Peter Lynch described these stocks as giving individual investors an inherent advantage over large investment funds

Warren Buffett exploited these stocks for years and made his first million with them.

For decades the true money-making potential of these stocks has been largely hidden from everyday investors like yourself.

I’m going to end that right now by revealing…


Over the last few years, I’ve given my readers the chance to notch up some impressive ‘10X Stock’ gains as high as 457%, 1,349% and even 1,010%.

But that’s not all…one stock I’m going to show you today could soon be on its way to ‘10Xing’ — with a potential 473% run-up on the cards in the next 18 months

To find out how this is possible, I want you to keep reading…

Dear friend,

What if I told you there’s an untapped investment market that you could take advantage of to beat the Wall Street fat-cats at their own game?

A market so lucrative that it could have helped you pocket stocks that trounce the ASX 20, 80, and even 175 times over.

In a little over two years…

Sometimes even in a month...

Perhaps in as little as 11 days!

Time and time again, I see returns like this bursting out of the market.

Yet, despite the opportunity, only a few people actually get in on this market.

That ends…TODAY.

I’m going to show you how to infiltrate this market.

Now look, I realise these claims may seem outrageous.

After all, in a good year the ASX might gain 6%.

In a great year maybe 12%+.

So if you’re sceptical when I say I’m aiming to capitalise on a market that could potentially hand you an investment capable of beating the ASX up to 175 times over, I don’t blame you.

But stick with me, because in the next five minutes I’ll show you exactly how it all works.

And the opportunities you can speculate in today.

First, let me give you the analysis…the raw numbers that show you exactly what could be possible with ‘10X Stocks’.

In the last few years some of my personal stock tips — investments that I would classify as ‘10X Stocks’ — have gone gangbusters.

And I believe 2018 and 2019 could be even bigger.

Check out a list of some of my best performers over the years…

  • A payments company up over 457% at the time of writing
  • A data driven info tech play up 1,010%
  • A wireless networks company up over 138%
  • And a resource company that surged 1,349%

You’re looking at some of the massive gainers from my ‘10X Stock’ picks over the last few years.

As you can plainly see, some have already hit ‘10X’ status, while others could be on their way to breaching that 10-bagger threshold.

More promising still…

There’s more where that came from.

But you have to know where to look and when to act…

Because the fact is, we’re not just talking about doubling your money in this market.

We’re looking at potentially multiplying it by 1,000%. That’s what a ‘10X Stock’ is, plain and simple.

Take one of my past ‘10X Stocks’, CleanTeQ. It rode the cobalt boom all the way to the top, taking in a whopping gain since I first recommended it.

It stated at 4.4 cents in June 2014. But by the time I told my readers to sell HALF of their stock it had clocked up a monstrous 1,053% gain, rising to 52 cents by August 23 2016.

Check out the chart below…

Source: Google Finance

Getting in when I recommended it could have helped you turn a small $1,000 stake into $10,530 in profits.

A $3,000 stake into $31,570 in profits...

And could’ve turned every $10,000 punt into $105,300 in profits…in just over two years.

But the ‘10X gains’ that my readers could have banked off CleanTeq didn’t end there. Not by a long shot.

By the time I recommended my readers sell the other half of their CleanTeq holdings, in June 2017, the stock had shot up even higher…by an astounding 1,349%.

Here’s a screen grab of when I finally told my readers to sell:

Source: Port Phillip Publishing

But CleanTeq isn’t the only ‘10Xer’ I’ve handed my loyal readers in the last couple of years.

Another one of my picks, the data service provider Appen, went on an absolute tear in 2017.

When I told my readers to buy in around March 2015 it was trading for around just 60 cents.

But by the time I told my readers to sell last in December 2017, it had shot past $7 a share. Check it out for yourself…

Source: Google Finance

That’s the kind of stock run that has the potential to turn every $500 into $5,550…every $1,000 into $11,100, or even every $10,000 into a whopping $111,000.

These are life changing windfalls for many people.

A holiday anywhere in the world.

A down payment on a new house.

Or even a sizeable nest-egg for your children and grandchildren.

Unfortunately, most Aussie investors didn’t bag anything near that.

Because most Aussie investors didn’t know those stocks existed. Most Aussie investors have their cash tucked away in big and boring blue chip stocks.

The type of stock you’ll find bumbling around in the S&P/ASX 200.

That’s fine if you want slow and steady returns. But do you want all your money tied up in stocks like that?

Remember what happened to one of Australia’s most well-respected banks, ANZ in 2017 and 2018, when its share price was getting hammered.

Take a look for yourself:

Source: Yahoo Finance

As you can see in the graph, if you had staked your hard-earned money into this so-called ‘safe’ bet…

At the start of 2018, up until June 20 this year…you would have actually lost money!

That’s right, from a potential $10,000 investment, you’d now be sitting on measly $9,680 — not including the dividends you may have received!

But even if you add in dividends you still wouldn’t be back to square one.

Meanwhile, check out what was happening to another ‘10X Stock’ at the same time.

This potential ‘10Xer’ certainly wasn’t on the radar of the mainstream analysts…

One spiked 376% in a single month…between October 25 to November 24 in 2017…check it for yourself:

Source: Yahoo Finance

Who wouldn’t like that? A stock moving from 9.5 cents to 45 cents IN UNDER A MONTH.

But if you’re a mad speculator, and if you think a month is too long to wait to collect a big windfall, how about this ‘10X Stock’

It shot up 180% in JUST 11 days. Moving from 2 cents all the way up to 5.6 cents.

This happened in the blink of an eye. From November 10 to 21 last year.

Source: Yahoo Finance

A $1,000 speculation in this company could have banked you $1,800 in under a fortnight.

Yes, in a mere 10 days you would’ve had the chance to more than double your money.

Now compare that to another ‘reputable’ company listed on the ASX.

Take Woolworths for example.

During that same period November 10 to 21 last year, the share price slumped from $26.24 to $25.91. Meaning that if you had invested $1,000, you’d now be in the red 12 bucks.

Source: Yahoo Finance

Add on dividends and sure, you’ve made a bit. But could those gains help pay for your next holiday?

Will it pay for a kitchen or bathroom renovation?

Or what about that new bench saw you’ve had your eye on?

Not likely.

Now look, I’m not going to claim that investing in ‘10X Stocks’ doesn’t carry any risks. There are huge risks here.

I will never lie to you about this.

While investments in what I call ‘10X Stocks’ could move up at a lightning fast pace; they can also move down incredibly quickly. In some cases you could lose a portion or even all of your capital.

I should know. Even though my service has a great track record, we’ve picked a few stinkers too.

And of course, if you’re happy with the gains from blue chips, because you’re after the dividend, that’s fine...

Then my ‘10X Stocks’ strategy isn’t for you.

This is for risk-takers…speculators.

But if you’re sick of your stocks going nowhere, and you’re up for the excitement of ‘10X Stock’ speculation, stick with me. Because in a moment I’ll explain everything you need to know about this potentially explosive market.

Because it all comes down to this:

‘10X Stocks’ could have the potential to completely eclipse Australia’s traditional markets, like the ASX200.

That’s exactly why I’m about to show you…

THREE hand-picked ‘10X Stocks’ that could not only match the explosive gains I just showed you, but potentially blow them out of the water in 2018 and beyond.

I want to get my detailed analysis of the three latest ‘10X Stocks’ into your hands as soon as possible.

Just like the examples I’ve shown you so far, the three ‘10X Stocks’ I want to share with you today could turn the ASX on its head and start dishing out a flurry of multi-bagger returns during the rest of 2018 and beyond.

In fact, one of my favourite ‘10X Stocks’ could start moving up even earlier and potentially hand early-backers a 473% gain in under 18 months!

The other two ’10X Stocks’ I’m going to show you today could move up even higher than that!

I’ll show you exactly how this is all possible in just a moment.

But let’s be clear about something first…

You may wonder why your broker hasn’t told you about these stocks.

If you think this all sounds a bit shady, it’s not.

In fact, some of the world’s greatest investors made their fortunes investing in their own brand of ‘10X Stocks’.

The likes of Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, and Carlos Slim…just to name three.

To not just make a few ‘all right’ investments, but to make generational wealth for decades to come.

And while it’s normally the case that regular investors miss out on the best investment opportunities.

That’s because the big players on Wall Street, Martin Place, and Collins Street effectively can’t touch ‘10X Stocks’

I’m talking about:

  • Huge pension funds…
  • Sovereign wealth funds…

They can’t get anywhere near this market.

And while other big investment players like hedge funds technically can access the ‘10X Stocks’ I’m about to show you, they often have an incredibly difficult time profiting from them.

This is not because this market is unprofitable — as I’ve already shown you it may be one of the potentially most lucrative, but underrated, markets in the entire world.

As hedge fund expert Don Steinbrugge points out:

If you get too big, it's a lot harder to generate strong returns because you begin to move the market.

And Warren Buffett is on the record saying (my emphasis added):

It’s a huge structural advantage not to have a lot of money. I think I could make you 50 percent a year on $1 million. No, I know I could. I guarantee that.

This is where your first inherent advantage as an individual investor comes into play.

Even Warren Buffett admits that.


It’s not illegal for big fund investors to get into this market. It’s just that it’s incredibly difficult for them to do so.

That means you can invest where the big shots on Collins Street can’t.

You’re not stuck with companies like Woolworths or ANZ that barely give you a 5% annual return and a crummy dividend if you’re lucky.

You can pick from the best and brightest stocks…and potentially compound your money at a blistering rate.

You can pick up the kind of stocks that could double, even triple your initial stake in short-order.

Let me repeat that, while…

The vast majority of the big fundies on Collins Street can’t access these potentially ultra-lucrative ‘10X Stocks’…you can!

Many people don’t know this, but it was these very kind of stocks — ‘10X Stocks’ — that Warren Buffett exploited during his early career on the way to building his $91.3 billion fortune.

He poured money into it like nothing else.

Buffett even took out a bank loan, so he could dump MORE money into these kinds of ‘10X opportunities’.

Yes, the man who advocates avoiding debt took out a loan so he could funnel more money into his ‘10X Stock’ investments.

That’s how potential-packed he thought it was…

Now, to be clear, I’m not suggesting you do the same. In fact, I’ll flatly say this: Do not borrow money to invest in ‘10X Stocks’. That’s as crazy as borrowing to invest in cryptos!

As for Buffett, he bought into tiny American ‘10Xers’, like Genesee Valley Gas, GEICO, and Union Street Railway…

At the time, they were trading for pennies on the dollar.

With ‘10X Stock’ plays like this, it took his net-worth of $20,000 when he was 21…

All the way up to $1,000,000 by the time he turned 30.

That’s $8,272,617 in today’s money.

But then something happened.

Warren Buffett became one of those financial fat-cats I mentioned at the start.

For example, if Buffett was to put a billion dollars down into a promising ‘10X’ punt…like the kind I am going to show you today…the price would go berserk AND eat into his potential profits almost immediately.

This is what I mean when I say people like Warren Buffett avoid the ‘10X Stocks’.

And Buffett is well aware that it would be incredibly difficult for him to grab a big chunk of the companies that are on the verge of melting-up hundreds, even thousands of percentage points.

Maybe more in a good year.

In fact, he has gone as far to say that (my emphasis added):

Having a lot of money to invest forced Berkshire to buy those that were less attractive. With less capital, I could have put all my money into the most attractive issues [10X Stocks] and really creamed it.

But like I said, while people like Warren Buffett will have a hard time profiting off ‘10X Stocks’

…for individual investors like yourself they may just be the most profitable option out there.

And here’s the best bit…

Accessing Aussie ‘10X Stocks’ is just a few clicks away…and you don’t have to be an investment legend to, as Warren Buffett puts it — ‘cream it’.

Taking full advantage of the exponential potential in these kinds of stocks couldn’t be easier.

You don’t need a degree in finance or economics, and you don’t need to spend hours staring at a computer screen.

Leave that to me. That’s what I do.

And while you may think this sounds a bit weird, I love it.

I love obsessively reading over annual reports, analysts’ estimates, and company charts…

Uncovered gems that barely anyone knows about.

And keep in mind, investing in the ‘10X Market’ doesn’t involve options trading, bonds, CFDs, cryptocurrencies, or leveraged products.

It’s just that most investors don’t have a clue how to access the information required to successfully invest in these ‘10X Stocks’…let alone lockdown the ones I believe could explode hundreds of percentage points higher.

But now, novice or expert, you could have the chance to take full advantage of this market.

Just follow what I’m about to show you. You could have a very real shot at big returns.

Just like the 1,349% gains I helped my loyal readers to off the back of my CleanTeq recommendation.

In fact, let me show you the first ‘10X Stock’ that I believe could help you to similarly impressive returns in the next year.


10X Stock #1
The ASX world-leader looking to take a chunk out of this $1.5 trillion market

Uber may be the world’s most promising company when it comes to this 1.5 trillion emerging market…but there’s a good chance it won’t be the most profitable.

Especially not for Aussie investors like yourself.

That’s if the troubled ride-sharing company ever goes public mind you.

And even then, you’d still have to deal with the risks of international investment.

Instead, I believe I’ve found a better opportunity.

And I want you in on it right now.

It’s all part of a $1.5 trillion phenomenon — the gig-economy.

And I believe my first ‘10X Stock’ could have a very real shot at taking a nice big share of that $1.5 trillion market.

Best of all, it’s trading right here on the ASX.

For a bargain-basement price.

This company isn’t some pretender to the throne either.

It’s already experienced some massive growth in the last few years.

Take a look for yourself…


That’s an exponential growth figure. That soon could translate into an exponential share price rise.

The best part?

You can take advantage of this fast-thriving company RIGHT NOW.

See, a company like Uber has already had so much money dumped into it.

From the likes of big-wig venture capitalists, investment banks and wealthy individuals.

A savvy individual investor like yourself could barely make two bucks off it at this point.

All those profits have already been funnelled to the institutional types with deep pockets.

It’s a disgrace. I know.

But this ASX-listed ‘10X Stock’ play could be your opportunity to even the score.

It’s already connected with over 27,000,000 ‘gig-economy’ workers world-wide.

Already 13 million jobs have been completed…

And it’s got 53 regional websites up and running, and supports 34 languages and 39 different currencies…

And with a market capitalisation of around $271 million…it’s truly a ‘10X Stock’ with potentially huge upside in the coming years.

This company is at the forefront of the future of work.

And I think they’re set to become a ‘Unicorn’ — defined as a start-up valued at over $1 billion.

If things play out the way I expect, I believe you could be looking at a 473% gain by end of 2019.

And that could just be the start!

Now I know, the gain I just showed you is huge. But it’s that kind of potential that speaks to the power of the ‘10X Market’.

In fact, the remaining ‘10X Stocks’ I’m going to show today could see an even more impressive run-up than the company I just showed you...but I’ll get back to that in just a moment.

At this point you may be wondering…

What exactly are ‘10X Stocks’?

Many people don’t actually realise this…

But of the approximately 2,400 companies listed on the ASX, over half of them may be considered as a potential ‘10X Stocks’.

I call them ‘10X Stocks’ because more so than any companies I’ve personally seen on the ASX…they could have the potential to become 10-baggers like clockwork.

Potentially turning out 1,000% in a flash!

That’s because these ‘10X Stocks’ are small. Small especially when you compare them to larger, stale companies like the Commonwealth Bank or BHP.

This means that when they move up, boy, do they move fast.

In fact, sometimes these ‘10Xers’ move up so quick I’ve had to pull them before I was set to make a recommendation.

That’s how quick they move. Sometimes it can happen in 24 hours.

Not 24 months!

And because of this, we’ve been able to nab a number of quick-fire winners over the years that have churned out life-changing returns in a short-order too…like…

457%, 1,010%, 138%, 1,349%

By now, you’ve probably guessed what I mean by ‘10X Stocks’. I’m talking small-cap stocks. These are some of the most exciting and speculatively risky stocks you can find on any market.

That’s what I love about them.

Yet even with so many money-making opportunities in this market…

You’d be surprised to hear that people aren’t rushing into it.

In fact, half the time the mainstream media acts as if it doesn’t even exist.


So the average Australian doesn’t know how to capitalise on these kinds of ‘10X’ opportunities.

But I want to change all that.

My aim?

Help you find the ‘10X Stocks’ that could break into the mainstream any day…

How do I identify these stocks you ask?

First I make sure a company has a market capitalisation below $1 billion.

Anything much larger than that and it wouldn’t be considered a ‘10X Stock’.

Companies in this market often have market caps just a fraction of the size of their mainstream counterparts…

While this means ‘10X Stocks’ are riskier than large-cap companies, it also means they could have extremely high growth potential.

We are talking about potential growth of up to 1000% or more…

And mind you, just because a company is small doesn’t mean it’s completely unknown.

You may have a few financial bloggers or stock picking enthusiasts on Hot Copper tracking these stocks…but I doubt you’ll see analysts at one of the big four banks, with six figure salaries putting out research reports on these companies.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Xero, Retail Food Group and even Bellamy's.

All of these companies are part the ASX’s ‘10X’ market.

In fact, the a2 Milk Company may be one of the most famous ‘10X Stocks’ coming out of the ASX in recent times.

A fast mover, the company grew its profits by an insane 906,360% in three years, from 2014 to 2017.

It handed loyal investors similarly impressive stock gains too…

Just take a look at the record breaking 1,483% share price rise of this dairy producer. Take a look…

What is market capitalisation?

A company’s market capitalisation, or market cap, is calculated by multiplying the company’s current share price by all the shares in circulation (shares outstanding).

Companies with a market capitalisation below $1 billion are generally considered to be small-cap investments.

While these investments tend to be more volatile, they also tend to have more upside potential, as they are usually growing at a faster rate to their large-cap counterpart.

For example, company XYZ may have 2 billion shares outstanding and a current share price of $0.018.

The market capitalisation of this company would be = $ 35.96M (2,000,000,000 x $0.018).

If such a company was just to move up a few cents, it could mean returns like 25%, 50% and even 100% in a short order, for savvy investors.

Source: Google Finance

A2’s rise is yet another example of how ‘10X Stocks’ could have serious potential to become big winners.

An investment of $10,000 is this mega-growth milk supplier could have made savvy investors $148,300 in profits in two years, not including transaction costs.

That’s huge — so big that a2 is now an ASX 200 company.

Although keep in mind, just because I class a company as a ‘10X Stock’, doesn’t guarantee it will be successful like a2 Milk.

Not every company in this ‘10X’ market will hit the mainstream — but over the years I’ve helped my readers bank a ton of opportunities that have…

Moved up 1,349% as cobalt took off…

One innovative baby-food maker produced gains of 575%...

An AI powerhouse that was up over 300% at one point...

Capilano Honey banked some seriously sweet gains of 188%…

Or the investment powerhouse, Blue Sky, clocking up a 213.40% multi-bagger gain for patient investors.

And even one of Australia’s hottest fin-tech companies that’s roared 457% and STILL looks like moving higher yet.

As you can tell, we have a pretty impressive track record when it comes to picking ‘10X Stocks’.

Look though, I’ll level with you.

The vast majority stocks at the small end of the market aren’t worth your time or money.

I personally wouldn’t put even five cents into them. While some ‘10X Stocks’ soar, delivering multi-digit percentage gains, many of them don’t emerge from obscurity. They languish there forever.

Others do emerge. Only to spectacularly (or tamely) crash back down into the unknown parts of the market.

So maybe only a handful each year could have the potential to deliver the kind of phenomenal returns I’ve shown you today.

That’s why you need to know that this is big-time speculating. You should never speculate with more money than you can afford to lose.

To up your success rate it’s imperative you understand the advantage you have as an individual investor.

I’ve already pointed out one of them to you. Your ability to invest in any stock you want — something the big-boys on Collins Street rarely do due to their size.

But there’s something I also want you to remember…

There’s one more big advantage investors like you have over the big guys…

See, my ‘10X Stocks’ aren’t just small-cap stocks.


These are the stocks that aren’t usually covered by your mainstream analysts…

The ones that no one is paying attention to…because they either don’t know how or they don’t understand their potential…

This means they often trade at rock bottom prices — and means you can have the chance to pick them up dirt cheap.

And that means they’re off the radar of most mainstream analysts.

But just because something trades at a low price, doesn’t mean it lacks growth potential!

Mainstream analysts are too busy poking around the balance sheets of the biggest 250 stocks on the ASX trying to find a misplaced decimal point.

Take a look at Commonwealth Bank. Large-cap, low growth.

It’s got approximately fourteen analysts covering it…

Source: Reuters

What a waste of time.

Fourteen highly paid analysts covering a giant blue chip stock that would have actually lost you money in the last year.

If I spent all my time covering stocks like that, with next to no growth potential, I’d be out of a job fast.

Source: Yahoo finance

Compare that to one of the best performing ‘10X Stocks’

Look at the exact same page; we see virtually no interest from any analysts.

Source: Reuters
Source: Yahoo finance

Yet we see a colossal gain over the last two years from this software pioneer.

2,071% — as you can clearly see from the graph above!

No one knew how to value it.

No one even cared enough to try.

It’s a sad truth really…

But lack of coverage from the mainstream can often mean a lower share price.

At least in the short-term.

In the longer term though, the mainstream is often forced to take notice.

In fact, they can’t afford not to.

True value can’t be ignored forever.

CleanTeq proves that.

So does a2 Milk.

This gives savvy investors such as yourself a huge opportunity.


You could have the chance to exploit the gap between what a company should be worth and what it’s trading at…with the possibility of making a killing while you do it

Before we go on, my name, by the way, is Sam Volkering.

Some folks consider me to be one of Australia’s pre-eminent small-cap stock experts.

With a knack for finding stocks set to become the next ‘10Xers’.

I don’t know about that. I’ll leave others to judge.

But I can say that I’ve helped regular Aussie investors exploit that gap for years now.

Like when we picked CleanTeQ and it 10Xed in almost no time flat.

Surging 1,349%.

Appen’s 1,010% run that I showed you at the start didn’t take long either.

It hit ‘10X status’ in just a few years.

At this point, you may wonder where my interest in small-cap stocks started…

It was when I realised that I simply didn’t want to play the same game as the big banks and brokerage firms.

It didn’t seem right to me.

They seemed happy to take it easy, handing out measly 5–6% returns to everyday investors.

Yet they still had the audacity to charge excessive fees.

And then they expected you to thank them for the privilege.

As if they were doing you a favour!

I have no interest in being a part of that industry.

So I got away from it, quick smart.

And decided to change the rules…

While I wasn’t interested in towing the line of complacency like the big investing firms were doing — in the markets they made.

It dawned on me that I didn’t have to.

That’s because I figured they were looking in all the wrong places.

So I started researching the opportunities they couldn’t take advantage of — small-cap stocks.

Since then, I’ve helped smart investors, people like you, pick up small-cap bargains on what I describe as the ‘10X’ market — given this market’s ability to dish out handsome returns like 457%, 500%, 138%, and 1,349%.

But that’s not all…

Want to know the best bit about small-cap stocks right now?

While most folks are worried about interest rates, high house prices, and Donald Trump, I say forget about that.

Because I believe they could deliver even bigger returns in 2018 and smash past the bullrun they started in 2017…

That’s huge news.

Remember, this is the very same bull market that gave investors the opportunity to grab a stake in companies that moved up hundreds, even thousands of percentage points.

Take another look at some of these past gains…and let them sink in for a minute.

138%, 457%, 1,010% and 1,349%.

The best bit? The second stock I’m about to show you could have the potential to not just MATCH those amazing figures but blow them out of the water…

It’s working in one of the most exciting, game-changing industries on the planet.

But before I show you this stock, I want you to take a look at what some of Australia’s foremost experts on small-cap stocks are saying.


Ross Macmillan, senior analyst at Morningstar Australasia, has gone on the record saying:

We anticipate that continuing into 2018, small caps will continue to perform well…

Adding that:

‘…business confidence [is] picking up and that will be good for small-cap stocks, which are more exposed to the domestic economy.

Or check out the following graph that shows how small-cap funds smashed their large-cap counterparts.

And this isn’t a short-term outlook either.

This is outperformance over the long-term!


For the three years to 31 August 2017, small-caps more than doubled the performance of blue chips.

And over five years, small-caps nearly trebled the performance.

Yet, these are exactly the type of stocks your broker or financial manager won’t tell you about.

And it’s not just me who believes this is where investors need to be.

Others, such as Andrew Smith, the head of small- and micro-caps at Perennial Value Management, argues that given the current economic conditions many investors will soon rush to the small-cap scene.

Saying that investors:

…have begun searching the small-cap market to access higher-growth sectors such as the Chinese consumer-exposed names and small resources.

With small-cap stocks looking to surge even higher for the rest of 2018 and 2019, my second ‘10X Stock’ looks primed for a big reversal in the coming year.


10X Stock #2
The ‘energy metals’ supplier that could hit 10-bagger status as the next great battery boom gears up

Electronic vehicles and battery technologies.

They are two of the fastest growing industries on the plant.

Just consider the fact that all the major players in tech are throwing their money at this space.

  • Mercedes plans to invest $1 billion into electric vehicles.
  • BMW aims to have 15–25% of all its sales come from electric vehicles by 2025.
  • Volkswagen is aiming to invest up to $24 billion in electric vehicles by 2030.
  • Tesla alone has a market cap of more than $50 billion, and is one of the largest, most recognisable companies in the world.

But it’s not just tech-titans making big plays in this market.

Governments are getting in on the action too.

China for example has set the ambitious target of manufacturing seven million battery-powered and hybrid vehicles by 2025.

Or consider this:

In March, the price of cobalt shot up $5,000 in a single day.

The relevance? Cobalt is a key ingredient in the production of batteries for electric cars.

That would make it the world’s most expensive battery metal out of cobalt, lithium, copper and nickel.

All of these facts together point to what I believe is one indisputable conclusion.

The demand for electric vehicles is skyrocketing…and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down any time soon.

It’s basic economics: when you have demand this high, surely prices HAVE to go up.

This would happen not only for the materials like cobalt and lithium, which are necessary to make batteries, but the companies that produce the parts necessary to make these electric vehicles work.

Enter my second ‘10X Stock’, a supplier and developer of high performance battery equipment, services and materials.

This company looks set to piggy back off the world’s insatiable demand for battery tech and electric vehicles in the next few years. Here’s what I mean by that…

Source: Greentech Media

With EV battery demand booming, there’s massive opportunities for companies like my second ‘10X Stock’ pick that are directly involved in producing the tech powering the electric vehicle and energy storage markets.

Add to this the fact that this company is a supplier of high-precision battery testing equipment — to some of the world’s biggest and most significant battery companies including Panasonic, Apple, 3M, Microsoft, Bosch and Dyson.

And after reading info like that, you start to get a sense of why I think this ‘energy metals’ supplier could soon be on its way to ‘10Xing’.

Just look at how fast one of my other battery-powered stocks shot up, between July 2017 and November 2018.

Source: Yahoo Finance

I recommended it to our readers even earlier than that chart I’ve shown you above.

And by the time I told my readers to sell in August 2016, those who followed my advice could have been up over 1,349%. Check it out:

Source: Port Phillip Publishing

That’s like turning every $1,000 invested into over $14,490. Or every $10,000 into over $144,900.

A huge windfall by any measure.

Or another ASX-based battery play…

Galaxy resources ran up over 2,000% since 2016.

Source: Yahoo Finance

That’s the power of investing in companies working directly or indirectly in a white-hot industry like battery tech.

This is the exact potential of the second ‘10X Stock’ I just showed you, and why I believe it could run up 1,000% in the coming years.

But just like CleanTeq and the second ‘10X Stock’ I just showed you, while…

While some of the ASX’s most promising opportunities are ripe to take off now — they can’t stay there for long…

Investments in ‘10X Stocks’ can move up at blistering speed.

I’ve already shown you that.

I’ve even shown you a ‘10X Stock’ that shot up 180% in under a fortnight.

That more than doubles your money.

Putting just $1,000 down in this company could have given you a $1,800 gain…in just 11 days.

That’s the quick-fire potential of these small-cap stocks.

But it’s also churned out some Aussie staples that have busted onto the mainstream, like the rise of the now $8 billion dairy titan, a2 Milk.

In fact, the final ‘10X Stock’ I’m about to show you has set the stage to burst onto the mainstream any moment now…if things go how I expect them to.

That’s the best part of being an investor in small-cap stocks.

You’re not restricted from any investment — you can pack your portfolio to the brim with only the best and the brightest picks.

The ones that are a fraction of the size of their large-cap counterparts — but with up to 1,000-times more growth potential.

You aren’t shackled down like the huge pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and even hedge funds.

But remember…

There is huge risk in ‘10X Stocks’. You could lose some, or all, of your investment in this market.

That’s why you should never speculate with more than you can afford to lose.

Small-cap stocks are inherently more risky than their large-cap counterparts.

I won’t lie to you about these risks and I certainly can’t guarantee that every stock I tip will turn out to be a 10-bagger.

If anyone tries to tell you that they are right 100% of the time…that they can guarantee 1,000% returns...

They are either lying to you or lying to themselves — most likely a combination of the two!

As I said earlier, I’m proud of my track record. But I’ve picked some howlers too. That’s all part of the scene when you’re playing in this market. There’s no avoiding it.

But here’s something the investment gurus and finance hot shots on Collins Street won’t tell you:

You don’t even have to beat the market 100% of the time to come out way on top.

One well-placed ‘10X Stock’ could be all you need to smash the ASX.

As Peter Lynch put it…

In this business, if you're good, you're right six times out of ten. You're never going to be right nine times out of ten.

And the times that you are right, ‘it overcomes your mistakes. So you have to find the big winners.’

As it happens, the win-rate of my investment advisory isn’t far off.

Since 2007, through to the end of 2017, we’ve recommended 152 trades and outperformed the ASX by a margin of 38.48%...

For instance…

Gains including 457%, 1,010%, 138%, and 1,349%...

Now if you can’t wait to pick up my ‘10X Stocks’, and you want to grab all my research on what could be three big winners in 2018, you can grab your copy of my exclusive report RIGHT NOW.

But if you’re still not convinced about this market’s ability to dish out, double, triple and even 10-bagger winners…

I want to show you one more ‘10X Stock’.

In fact, this third and final ‘10X Stock’ may be the most promising out of all three. Get ready for…

10X Stock #3
The Aussie miner taking aim at China’s mineral monopoly — a victory that could help you turn every $500 down into $5,000.

My third and final ‘10X Stock’, like my second, is looking to take a big chunk out of the electric vehicles and battery market.

To put it in perspective, check out these stats…

The electric vehicle market alone is set to be worth a massive $100 billion by 2020.

The lithium-ion battery market is poised to push over the $60 billion mark by 2024.

As you can tell, anything even remotely associated with this market is exploding in value.

My third ‘10X Stock’ has big ambitions here.

Their market-leading edge?

To become the next significant dysprosium producer outside of China.

Sound boring? Don’t be fooled.

Dysprosium is a necessary ingredient for that soon-to-be $100 billion electric vehicle market.

With its demand set to skyrocket in next few years, battery technology and electric vehicles move further and further into the mainstream.

Take a look…

Source: MIT

As it stands China is one of the biggest producers of dysprosium in the entire world.

But this tiny ASX-listed miner looks set to disrupt all of this.

Taking a small stake in this promising company RIGHT NOW, before demand for this mineral really heats up, could help you turn a massive profit in the next few years.

Because the thing is, electric vehicles and clean technology isn’t going anywhere.

No time soon at least.

And with this company trading at under a $1 a share, in this rapidly climbing market, this could be your best time to get involved in the battery-tech boom at absolutely low-bottom prices.

With these three potentially highly lucrative ‘10X Stocks’ I’ve shown you today, you’re probably itching to know how you could capitalise on these up-and-coming opportunities.

Well, I’m ready to send my special situation report to you right now. All I ask in return is that you take out a trial membership of my small-cap advisory, Australian Small-cap Investigator.

Sign up to Australian Small-Cap Investigator today and take advantage of my three ‘10X Stocks’ RIGHT NOW

You can download your special ‘10X Stocks’ investment briefing ‘10X Stocks: Three ASX Plays Ready to Blast Higher in 2018’ right now, from my secure, members-only website.

Inside you will discover all my in-depth research and analysis on the three up-and-coming ‘10X Stocks’ I’ve shown you today.

I’ve already demonstrated to you just how potential-packed some of these stocks could be.

With some of them even dishing out returns as high as 1,010%, and 1,349%.

Gains that could turn even small sums of money into a family holiday or even a new car.

Stake a little more, and you could potentially be looking at a generation defining windfall.

A new family home.

A nest-egg for your children.

Yet we aren’t just talking about the potential to make multi-bagger gains over the next few years (or over a much shorter time-frame), mind you.


We are ALSO talking about the excitement that comes with investing in small up-and-coming companies.

Remember, these companies aren’t just doing some truly innovative things — but they are also right here in Australia — helping our economy grow and thrive.

And like I’ve said before, while small-cap companies are riskier than their large-cap counterparts, they can also have a lot more upside potential.

And see…

Large-cap stocks haven’t done so well in Australia over the last year.

On average, from 1 January 2018, you would have gained a piddly 2.3% if you invested in the ASX200 — the index that tracks Aussie large-caps.

Take a look for yourself…

Source: Yahoo Finance

With so many highs and lows — in a mere seven-month period — the ASX 200 doesn’t look like the home of consistent returns that it’s often painted as.

Now look, I’m not saying you should ditch large-cap or ‘blue chip’ stocks completely. But what I am saying is that if you’re looking for a way to potentially boost your returns, and you’re comfortable with the risks, then well, why not give it a shot?

Let me show you exactly how to get in on the action right now…

A one-year subscription to Australian Small-Cap Investigator normally costs $99 a year.

That’s a bargain by any measure.

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With potential gains like that you don’t need to throw tens of thousands of dollars at my recommendations to see potentially life-changing results.

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But today, I’m going to cut that $99 price tag in half

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And these stocks could shoot up past their buy-up-to price.

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So, if you want in on this, now is the time.

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Better still…

Every month, I research and recommend new small-cap plays. I believe each one has the potential to make you a great profit.

That means I’ve amassed a wealth of information about ‘10X Stocks’. And I revel in sharing those resources with my loyal readers.

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Hold these stocks for the long-term and I believe you could be looking at dynasty-defining amounts of wealth.

Yes, from just three stocks.

As you’ve seen today, Australia’s ‘10X Stocks’ have the potential to dish out market topping returns…

Investors have already rushed on board too…

The resource play, CLL up 1,300% in the last two years…

Source: Yahoo Finance

A2 Milk up 1,483% in the last two years…

Source: Google Finance

Or even MYQ, up 1,270% (even with a dip) over one year.

Source: Yahoo Finance

Your best shot to take advantage of the ASX’s ‘10X Stocks’ could be ‘test-driving’ Australian Small-Cap Investigator today, and immediately downloading your copy of ‘10X Stocks: Three ASX Plays Ready to Blast Higher in 2018’.

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If you want the chance to potentially turn every $1,000 down into $13,490 like CLQ did…you need to act quickly.

Because that’s the other thing about the new clutch of ‘10X Stocks’…they tend to move up (and down) super-fast.

That’s a by-product of their small market capitalisation…

It also means you can bank some life-changing returns in a seriously short order of time.

With excitement heating up for small-cap stocks this year, everyone seems to want a piece.

With analysts such as Ross McMillan at Morningstar Australasia anticipating that in 2018:

Small caps will continue to perform well.

And according to Andrew Smith at Perennial Value Management, investors have:

Begun searching the small-cap market to access higher-growth sectors such as the Chinese consumer-exposed names and small resources.

So, if you want a chance to potentially bank a 10-bagger ‘10X Stock’ gain in the months ahead, I urge you to act now.

You’ve seen the money some of my readers have made from my work over the last couple of years.

You’ve seen the kind of downright ludicrous gains that could be made from this market if you time it right, and if you have the stomach for high-risk speculation.

The fortunes made by investors like Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch…to name just a couple.

And while you understand that no one can predict where the market will go in 2018 and beyond…

You can appreciate that certain stocks could absolutely rocket, no matter what happens.

And I hope that, having read this letter, you agree with me that you have nothing to lose by giving Australian Small-Cap Investigator a go right now.


Australia’s fast-moving ‘10X Stocks’ may not stay cheap for long!

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Sam Volkering,
Editor, Australian Small-Cap Investigator


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Frequently Asked Questions

What am I getting?

First of all, you will get a 12-month subscription to my brand-new investment advisory, Australian Small-cap Investigator.

This will cost you just $49 today.

But that’s not all…

As an exclusive member of my Wealth Eruption investment advisory, you will receive:

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  • And weekly market updates, news and analysis.

What exactly is a ‘10X Stock’?

As I explained in the above letter, a ‘10X Stock’ is typically an Aussie-listed company with a market capitalisation below $2 billion. These are small, high-risk stocks, but with significant upside potential.

This is exactly why I call them ‘10X Stocks’. Because more so than any other stocks that I’ve personally seen on the ASX…they have the potential to turn out 10-bagger returns for Aussie investors like clock-work.

How much does the Australian Small-Cap Investigator service cost?

OK, let’s be clear so there’s no confusion.

You can grab 12 months access to Australian Small-Cap Investigator right now for only $49.

You’ll get access to my Australian Small-Cap Investigator buy-list, special investor reports, as well as all my market news and analysis for a full year.

And remember, if you’re not completely happy with my Australian Small-Cap Investigator service within the first 30 days, all you have to do is call up our friendly customer service team and we will issue you a full, no-questions-asked refund.

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Finally, once your 12 months is up, we’ll auto-renew your subscription at that full publisher’s price of $99 (and each year after). If at any time you decide you’ve had enough, let our customer service team know and we’ll cancel your subscription and any future payments.

How much could I make if your analysis is correct?

I truly believe that the small-side of the Aussie market is one of the most potentially lucrative in the entire world.

If things play out the way I expect them to, I believe you could be looking at a 473% gain by end of 2019 — off my first ‘10X Stock’.

That’s the kind of gains-potential that could help investors flip every $500 staked today into $2,365 in just two years.

In the long run we could potentially see even higher gains off my first small-cap power-play.

Better still…

I believe that my second ‘10X Stock’ could zoom even higher than the one I just showed you, with the potential to run up as much as 1,000% in the coming years if the global battery boom we are witnessing right now really takes off.

And here’s the best bit: those are just two of the opportunities I am monitoring right now.

In total there are 31 other small-cap superstars on my buy-list right now that I believe could deliver investors high-bagger returns in the years ahead.

How much could I lose if your analysis is wrong?

No investment is guaranteed.

Whether you invest in stocks, real estate or baseball cards, there is always risk.

You should never invest more than you can afford to lose. Especially when you are investing in stocks with a small market capitalisation.

While investments in these ‘10X Stocks’ could move up at a lightning fast pace; they can also move down incredibly quickly. In some cases you could lose a portion or even all of your capital.

In addition to this, what you must understand though is that because these are general recommendations, you need to consider your personal circumstances when investing. If you’re unsure, I recommend you seek independent advice from a certified financial advisor.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to make the final call. I can’t do that for you.


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