I have partnered with Fat Tail Investment Research. My aim is to share my insights in analysing gold stocks so we can all generate outperforming returns. You are not just hearing what I have to say. I am eating my own cooking at the same time. We rise and fall together.

I am a Bible-believing Christian as well, so I have a higher accountability than to my business partners and even the law of the land. You have my word that I will not be acting unscrupulously to take advantage of you.

Our in-house Compliance Team has a clear policy that I will not trade on any stocks I recommend within three days after I release it into the market. Also, I report my portfolio movements to them regularly.

Remember, I want to sleep well knowing you are also a winner.

I get that people are sceptical. If you are, please read my newsletter over the next month as part of your complimentary subscription.

You’ll quickly see that this is the real deal.

What guarantees can you offer me?

No-one can guarantee you success in the markets. If someone offers you this, run a mile. There are no guarantees that the next gold bull run will result in mining stock gains similar to those mentioned in this report. 

The stock market is uncertain. There are always risks involved when you buy mining shares. You could lose some or all of your investment, so you should never invest more than you can safely afford to lose.

All I can do is provide the best defence against that uncertainty: Meticulous research.

I have built a database of the key ASX-listed gold producers over the last 4 years. Some companies I know so well that I can give ballpark figures off the top of my head.

The market is fast-paced and I like to exercise my memory (I am getting old!) by remembering figures and facts. Yes, I actually do memorise the vital statistics of my favourite gold stocks and I play around with it in my head (it is weird, I know!)

To push this a little bit more to convince you how fascinated I am with gold stocks, my mobile phone holds hundreds of files of company presentations and financial reports. You will find more of these files than videos of my very cute baby boy.

Every so often, I will flick through them to refresh my memory — the files of the gold stocks and also my baby boy growing up!

Just a few days ago, my colleague emailed me while I was having lunch asking me what the fair value was for a gold stock. I picked up my phone and calculated the value off the top of my head. I wrote a quick reply and resumed eating.

Ok, so not completely off the top of my head. I did open the file I had saved containing the quarterly report (after I sent him my reply, but shh…) and, voila, I was on the mark.

Of course, I can guarantee you that if you don’t like what you see, for any reason, you can walk away with a full refund any time in your first 30 days.

What types of shares will you recommend?

I recommend many different kinds of Australian mining shares.

This service focuses on the producers and more established gold stocks with market capitalisation ranging from $50m to multi-billion dollar giants like Newcrest Mining. My expertise is on mid-tier producers where I made the biggest returns in my career. These have a market capitalisation ranging from $100m to $3bn.

I also recommend developers and explorers with great potential, whether they are putting a processing plant over a deposit or they have booked a substantial resource and waiting for a funding package to get things going. In addition, I sometimes tip ETFs or recommend you acquire a holding of physical commodities — typically precious metals — depending on the fundamentals and the market conditions.

I will always remind you of this added risk whenever I recommend any investment.

How long will I have to wait to see results?

It depends…

My recommendations will mostly be on producer stocks and I seek to find those that the market has mispriced. I will also recommend a handful of stocks where the company is building a mine and will produce in the next 6-18 months.

Occasionally, I will recommend a late-stage explorer that I think may be a takeover target.

The market is more driven by emotions and momentum rather than reason. Commodity cycles can run for longer than you may wish to hold on. So, you may need to have some patience in riding through the waves.

I cannot make any guarantees about when you will see results. I make no promises when I make the recommendations.

But, you will have assurance of one thing that is unique to this subscription service.

I will very likely be holding what I recommend to you. I will act in good faith to share with you my convictions as I have skin in the game.

Life-changing returns have often come with seeing paper losses of more than 50% during the journey (check out my portfolio in the first 18 months on the Australian Gold Fund site). But, not all paper losses of that magnitude will see a turnaround. That is why I will employ a valuation framework to ensure we do not let our emotions overtake our sensibilities.

While I’m extremely fastidious in my research, you must understand that not every share I tip will go up (I wish!). Some will go down. That’s the nature of the stock market, and the resources markets in general.

What are the risks?

Smaller stocks, which may be recommended every now and then, tend to be much riskier than blue chips because they are hyper-sensitive to news and announcements.

The value of these stocks can jump up rapidly but can fall back just as rapidly. I add that even large producers can be as volatile as small-cap industrial stocks. This is the nature of the beast that is gold stocks (and mining stocks in general).

All mining stocks are driven by the price of the underlying commodity.

In other words, if you are holding the stock of a silver miner and the silver price crashes, your holding is at risk of falling in value too. On top of that, each company has their specific risks (e.g. operational, geographical, financial) so its price may not move in the same direction as the underlying commodity.

And there’s the risk that I’m wrong about all of this. The mining industry is volatile. Commodity prices can crash, a mine can be suspended by government order or management over-promised and they failed to deliver.

I base my views on deep research and access to a network of experts who know a lot about mining and resources.

But that does not mean I call it right every time.

In other words, never invest more than you could comfortably afford to lose on any one recommendation.

How do I know that you have
my best interests at heart?

I have your best interests at heart because our interests are completely aligned.

Your subscription forms part of my remuneration. I also will recommend stocks that I invest in my portfolio, so that is also part of my return. Under no circumstances will I take positions contrary to my recommendations. If I change my mind about a recommendation and wish to trade on that, I will inform you.

People will only subscribe — and stay subscribed — if they like the research and make money from the tips.

If you don’t make money, you will unsubscribe.

If enough people unsubscribe, my newsletter closes…and I lose my job.

Therefore, it is in my interests to provide excellent research that makes you money!

What if I get stuck?

Don’t panic!

When you join Rock Stock Insider, you’ll receive phone access to our member services team, plus an email address where you can ask any questions related to your subscription (although we can’t give personal investment advice).

Be clear: I want this to work for you. I want you to make a ton of money from my mining stock recommendations.

And I want my service to be easy for you to follow so that it doesn’t take up too much of your time — or fill your head with stress — every time you buy a mining stock.

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