China thinks they have a monopoly over this hard-to-get tech.

But they could be in for a nasty shock…



Global supply is in serious danger…
And this tiny Aussie company could be
the only line of defence.

Find out how this company could score up to 2,447% gains for fast-moving Aussie investors

Dear reader,

90% of the global supply of the all-important Atomic X-66 comes from one place…


And right now, they are completely in control of the global supply. 

In 2017, they tightened their stranglehold suddenly.

And the price shot up 20% in just two weeks.

Chinese mines know all too well how much we rely on this high tech essential.

So any time the Middle Kingdom tightens its grip…the whole world feels it.

There’s a very simple reason: There’s been no competition to keep them in check…until now.

And thanks to X-66’s ABSURD range of potential, any newcomer in the field could be looking at a massive run.

But I’ll get into the numbers in depth soon.

Right now, I want to focus on WHY this juggernaut resource is so vital to our tech-filled society.

Don’t worry, I wouldn’t get you this excited over something as predictable as lithium, cobalt or uranium…

This is something very different. In fact, the potential of this new X-66 tech makes lithium look as basic as the first horse and buggy.

It’s been around for a while...but we’re just starting to see the true potential of this incredibly versatile resource.

Source: Luciteria

And China is well aware of how important this could be to the future of global tech.

Because even though you might never have heard of this exceptional product…

You’ve mostly likely used it. Probably on a daily basis.

It’s a key ingredient in electric vehicles, electronics, radiation detection, MRI scanners and wind turbines.

If you’re reading this on a computer, or have used a computer at all today, this tech helped you out.

Did you drive somewhere today? If your car was manufactured in the last 40 years, there’s a very good chance this tech is in your car.

This tech is a key component in anti-lock braking systems (ABS), so it might have saved your skin without you even knowing it.

Listening to music? This tech essential is a key ingredient in compact speakers. In fact, it even helped make the tiny ear bud headphones possible.

Source: House Committee on Natural Resources, Learning about Electronics

If you’ve got dentures, there’s a chance you might even have used this resource to eat your breakfast.

And that’s just a few of the ways this tech is ALREADY improving our lives.

This wonder-tech could be the future of every car on the road…every ounce of data stored digitally around the world…and the energy that powers your entire home.

This could be the key to exponentially improving almost every tech-reliant aspect of our lives.

This could be EVEN BIGGER than lithium

One research report estimates that the lithium-ion battery market could reach US$93.1 billion by 2025.

But that’s a pittance compared to the potential I see in this up-and-comer Atomic X-66.

For them, the battery industry is just small fry.

Don’t get me wrong, some of this other tech might be a little bit further away. But I reckon these billion-dollar industries beyond the lithium-ion battery field are worth the wait.

  • Like the data storage industry, expected to reach US$92 billion by 2022. The introduction of Atomic X-66 tech could potentially strip the current industry to nothing, with storage so compact it could fit the entire iTunes library on a credit card.
  • It’s a key ingredient in the fast-developing wind power industry, projected to reach an earth-shattering US$170 billion by 2024.
  • This crazy tech presents a massive opportunity for the EV industry, far beyond the capabilities of lithium batteries. It’s predicted that the EV market revenue could hit up to US$271 billion next year. But that could be just the beginning, with research showing this resource could result in motors that continue running without charge thanks to unstoppable magnets.

Can you see why I’m so excited?

What they won’t tell you:
Lithium battery tech isn’t the ONLY
key element
in electric vehicles

When humanity discovered the benefits of coal power around the 1600s, it took our society to previously unfathomable heights.

By the start of the 1800s, it was massive. The opportunities for travel and manufacturing far exceeded anything we’d seen in the past.

Steam trains were becoming a huge part of our lives and commerce, and ships were taking us places that we never imagined we‘d go.

But it was outdated the moment we hit on the massive potential for oil in 1859.

The first sale of an American-made, gasoline-powered car came in 1896, and the numbers rose exponentially from there.

By 1913, there was a total of 606,124 cars on the roads around the world.

Just four years later, there was five million vehicles registered in the US alone.

(Today it’s hard to keep track. But estimates in 2016 suggested there’s now around 1.32 billion cars on the road.)

As the oil revolution blossomed into the early 1900s, the possibilities exploded.

In 1903, the Wright brothers hit the skies for the first time with their gasoline-powered planes.

We went from ships and trains to cars and planes.

Not that the ships or trains ever stopped running. They saw the benefit of the technology revolution too.

Source: Global CCS Institute

At the turn of the millennium, we started to realise that these old power sources were not sustainable. And they started to take a backseat to greener energy sources.

Now we’re on the cusp of the next great energy evolution. And Atomic X-66 looks set to be at the centre of it.

Those cars that we got from the oil boom…they’re turning to a new kind of power.

Thanks to lithium batteries — and this incredible X-66 tech — the issues that once held electric vehicles are dust.

And while we focus on the impact of lithium-ion batteries…Atomic X-66 gets little-to-no media coverage.

The Secrets of Electric Cars and Their Motors:
It’s Not All About the Battery, Folks

The Drive

By 1996, we’d reached a range of 160km on one charge.

In 2011, Tesla released their Roadster with a range of 386km.

Their newer Model S now has a range of around 542km.

Just to put that into perspective, the 2018 petrol-powered Mazda 3 can make around 643km on one tank.

If you were driving from Melbourne to Sydney, here’s how far you’d get in the Tesla compared to the Mazda:

Source: Google Maps

So while electric cars are still a little behind…they’re catching up fast.

And Atomic X-66 is a BIG part of new developments

In fact, the Tesla Model 3 is focusing even more on this X-66 tech than past models…and that’s a trend I believe we’ll see develop in a BIG way.

You can bet that could be worth a small fortune to a forward-thinking investor…just like you.

It’s estimated that globally, sales of passenger vehicles will hit a whopping 85.7 million this year.

And that market is quickly giving in to the EV revolution.

According to Forbes, EV sales hit 1.1 million in 2017. They’re predicting that number will grow 10-fold by 2025.

China is aiming to ban production and purchase of petrol and diesel powered cars in the near future.

And that’s no small statement. China alone makes up over 24% of the global market for passenger vehicles.

A shift in sales there could have massive ripple effects throughout the global market. And thanks to that ban, production should likely follow the same trend.

China massively out produces the rest of the world in the car market.

Source: Statista

Eventually, we could see that entire global passenger market make a massive shift into electric car production.

Better yet, we’re already seeing the shift to green power reflected in market performance.

Just take a look at the Australian Ethical Fund [ASX:AEF].

It specialises in ‘ethical’ investments. That means recycling, healthcare, education and importantly — clean, renewable energy tech.

They pointedly exclude investments like coal and oil.

And it seems to be working out for them…

Source: Yahoo Finance

That’s right.

AEF has outperformed the All Ords by 465 percentage points in the last five years.

Better yet, it MASSIVELY outperformed the Crude Oil Index [ASX:OOO] in that same time.

The Oil index, shown in red, LOST over 72% in the last five years.

AEF gained a whopping 478%.

And in just a moment, I’ll show you the opportunity that I believe could make that kind of performance look like chump change.

But first, let me introduce this unique resource a little closer…

Australia’s Secret Weapon:

How one stock could be the answer to green energy, EV, data storage and military tech
(to name a few).

You may have guessed by now that X-66 is a rare earth.

Rare earth elements have been integral to the rise of modern tech, including the influence of lithium batteries.

But this isn’t a tech to compete with lithium.

It doesn’t need to.

Most of the impressive tech coming out of the lithium-ion battery market needs Atomic X-66 to function. That means lithium and Atomic X-66 are partners.

Actually, you wouldn’t believe how simple the basic principle of the tech is…


But these aren’t just the magnets holding bills, reminders, or your kid’s art on the fridge.

These are ultra-powerful magnets. And they could have widespread results for the future of tech.

Source: Big Think

And as exciting as the tech-fuelled possibilities may be, at the end of the day I believe there’s just one factor driving financial gains for this resource: Demand.

Demand can only be a big driver for something like this if it outpaces supply.

And we’re seeing that imbalance play out in this market in a big way.

It’s estimated that demand for ATOMIC X-66 will double by 2020.

Now I need to remind you where this conversation started…China.

At the moment, it produces 90% of the entire global supply of this resource.

A resource that we rely on for a lot of future tech, but more importantly a lot of the tech we use RIGHT NOW.

It’s not the kind of reliance we want to have on any one country.

Especially one that’s rising in power as fast as China…

If they have too much control over this resource, they could control our ability to move forward into future tech.

Without this resource, the computers and cars you have now may well be your last, electric vehicles may never reach their full potential, and you better hope your headphones don’t fray again.

Here’s the worst part.

I doubt China will pull those strings just for the sake of control. I’m predicting a huge slowdown in their production — one that they’re dreading just as much as we are…

They’ve been cracking down HARD on illegal mines since 2010.

The last time China put a ban on exports, the price of X-66 skyrocketed to $500 per kg.

Source: Reuters

But that was before electric vehicles started taking over the passenger vehicle market…

We’ve had a small taste more recently.

In the second half of 2017, their X-66 market in particular took a hit thanks to that mine crackdown.

And with most of the tech world relying on them, the GLOBAL market took a big hit, too.

Worse still, if that prediction of doubling demand comes to fruition…demand could outstrip supply by almost a third in the next two years.

Even more so if Tesla’s Model 3 pans out as planned.

Tesla predicts that their Model 3 could be ‘already on the cusp of becoming the best-selling mid-sized premium sedan in the US, according to their Q1 2018 shareholders letter…

And because this Tesla model is using the MOST X-66 of their whole fleet…

Road Show by CNET is claiming that:

Tesla’s Model 3 motor may strain world's supply of [X-66]’.

So here’s the REALLY good news for you.

This tiny Aussie up-and-comer is coming into the next phase of their development at the BEST time.

This Australian small-cap could be in the BEST position to replace some of that market from outside China.

In fact, they could be one of the ONLY companies outside the Middle Kingdom in a position to step in.

If they can access the full capacity that I believe they should…

It won’t be a small share of that market when they do finally take their place. It’ll be MAMMOTH.

There aren’t many candidates ready for that level of demand.

So an early investor in this Aussie minnow could potentially see a HUGE influx of cash when they take the stage.

You could potentially turn a tiny $500 investment into $10,285 on this game changing Aussie stock

Renewable energy is making its way to the top of the global energy market.

Just take a look at these Aussie up-and-coming battery barons.

There was lithium miner Argosy Minerals, who saw a 1,328% rise in just 12 months in 2017.

Source: Yahoo Finance

Then there was Greenland Minerals, a Greenland-based but ASX-listed rare earths mine.

Source: Yahoo Finance

Investors who bought in March 2016 could have scored an impressive 592% in less than a year.

Investors could have scored 2,199% gains when Kidman Resources shot through the roof in just two years, reaching new heights in May last year.

Source: Yahoo Finance

This lithium and mineral mine cemented a position as one of the world’s most significant hard rock lithium deposits earlier last year. And it paid off in a big way for investors who got in early and stuck with it.

This is just a fraction of the success we’ve seen in this kind of mining, just in Australia.

When the next wave comes along we could see this trend build even further as renewable energy continues to dominate the wider energy market.

Well, thanks to the juggernaut company I’ll introduce to you today…

I think I know exactly when that next big bull run could start:

1 APRIL 2019:
A MASSIVE upgrade could trigger a
gold rush for this Aussie minnow

That’s right.

In October, the first of four important stages reached completion.

And in December, their first shipment hit the road.

Now they need to complete this ESSENTIAL upgrade before they can tackle phase two.

And this next phase could be a RED HOT opportunity for early investors.

As soon as the upgrade is in place, [1 April,], they could introduce a system that will help to streamline production.

And it’s going to allow them to size up to Chinese competitors in a meaningful way.

These are exactly the kind of needle-in-a-haystack ASX finds I crave

I’ll give you all the details, including the full buying instructions, in a moment.

First, I should introduce myself properly.

My name’s Sam Volkering.

I’ve been in the investment business for over a decade.

I started out as a financial planner in the suburbs of Melbourne, advising everyday people on how to manage and invest their wealth.

Wealth Eruption

Sam Volkering

This eventually led to me to take up a Certified Financial Adviser role in one of Melbourne’s fastest growing wealth-management firms. I’m a fully-accredited adviser in shares, options and warrants.

Today, I use all the knowledge I learned over that time to help ordinary folks profit from the most speculative stocks on the planet: SMALL-CAP STOCKS.

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Of course, I can’t guarantee every stock will be a winner, and there is always a chance you could lose every cent you invest.

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I don’t let the bears scare me off…
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I have had some amazing profits, some very quickly, following his tips.


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Atomic X-66

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The Next-Gen Lithium Battery All-Rounder
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They started off a humble graphite supplier.

But they were far too smart to stay there.

When it became obvious that lithium batteries were their biggest market…they mixed things up.

Now they’re in a position to become an all-encompassing lithium battery titan.

Rather than just producing graphite for the batteries, they’ve lined themselves up as supplier, producer, tester…in short, they’re taking on every step of the line.

And they’ve still maintained their graphite production efforts, giving them an edge over the currently dominant lithium-ion market.

And graphite is no small edge.

It has quickly become apparent over the last year or two that graphite is one of the best materials for longer lasting, lower temperature batteries.

And people are taking notice.

By 2030, the demand for graphite could be almost at one million tons. Significantly more than any other material going into the all-rounder batteries.

Source: BNN

Now they’re taking the whole process over.

They’re producing the graphite for the batteries, processing the raw materials, and testing the results all in house.

That’s worth A LOT to a lot of people.

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What exactly is Atomic ‘X-66’?

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You’ll find out all about it when you join.

But I’ll tell you this much. It’s NOT lithium. It’s NOT Cobalt. And it’s NOT uranium.

In fact, you may not have heard of this stuff before (even though you probably use it on the daily).

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