What is this pole outside the Sydney Opera House…

Source: Urbis

…and why could it soon make the NBN OBSOLETE?

It looks like a streetlight. But packed inside is technology the Financial Times is calling ‘a game changer for humanity’.

To discover what this ‘pole’ is...why thousands more like it are springing up all over Australia...and how two ASX-listed ‘pole’ stocks could DOUBLE in the next 12–18 months ...read on...

Dear Reader,

If you’re a Sydneysider, you can stroll down to the harbour right now and take a good look at this strange looking pole that just appeared.

You might think it’s just an ordinary streetlight. I mean, it does look like a streetlight, right?

But it isn’t.

Inside this pole sits the most advanced technology since the World Wide Web was first switched on, 27 years ago.

And it’s going to change everything.

The way you live, work, travel — even the way you eat.

And I’m not the only one saying it…

ZDNet says the tech inside this ‘pole’ is going to: ‘…replace the future’.

MIT Technology Review calls it a ‘…paradigm shift, akin to the shift from the typewriter to the computer’.

And the Financial Times reports this boring looking pole: ‘promises to be a game changer for humanity’.

I’ll get to what exactly this technology is in a moment.

But here’s where it gets exciting for you…and why I’m telling you about it now.

See, I believe…

This Sydney pole and thousands of others like it, could also be about to kick off the biggest tech investment boom of the decade

And I’m here to tell you how you can take part…

See, Business Insider claims the pole could create $50 billion in new wealth by 2030 — just in Australia!

Tech juggernaut, Qualcomm, reports the tech sitting in the Sydney pole could add $12.3 trillion worth of goods and services to the global economy in 2035.

That’s a lot to get your head around…

So let me just say that I’ve found TWO ways that I believe you could profit from this developing situation (if my research is right, the first opportunity alone could make you 150% on your money).

Hang tight for five minutes and I’ll go through everything with you.

Be clear: if this all unfolds how I expect it to, you’re going to be so glad you read this letter today. And I want you to know right from the get-go — this is not just me hyping this up.

I think the tech packed inside these ‘poles’ — which we’ll get to in a moment — could kick-off a huge investment opportunity for you.

But if you want to take full advantage of the opening I’m about to reveal to you, you’ll need to act quickly.

So, let me tell you exactly what we’re dealing with here...because while this technology has only just landed in Australia, in March 2017, MIT Technology Review were sufficiently moved to predict it would form:

‘…the next technological revolution

I’ll say it right here…I think the geniuses at MIT are spot on! And when you see what this tech can do, I think you’ll agree with them.

Now, I know it seems like technology develops at a rapid pace.

But in reality, ground-shifting revolutions don’t happen all that often.

Since the late 1600s, we’ve witnessed three great industrial revolutions.

The steam engine marked the first industrial revolution…

Science and mass production ushered in the second…

And the World Wide Web brought the third…

This next breakthrough is set to be the fourth.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, let me tell you:

I’m talking about 5G.

5G is the fifth generation of wireless communication (hence the name). It’s the successor to the current 4G network your phone uses.

But if you think 5G is just an ‘upgrade’ to what you currently have — think again!

Yes, 5G is fast (up to 800-times faster than standard NBN speeds).

Meaning you can:

  • Download a full season of Game of Thrones
  • OR…the whole back catalogue of the Rolling Stone
  • OR…the entire book collection from the State Library of NSW onto your iPad…

…in seconds!

But it’s so much more than speedy internet...

It’s an investment megatrend –
a new boom in the making!

And in this letter, I’ll reveal, step by step, how you could make some serious money from it.

Like I say, there’s no time to waste. My research is pointing to potential gains as high as 150%.

Assuming, of course, everything pans out as I suspect. This company IS a small-cap stock. That means there’s an additional element of risk here.

The infrastructure for 5G is already here. It’s being rolled out as we speak. And I believe it could send shares in two ASX-listed 5G stocks I want to tell you about today — soaring.

Maybe slowly at first…

…then, maybe much faster, as this tech takes off, and the early adopters reap all the benefits.

That’s how these things usually play out.

Just run your eyes over these historic stock charts of Microsoft, Amazon and Apple to see what I mean…

Source: Yahoo Finance
Source: Yahoo Finance
Source: Yahoo Finance

Each one started life out slow. Yet, inside a couple of years — once the majority found out about these companies and piled in — share prices started to go vertical.

The key to capturing big stock price moves like these is to stake your money early.

This is why I’m writing to you today…

I want to get you in on two ASX-listed 5G stocks in case they move like this.

And I want to get you in NOW.

Of course, past performance is not an indicator of future results. And the massive gains clocked in the examples above don’t necessarily reflect the long-range potential baked into the two stocks I’d like to show you today.

See, these stocks are still small companies, right now. They’re not large, established tech players like Amazon and Apple. There’s heightened risk when you’re looking at small-cap stocks. And you should only ever invest money you can afford to lose.

But you can’t deny it…when a new, all-encompassing tech revolution breaks through into the mainstream…it can hand investors a gigantic windfall.

And THAT is the crux of the opportunity I want to present to you today.

So, let’s get on with it.

As the World Economic Forum believe…

5G will: ‘change the world

And at the centre of this new internet phenomenon are these weird looking poles — AKA: ‘5G transmitters’ — like the one I showed you earlier outside the Sydney Opera House.

Source: Urbis

I mean it — you can literally walk down there right now and stand right next to it. If you’re a Sydneysider you should. This is history being made, right here, next to one of our most famous cultural icons.

And this one is just the beginning.

Thousands more of these 5G poles will soon dot the nation, all designed to ensure this ultra-fast wireless network runs as efficiently as possible.

It has to.

Because when the 5G network officially gets rolled out, it will spawn technological innovations that were once the stuff of your wildest dreams.


  • Road-repairing drones: Roadworks are a pain in the neck. But road construction crews and frustrating commute delays could soon be a thing of the past. Scientists from the University of Leeds are programming specialised drones that can detect and assess potholes and cracks on roads and highways…and then repair the damage with 3D printed, liquid asphalt! All made possible by a super-fast 5G network...

Here’s an example…

Source: 3D Print
  • No more poor-quality Skype calls with the office: Thanks to 5G, you can ‘beam in’ as a hologram in real time. With no video or audio delay. Think that sounds insane? I don’t blame you…but these hologram meetings are happening right now. According to the Washington Post, Accenture CEO, Pierre Nanterme showed off a version of this tech in April 2016 at a Accenture executive meet-up in Chicago…while he was 6,600kms away in Paris. Looks incredible, doesn’t it?
Source: Washington Post
  • Roads filled with safe, self-driving cars: You’ve probably seen all the news about accidents involving autonomous cars. Both Tesla and Uber were both pulled up over fatalities involving self-driving technology. 5G promises to make this technology safe…soon!
Source: Extreme Tech

Now, picture this…

You’re in the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Thankfully, it’s nothing serious, just a minor operation.

Only, your surgeon isn’t in the operating theatre with you...

He’s 3,400kms away…operating on you
remotely from a hospital in Perth!

Sounds crazy?

It’s not.

It’s happening right now.

On 10 January, a Chinese surgeon completed the world’s first long-distance telesurgery thanks to advanced 5G technology.

According to tech website Pandaily, the surgeon, operating from a research institute in Southeast China, performed an hour-long procedure on an animal via a special, telesurgery computer…51 kilometres away.

Here’s a snapshot of the Chinese surgeon performing his long-distance operation:

Source: pandaily.com

Again, I’m not the only one blown away by the potential here.

Forbes said:

‘…[5G] is a huge leap that will enable world-changing disruptions like self-driving cars and remote surgery.

Look, please be clear about this.

5G is not a simple internet ‘upgrade’.

It’s not just going to make YouTube clips load faster on your phone.

I (and others) believe 5G will form the backbone of every technological breakthrough that will come to pass over the next decade or two — at least.

Imagine it…

Drones that can change bulbs in streetlights…tiny robots inside water pipes that can repair cracks before they become a hazard.

I tell you: what was once fantasy dreamed up in science fiction movies is about to become very, very REAL. As reported in Seeking Alpha,

5G will change the way we live, work, and
enjoy entertainment. With faster speeds and ultra-low latency, 5G will ultimately deliver and enhance experiences like virtual reality, future driverless cars, immersive 4K video, and more.

Former AT&T President,
Melissa Arnoldi

5G will usher in advances in technology, healthcare, travel, entertainment, transport and industry that will push your eyebrows to the ceiling.

It could also push the stock prices of those companies making this high-speed internet standard possible — way HIGHER.

What that could mean for you depends on if you decide to take part in this nascent boom.

I don’t believe the biggest gains will be made by the usual suspects — the likes of Google, Facebook and Amazon.

These stocks have already experienced their huge growth phases.


In my book…

The truly epic 5G profits will emerge from the companies BUILDING THE NETWORK

And I want to tell you about two such ASX-listed companies today.

The first 5G ‘engineer’ I’d like to show you today, is a Brisbane-based firm charged with rolling out a new 5G network nationwide. It’s a business run by a former BRW Young Rich Lister who has hand built a handful of uber-successful tech businesses

His 5G business is no different. Grab shares today and I believe you could be a very happy investor 12–18 months from now. That’s what my analysis is telling me.

The second 5G ‘engineer’ is helping small- to medium-sized companies — those often forgotten by the big telco’s — connect to the superior 5G network.

I can’t tell you much more about these companies. They are both active recommendations on my buy list. To feed you more intel would be unfair to my current readers.

But I can tell you, my extensive analysis and research on both stocks are included in a brand-new special investor report called: ‘Internet Boom 2.0: The Two ASX Stocks to Buy Now as 5G Sweeps Across Australia’.

I’ll fill you in on how to get a copy in your hands in just a moment.

Again, I expect 5G is the platform on which ALL future tech will be built. It will be as essential to business as the current internet standard is today.

It will, as GQ magazine's UK website put it in August 2018:

‘…unlock the future we’ve been waiting for

But this future will come at a cost: massive amounts of raw data.

Today, the global population consumes around 30 exabytes in mobile data every month.

That’s a LOT of data.

It’s the equivalent of 250 million DVDs of information…every single day.

Yes, 250 MILLION!

And our hunger for data isn’t slowing down.

Telecom giant Ericsson estimates global data consumption is expected to grow fivefold at the end of 2024.

That means we could see data consumption blow up to around 136 exabytes every month.

Check out the forecast here:

Source: Ericsson Mobility Report November 2018
(edited by Port Phillip Publishing)

This data explosion will be necessary — and vital — if we’re to see innovation like self-driving cars, remote surgery and light bulb-changing drones.

These tech breakthroughs will chew through near-incomprehensible amounts of data.

For example, a single, self-driving car will spit out 4,000GB of data points every day according to Intel boss, Brian Krzanich in December 2016.

That’s the equivalent of streaming 4,000 movies on Netflix, all at once.

As Krzanich says there is a…

flood of data that’s coming

And here, reader, is where Australia’s big infrastructure problem rears its ugly little head.

Our current telecoms network — both mobile and fixed-line — would fracture under the strain as the data floodgates open.

Let me show you what I mean.

The image below is Australia’s radio spectrum. It represents the frequencies adopted for FM radio, Wi-Fi, satellite communication and more.

Before 1930, the spectrum was basically empty. Except for a few AM radio station broadcasts.

Now look at it.

It’s bloody chockers!

Source: themandarin.com.au

In 2019 the spectrum is filled to the brim with FM radio, AM radio, maritime audio and navigation, shortwave radio, TV, 4G, 3G, Wi-Fi, satellite communication…and more, PHEW!

Have you ever had a phone call drop out?

Found it hard to get phone reception at a friend’s place?

Or stared at a YouTube buffer screen on your phone for 10 minutes?

Now you know why.

The radio spectrum that carries all the wireless data for Wi-Fi and 4G is packed tighter than a can of sardines.

Think about it…

…if network coverage is patchy now, what do you think is going to happen when data demands double…

…and then double again in the next few years?

Australia is desperate for more efficient technology that can support the data load that’s coming with these 5G enabled tech breakthroughs.

I can almost hear the cogs in your brain ticking over…

I bet you’re thinking what my first thought was when I read this:

Surely the National Broadband Network can relieve the pressure…right?


The $51 billion National Broadband
Network is a complete JOKE…

The NBN was supposed to be a world-class, super-high speed internet network…

It was supposed to provide 93% of the country with standard download speeds at a super-speedy 100 Mbps by 2016.

And it was supposed to only cost taxpayers $29.5 billion…

But the reality?

Cost blowouts to $51 billion…

…download speeds 25% of those promised (25 Mbps)…

…and an internet network that’s completely obsolete by world standards, before it’s even finished!

The NBN is a national laughing stock.

A $51 billion white elephant.

Even the mainstream media knows it…

Source: Herald Sun
Source: The Conversation
Source: prwire.com.au
Source: news.com.au

At just 25Mbps, standard NBN internet speeds are embarrassingly slow.

And MILES behind global standards. Seriously.

As I type this, Australia is perched at No. 59 on the global broadband speed index.

59!? And to add salt to the wound…we’re trailing countries like Uruguay, Montenegro and Kazakhstan.

That’s why parliament
green-lit a speedy, nationwide 5G rollout

5G wireless network speeds could be as fast as 20,000 Mbps.

800-times faster than standard Aussie NBN broadband.

And it’s set to push the much maligned NBN into the waste bin of history.

As Chief Strategist, Mark J Grant said (my emphasis added):

There is a conclusion here, in my view, and that is that [with 5G] you won't need any cable coming into your house or office which means that all of the cable companies, and current internet providers, are in danger of becoming obsolete over time.

The NBN is a multibillion-dollar stuff up.

This is the ONLY option that’ll provide the ultra-fast internet speeds we really need.

And it’s this decision — to quickly roll out Australia’s 5G network — that I think could land you a booming windfall in the next 12-18 months.

See, the government didn’t decide to push the button on 5G because of the issues with NBN. Or because it’ll mean you can download a full season of Game of Thrones in a couple of minutes.

It only became a priority because the 5G wealth that could soon fill government coffers is truly off the charts, as I’ll show you in just a second.

As far as you’re concerned, the two stocks I’ll show you today could hopefully help you tap some of this wealth.

That’s the plan, anyway!

5G could trigger a $12.3 trillion wealth rush by 2035…here’s how you could direct some of this your way…

Widespread 5G adoption represents the largest, most significant communications project the world has ever seen.

As reported by MIT Technology Review: ‘IHS Markit found that 5G has the potential to unlock up to $12.3 trillion of revenue across a broad range of industries’ and foresee support to: ‘22 million jobs around the world.

Let me put that into perspective for you…

The money flowing into 5G is four times greater than the GDPs of Australia and Canada COMBINED.

That’s why just about every government in the developed world is happy to spend billions to make it happen.

To give you some idea of what’s already in motion…

  • China has spent $24 billion constructing 350,000 5G transmitters and related tech since 2015. According to the South China Morning Post, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has forecast a further investment of $411 billion through 2030.
  • According to tech analysts, the United States will spend a total of $1.2 trillion on 5G infrastructure by 2025.
  • The UK Government has set aside £6.8 billion pounds (AUD$12.5 billion) to construct an operational 5G network by 2027.
  • On home soil, Aussie telcos have already forked out $834 million for 5G spectrum space. And Telstra has poured $8 billion into key 5G infrastructure upgrades.

Why are governments spending so much money on 5G?

Simple answer is this: For the high-speed 5G network to run smoothly, it requires all new infrastructure.

Everything from radios, antennas, computer chips, modems and data centres — to the phone in your pocket — will have to change.


Well, unlike 4G signals, which can travel long distances…or broadband which runs into your home via underground cables…

…5G signals can only travel short distances.

So, instead of large ‘4G’ towers like these…

Source: Hackaday

The 5G network will use smaller, specialised transmitters placed a few hundred metres apart.

Just like the one outside the Opera House. Here’s a better picture…

Source: landezine.com

My bet is you’ll soon these 5G smart poles on every street, in every suburb, around the country.

In fact, you’ll see them right around the globe.

Look, here’s a 5G transmitter on a suburban street in Denver, Colorado (circled in red).

Source: Denver Post

Here’s another one poking out amongst the skyscrapers in central London…

Source: zdnet.com

And here’s two technicians installing a 5G-enabled pole in Lanzhou, China…

Source: South China Morning Post

It’s this global network of 5G poles that will make all the new tech breakthroughs you’ve seen throughout this bulletin REALITY.

Without this infrastructure, self-driving cars…remote surgery…and road-repairing drones won’t work.

Let me explain what I mean...

I’m guessing you’ve seen one of these before…

Source: viviennekneale.com

The dreaded spinning wheel of doom!

Buffering occurs when your internet connection is too slow.

It’s like a blocked pipe. The data can’t flow freely.

That’s what’s known as ‘latency’.

When you’re watching Black Panther on Netflix, it’s not that big of a deal.

However, think about a doctor operating on a patient remotely from halfway across the globe. Or a self-driving car speeding down the freeway.

The slightest delay — just milliseconds — could be a life or death situation.

The typical latency period for the 4G network is 60 milliseconds.

Sounds like nothing. But it’s a virtual lifetime in the age of advanced technology.

New 5G networks on the other hand will decrease latency to as low as one millisecond.

This is exactly why 5G is so fundamentally VITAL to the future of technology in Australia and around the globe.

And it’s a big part of why I believe the companies building this infrastructure network could be the first big winners of what’s shaping up to be the most significant growth story of the next decade.

According to Seeking Alpha, one of the biggest stock gainers in this fresh internet boom will be: ‘the first-to-market 5G telco and infrastructure providers…

And I’ve got one of these stocks on my hit list right now…

I call it a 5G ‘pick-and-shovel’ play.

And I think you could make up to 150% on this stock…as long as you’re prepared to buy early.

That’s my short-term forecast, by the way.

Over time you could be looking at way more…

See, the money has only just started to trickle into the 5G sector.

But in the months and years ahead, 5G is set to be hit by an investment tidal wave.

To give you some idea of what I think you can expect, global spending on 4G wireless infrastructure soared from 2011 and peaked in 2015.

Source: Casey Research

The 5G industry is right now where 4G was in 2011.

Eight years ago.

That’s why you need to make your play in this sector NOW…

That tidal wave of cash could hit sooner than you think.

You’ve already seen how much money governments are piling into 5G.

It’s not just them. Telecommunication giants like Telstra have poured in $8 billion. Ericsson, Nokia, Qualcomm and Apple are also investing huge sums into 5G architecture.

And the return on money invested could be huge. Apple reports services paired to 5G tech could help the tech pioneer rake in an extra $50 billion in the next two years.

And I believe this will prompt investors to unleash a flood of money into the companies involved in the construction of the 5G network.

And that could push a handful of 5G pioneer stocks to crazy high levels.

You’ll find two Aussie stocks I believe could be big beneficiaries as 5G sweeps across the country.

If you want to get my research on both listed companies and how you can buy shares right away — you can.

I’ve put it all down in a brand-new report called: ‘Internet Boom 2.0: The Two ASX Stocks to Buy Now as 5G Sweeps Across Australia’.

In a moment I’ll tell you how you can download your copy.

Believe me, you’ll want to immediately.


These two ASX 5G plays are still relatively unknown…but not for much longer!

I’m probably not telling you anything new when I say the best time to collect shares in a promising tech company is before the majority of investors know about it.

History shows us that every time the internet takes a big step forward…investors who buy the right stocks at the right time can potentially harvest a small fortune.

  • SBA Communications +63,000% (Since 2002)
  • Real Estate Group +89,000% (Since 2001)
  • Comcast +4,000% (Since 1990)

Now, I’m not saying the 5G stock in your report will reach anywhere near these heights.

I’m just showing you what’s possible when you lay down money on a promising company at the beginning of a megatrend.

This is why I’ve marked the first of my two 5G stocks as an ‘urgent buy’.

(There’s another on my radar I’ll tell you about in a moment.)

But let me make something clear:

This is not buy-and-hold investing.

The two companies in my 5G research are certainly not the kind of stocks you want to pile your life savings into.

These two stocks are SMALL-CAPS.

If you’ve not heard the name before, it simply means these stocks are small, very small.

As a comparison, the first company I want to show you today is 1/20th the size of Commonwealth Bank.

Like I said, these stocks are teeny-tiny.

There’s upside to that. Smaller stocks tend to move faster than big mobs like Commonwealth Bank. It’s highly unlikely you’ll see CBA shares double in the next six months.

But with a small-cap stock — quick gains unfold all the time.

Of course, that means there’s added risk in investing in such companies, too. You won’t see CBA go bust tomorrow.

But the tiny stocks in the middle of the 5G revolution could lose you money. That’s why I recommend you only ever risk money you can afford to lose when investing in small cap stocks.

Again, these stocks can move up or down FAST. And you don’t want to ‘bet the farm’ on a small stock if it goes the wrong way. It’s not worth it so don’t risk it.

Make sure you’re only punting on small-caps with money you can afford to lose.

Now, while the two Aussie 5G stocks are higher risk small-caps…my analysis is telling they’ve got big potential.

If you take a position now…and these stocks pay off like I think they will…you could be a very happy investor.

And making quick money like that, for my readers, is what I live for…

My name is Ryan Dinse.

Before I landed a dream gig at Port Phillip Publishing, I was a financial advisor for a big Melbourne-based institution for seven years.

I had over 300 clients on my book and oversaw $150 million in funds under management.

In the final two years I was the number one planner in terms of hitting targets. My compliance record was unblemished.

Ryan Dinse

I enjoyed my work, but there was a problem (and it’s a BIG one).

See, when you work for a big financial mob, you’re expected to work in the interests of the business…NOT the customer.


I was routinely forbidden from guiding funds into opportunities I believed were beneficial for client…and ordered to tow the company line.

I was felt like I was banging my head against a brick wall

That’s why I got out. I quit.

At Port Phillip Publishing, there’s no one telling me what to recommend…or not recommend. I only answer to one authority: my subscribers.

I do that through my newsletter called Exponential Stock Investor.

Now, I’m free to follow my REAL passion.

Helping investors clock potentially massive three and four-digit returns from small, growth-hungry companies.

The kind of stock plays that can really give your portfolio a sizeable lift…and add a zero or two to your retirement balance.

Like these…

  • 220%+ from a world-leading, multinational semiconductor company…
  • 130%+ from an Aussie fintech start-up…in just four months!
  • And 30%+ from a Pilbara-based salt and potash miner…

Why do I think you’d enjoy my service?

Well, I’m not looking to make our readers 10% or 15% on the stocks we recommend. Most people can do that buying blue-chip stocks!

I only research and recommend stocks that we believe have the potential to make you high percentage gains.

We don’t call our service Exponential Stock Investor for nothing!

And while I don’t like blowing my own trumpet; I’ve got quite the knack for it.

Let me show you a couple more examples…

You’ve heard about the Banking Royal Commission, right?

Well, maybe you’re as tired of hearing about it is as we are. But it highlighted just how dodgy our big banks can be.

From charging fees to deceased customers, to swindling disabled Aussies into products they didn’t need…the ‘big four’ have been up to some shocking shenanigans.

As a nation we’re tired of getting screwed by banks who put profit above customers. And that has opened the door to new players in the banking game.

Specifically, financial technology firms who’ve descended upon Australia to shake things up.

One such company I recommended in March — a small, but fast-growing peer-to-peer lender — is up over 130%.

That’s double your money returns in just four months!

Source: Yahoo Finance (edited by Port Phillip Publishing)

I can’t name this stock as it’s still an open recommendation on my members-only buy list. And that’d be unfair to our subscribers…

…but let me show you one more example of the potential baked into exponential stocks.

In November 2017, I recommended readers collect shares in a tiny vanadium producer — Australian Vanadium.

If you’ve not heard the name before, vanadium is a metal that is fast becoming a big deal in the $1.5 TRILLION renewable energy industry.

Vanadium batteries are — in many ways — superior to lithium batteries. Unlike lithium, vanadium batteries can last for 20-plus, can be recycled and can be charged time and again with degradation.

Look at the share price just after our initial recommendation…

Source: Yahoo Finance (edited by Port Phillip Publishing)

…we sold out with a 173% gain…inside 12 months!

I’ll say again, investing like this — putting your money into tiny, promising stocks few others have heard about — takes guts.

But if you can buy into the right stock, at the right time, before it takes flight, you could boost your wealth (sometimes VERY quickly).

And I’ve had the fortune to help some of my readers do just that, by getting in early on recommendations in the fintech, technology and mining stock punts.

Again, past performance is not an indicator of future results. And I’m not saying you’ll the two 5G plays I want to talk about scale those heights. I simply want to show you how hard ‘n’ fast some of these small-cap stocks can move.

But if I’ve pegged it right, the 5G supertrend, and the stocks closely tied to it, could be just as profitable. Maybe more so.

And I’ve got TWO to show you in my new report ‘Internet Boom 2.0: The Two ASX Stocks to Buy Now as 5G Sweeps Across Australia’.

I’ll tell you how to get your hands on a copy in just a second. First, I just want to make something clear to you…

To me, this feels like a second chance to try and get rich from the internet boom

The arrival of the World Wide Web in 1991 changed the way we worked, ate, travelled, lived and socialised.

It also birthed unprecedented stock market gains for the investors who were wise enough to see how world-changing the internet would be.

Some of those gains have yet to be eclipsed, three decades on.

Check these out. At the time of writing…

  • US cable internet company Comcast has rewarded early investors with gains above 4,000% since 1990.
  • Australian internet pioneer, Real Estate Group (REA) has surged more than 89,000% since April 2001.
  • Shares in wireless communications provider SBA Communications have clocked gains exceeding 63,000% since 2002.

Imagine you’d invested just $500 on SBA in the early 2000s. You could have turned that tiny stake into more than $315,000.

$2,000 down could have made you an internet millionaire. In under two decades.

Now, I’m certainly not saying the arrival of 5G will trigger an SBA-sized 600-fold gain.

But I AM saying — and history bears me out here — that if you’re lucky enough to buy into one of these mega-booms at the beginning, you may never have to make another investment again.

In my view, 5G is a ‘mega-boom’ in the making.

And I’m urging you not to miss it!

Right now — today — you’re looking at the chance to get in on the ground floor before the majority of investors pile in.

And before the stocks I believe will drive the 5G boom head skywards.

I hope you’ll grab this opportunity with both hands.

I really do.

You’ve seen example gains that some early online pioneers made as the World Wide Web swept across the globe.

Some stocks like Amazon have flown past 100,000% gains.

If you’d bought in when Jeff Bezos was just flogging books online…you’d be swimming in profits now.

Second chances in the world of investing do not come often.

This looks like one of them…it really does.

That’s why you need to get yourself a copy of my brand-new research report: ‘Internet Boom 2.0: The Two ASX Stocks to Buy Now as 5G Sweeps Across Australia’.

Download it today and you’ll find all my analysis on the two exciting 5G ‘engineers’ I’ve told you about.

The first, is working hard to build out Australia’s 5G network.

I’m not exaggerating when I say this stock could become one of the most lusted after investments on the ASX.

Right now, you can buy in for POCKET CHANGE.

But soon enough, I’m sure investors will be paying a lot more.

Why am I so confident?

Well, this company is a true pioneer when it comes to wireless internet like 5G.

They’ve been in the wireless internet game for five years. They’re experts in the field.

In fact, they were preparing for Australia’s 5G network before just about everybody…including the ‘big boys’ like Telstra.

And I think they could soon become the next big winner in your stock portfolio.

5G Engineer #1: This Aussie internet champion could soon become the ‘Comcast’ of the 5G revolution

Comcast is an $198 billion American telecommunications juggernaut. And a pioneer in the high-speed cable internet space.

They were among the first to rollout cable internet infrastructure en masse across the US to replace slow-poke DSL internet.

They’ve got millions of Americans hooked on cable. And the investors who were smart enough to realise Comcast’s game plan have been treated to some huge stock gains.

Over the last three decades Comcast’s share price is up over 4,000%.

Here’s the chart:

Source: Yahoo Finance (edited by Port Phillip Publishing)

Just as Comcast was a pioneer in cable internet infrastructure…your first Aussie 5G play is a pioneer in the 5G infrastructure space. And while I’m not saying you’ll see this company match Comcast’s standout performance over the next 30 years…

…I DO believe you could be looking at double-your-money gains in the next 12-18 months. That’s based around my research that this company could soon carve out a dominate position in the 5G architecture market..

Now, I’ll save all the REAL juicy details for you report. I don’t want to give too much away in the letter you’re reading now.

But let me share a few details on why I’m so excited about this company…and why I think it could make you some sizeable gains…

  • Outside Telstra, this company is easily one of the biggest players in Aussie 5G, yet I guarantee you’ve probably never heard of them. That means you can get in while the stock is still relatively cheap before everyone else piles in.
  • This company is growing FAST. Revenues have grown from zero to over $125 million…in just five years!
  • Yet, the market values this firm and its assets at only $400 million. I don’t think mainstream financial players have properly considered this firm and its 5G prospects. Based on my calculations, there’s an argument this company could weigh in at over $1 billion in the next couple of years.
  • In other words, that could bebetter than double your money, potentially in the next two years!

Of course, that’s provided you claim your stake quickly. And providing things play out as my analysis suggests. In saying that, I could be wrong and there are absolutely no guarantees.

If those numbers get you excited, then you really need to download a copy of my report: ‘Internet Boom 2.0: The Two ASX Stocks to Buy Now as 5G Sweeps Across Australia’.

You’ll get access to this report the moment you join my stock advisory, Exponential Stock Investor, on a 30-day, no-obligation trial run.

Before you make your decision though, let me tell you about the second Aussie 5G play in my report.

It’s another 5G infrastructure play.

I think its core business and bottom-line profits could experience a sudden boost as 5G becomes THE internet standard across the country.

And that means you could see those profits translate into a higher share price in the very near future. I believe you could score a quick 150% profit on the back of this firm’s rising profile.

You’ll find all my research and analysis inside your 5G special report: ‘Internet Boom 2.0: The Two ASX Stocks to Buy Now as 5G Sweeps Across Australia’.

But let me share with you a brief rundown on what I think makes this company so special…

5G Engineer #2: The tiny Aussie 5G play beating Telstra at it’s own game

Your second 5G engineer stock links small and medium-sized Aussie businesses to 5G.

In some cases, these companies can hook into internet speeds 34-times faster than the NBN!

If you’re a business that chews through data and cloud storage, this firm provides an easy and cheap way to access.

Now, that may not sound all that exciting or revolutionary…but where this company has found an edge is the market they’re chasing.

See, the big telcos like Telstra don’t really want to deal with small- and medium-sized businesses. The big dollars for them are in the giant corporates like BHP or Commonwealth Bank.

So, if you’re not a multi-billion-dollar conglomerate, you may as well be invisible to Telstra and their ilk.

But it’s this market — small- and medium-sized businesses — where your second 5G engineer plans to dominate.

One sector of the market they’re chasing is worth as much as $1.2 billion.

That may not sound like much…but if this tiny company (valued at just $100 million) can snag 5% or 10% of that market…

…you could see that $100 million valuation balloon very quickly…along with the share price.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Right now, this stock is currently trading above my maximum buy-up-to price (that’s the risk management control system I assign to each recommendation to ensure you don’t pay too much for your shares).

For that reason, this stock is now an active watch recommendation.

However, don’t let that dissuade you here. This is a great stock. One that could make you some fantastic gains…and I want you to catch up on what this company is all about.

I’ll alert you the second an entry opportunity appears at the right price.

Again, all my research is in your report: ‘Internet Boom 2.0: The Two ASX Stocks to Buy Now as 5G Sweeps Across Australia’.

This report is yours the moment you say ‘yes’ to a trial run of my stock advisory
Exponential Stock Investor

Right now, you’re a couple of clicks away from the TWO Aussie plays I think have the brightest future as 5G takes over Australia.

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But I do want you to understand something…

There is nothing guaranteed or set in stone with these stocks.

As you’ve seen today, I’m expecting a big pay-off to investors.

But that doesn’t mean it WILL unfold.

There’s a chance these companies could hit a hurdle…a regulatory challenge. Or customer numbers could dry up. Any one of those could see both stocks nosedive.

And that means you could lose money. In fact, your entire stake could go down to zero in the worst-case scenario.

That’s the risk you take with small companies like this. And it’s why I recommend you only ever invest with money you can afford to lose.

Small-cap stocks can rise…or fall 10% to 20% and sometimes more, in a single session.

You could see your investment fluctuate wildly on any given day.

If the thought of watching your stake swing
10% or 20% on any given day makes you sweat...this service is NOT for you

Sorry if that sounds harsh. But it’s true.

I want you going into this with your eyes wide open.

We’re swinging for the fences here. So, if extreme price swings like those make you sweat, this type of investment (and my service) probably isn’t for you.

Again, past performance is not a guarantee of future results. In other words, there are no guarantees here.

But I put a lot of faith in my analysis. And I have a vested interest in helping you to make money.

If my stock recommendations dive and you lose money, you won’t stick around to get my advice.

So, if the research and analysis inside ‘Internet Boom 2.0: The Two ASX Stocks to Buy Now as 5G Sweeps Across Australia’ isn’t everything I’ve said in this letter and more…

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In my view, 5G is going to change everything.

I truly believe…

If you’re not ‘in’ on the next
phase of the
internet boom NOW,
you may regret it big time

Look, even if you’ve read to this point and you think I’m full of BS, at the very least you should take me up on my 30-day, no-obligation trial.

That way you’ve got instant access to all my analysis and research for the two 5G players I’ve shared today.

And you can go ahead and stick them both in your portfolio or just watch to see how they progress if you’re not ready to invest.

If I’m right about 5G, you could make money. If I’ve really hit a home run, you could make a LOT of money.

However, if you get inside my service and you don’t think you’ll get your money’s worth. You can simply cut and run inside the first 30 days and you receive a full refund for the entry fee.

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OK. I’m sure by now you’re probably asking…

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‘Forever Battery Fortunes: How You Could Collect a Massive Payday as the ‘Forever Battery’ Goes Mainstream’

In this bonus special report, I’ll reveal the Aussie battery stock that recently developed something we’re calling: the ‘Forever Battery’.

Briefly, this company has created a way to charge electric cars wirelessly.

Imagine hopping into a Tesla and driving from Melbourne to Darwin and back again without a single ‘top-up’ charge. It sounds ridiculously impossible, right?

But it’s not.

This firm appears to have done it.

Their ‘wireless EV charger’ could seriously lift electric car sales here and around the world…not to mention speed up the transition from fossil fuel to electric.

And if Ryan is right, an early stake in this company could potentially hand investors some serious gains to boot!

Everything you need to know about this Aussie battery firm, and their wireless charger breakthrough is packed inside your special bonus report: ‘Forever Battery Fortunes’.

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We’re almost done!

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for giving me your time today.

We’ve gone through a lot. And I appreciate your time is very valuable.

I really do think 5G will amount to an ultra-lucrative tech boom unlike anything we’ve seen to this point.

THREE reasons why:

  1. I believe 5G will soon become the go-to internet standard for every business and consumer on the planet.
  2. Tech giants and global governments are shovelling TRILLIONS into upgrading current infrastructure to adapt 5G.
  3. Speculators and investors are about to pour piles of cash into the stocks behind the 5G build out.

Grab shares in the stocks tied to this boom — like the two I’ve shown you today — ASAP…and I believe you could rack up some huge stock gains.

I’m not talking 30% or 40%...but the potential to clock long-term gains in the hundreds of percent if my analysis pans out as I expect.

It’s going to be an exciting ride.

And I hope you join me.

The decision is now yours.

All the best,

Ryan Dinse Signature

Ryan Dinse,
Editor, Exponential Stock Investor

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How much could I make if your analysis is correct?

I believe there is potential here for you to make as much as 150% on my 5G stock recommendations.

Again, no guarantees. This is the simply the forecast I’ve developed from my in-depth research and analysis on these companies.

What are ‘pole’ stocks?

This is simply a metaphor we’ve used to describe 5G stocks.

How much could I lose if your analysis is wrong?

No investment is guaranteed.

Whether you invest in stocks, real estate or baseball cards, there is always risk.

You should never invest more than you can afford to lose. Especially when a number of the stocks I recommend are small and high-risk.

What gives these tiny companies so much potential is also what makes them so risky.

There is a chance a competitor may emerge with better technology. Or each is hit by regulatory hurdles. Or key staff leave each company.

These factors can trigger significant stock price erosion.

You must also be aware, I will only provide you general recommendations on the stocks I believe could help you to substantial gains.

And because these are general stock recommendations, you need to consider your personal circumstances when investing. If you’re unsure, you should seek independent advice from a certified financial advisor.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to make the final call. I can’t do that for you.