If you think Aussie stocks have had a good run in 2017, you haven’t seen anything yet


ASX: 20,000

And your chance to pocket from 100% right up to 537% on the hottest stocks of the next two years!

In the year to date, the US Dow Jones Index gained 28%, its strongest year in a decade…and the UK’s FTSE 100 surged 13% to 7,429 it’s highest level in recorded history.

Well, read on…I’ll show you why these huge, global stock market ‘Melt-Ups’ are just a precursor for what’s in store for the ASX in 2018 and 2019

I’ll also reveal four EXTREME MELT-UP PUNTS that I believe could shoot up to 537% higher as the ASX potentially TRIPLES over the next two to four years.

Dear Reader,

If you missed the recent run-up in Aussie stocks…don’t sweat it a second longer.

All my research indicates an even bigger bull market could sweep the ASX between now and 2021.

Potentially handing you your best-ever shot at a retirement-sized fortune.

Better than that, the Aussie stock mega-surge I believe is imminent could rank as the GREATEST wealth-building opportunity of your life.  

If you’d like the opportunity to double…even TRIPLE your retirement nest-egg in the next two to four years...READ ON.

I’ll reveal why the Australian stock market looks poised for an extraordinary bull-run…what I call a ‘melt-up’

…and how you could position yourself in four tiny Aussie-bred plays which could make you incredibly wealthy over the next four years.

Let me show you what’s happening

Between 2003 and 2007 the S&P ASX 200 shot-up 4,000 points...a 130% Aussie stock ‘melt-up’.


Source: Google Finance

At the same time, US stocks melted-up 80%...


Source: Google Finance

And UK stocks surged from 3,491 points in 2003 right up to 6,732 in 2007…another 80% melt-up.


Source: Google Finance

Well, guess what?

The exact same catalysts that unleashed global stock market melt-ups in the early 2000s are simmering inside the ASX right now.

Difference is, when the coming ‘melt-up’ blows Aussie stocks upwards this year and next, you won’t just see the ASX sail past 8,000…or even 10,000 points.

If I’m right, you’ll hopefully login to your online brokerage account a couple years from now and see THIS number blink back at you:

ASX: 20,000

That’s right. My calculations now indicate the ASX could be heading from around 6,000 where it sits today…to 20,000 by 2021.

I know: huge call.

It means if you own an average spread of Australian stocks right now, your portfolio could be TRIPLE THE SIZE within four years.

You might think that’s an insane forecast.

Well, I tell you what, this time last year people thought I was nuts too!

12 months ago, I was a lone voice with my bullish views.

For instance, Morgan Stanley analysts predicted the S&P ASX 200 would slump to fresh lows…


Source: Business Insider

RBS economists forecasted that stocks would crash 20% in 2016…


Source: The Guardian

And Goldman Sachs predicted stocks would flat-line last year…


Source: Business Insider

And you should have heard the flak I got from my mates in the finance game for making a buy call back then, like the one I’m making today.

Heck, I even got a ribbing from my colleagues here in the office, and they’re supposed to be contrarians!

But who was right?

Well, see for yourself…

In the last calendar year the German DAX soared 19%, its highest level in two years and the UK FTSE 100 melted-up 12.67% to 7,429 points — it’s highest level in recorded history

Then there’s the US Dow Jones Index, which zipped 14.67% higher to hit 21,000. A record high for US stocks.

And closer to home?

The ASX is up 12%...and the group of stocks I recommended in 2016 and 2017 have already notched up gains like 49.5%, 67.1%, 198.1%...and 314.3%.

But that’s just the beginning…

As you’re about to see, I believe
these moves are just the start of a much bigger opportunity

I’ll show you why the Australian stock market is only at the start of a resurgence that could make some private investors rich again…and how YOU could be one of them.

You’re about to learn how a new and unprecedented ‘melt-up’ could more than double the ASX’s current level by the end of 2019…

…and potentially triple it to 20,000 by 2021.

More importantly, you’ll learn about the TOP FOUR STOCKS I believe will fare exceptionally well as the market takes off.

Move on them...or lose them.

It’s that simple.

Mark my word, Aussie stocks are about to come unhinged and ‘melt-up’ toward an astounding new high.

But before they do, imagine if you could take some carefully selected positions, quietly, for as little as 12 cents.

Well today I’ll show you FOUR WAYS you could do that.

I’ll be AMAZED if these
four ‘extreme melt-up punts’
 don’t soar within 12 months!

They are some of my most powerful stocks tips in Australia today.

This is your chance to become an active participant in the new bull market…rather than being a passive observer…sitting back with your money in the bank barely beating inflation…reading about other people making potential triple-digit gains from the new wave of growth stocks.

You needn’t have bought a share in your life to profit from what you’re about to learn.

You don’t need a lot of spare cash to make good money from them either.

But I want to be upfront before we go any further…

This is share investing. It’s very risky — even in a bull market.

If you can’t afford to lose the spare cash you put on the line, stop watching now; this shouldn’t be your game.

This is only for punters prepared to risk a little for the chance to make a LOT.

But I also want you to know that this isn’t just about money.

It’s also about EXCITEMENT…

The THRILL of receiving live share tips from the heart of the current stock market revival.

The BUZZ when you open your account and see that a stock you bought just three months ago has tripled in value.

The SATISFACTION of opening up the newspaper 12 months from now, seeing ‘2018 Another Bumper Year for Stock Market Investors’ on the front page

…and knowing they’re
talking about YOU!

In a minute I’ll tell you about the four most exciting stocks on my hit list right now.

An investment in each has the potential to make you big money.

In some cases, very big money.

Again, I believe that because the last time I saw these bullish conditions was between August 2008 and December 2010.

Back then we guided thousands of investors like you to 19 huge returns — including:

338% from McPherson’s…

220% from MEO Australia…

152% from Mitchell Communications…

243% from LNG Ltd…

And 458% from Bow Energy.

19 bull market beauties with an average gain of 135%.

We nailed these gains over this period because I know a powerful secret when it comes to investing:

After the market bottoms out, like it did in 2009, it’s the smaller stocks that lead the following rally.

The clamour for growth after a lean period pushes smaller stocks up much higher than their larger counterparts.

And if you can pick the right stocks you could make EYE-WATERING profits in a very short time.

We anticipated these conditions back in August 2008, and wrote to a core group of private investors telling them it was time to buy.

These bullish conditions lasted for the next 28 months, right up to December 2010.

Well the next watershed moment when people herd back into growth stocks has begun.

I haven’t seen a better chance to make this much money from stocks since 2009.

In fact…

I haven’t seen an opportunity as big as this in my ENTIRE decade-long career in the investment markets

My name is Sam Volkering.

I’m a fully qualified shares adviser. But that’s about all I have in common with so called ‘market experts’ in Australia today.

Most share advisers work for a big bank or brokerage. I did that when I started my career at a wealth management firm here in Melbourne. So I know they have a company line they have to toe.

That line is based, generally, on the fact that the rules of the stock market that existed over the last 40 years still apply.

But they don’t.

Not anymore.

The most successful investors of the last nine years are the ones who have recognised that the game has changed.

I know. I’m one of them.

When the rules of share investing turn on their head, you can moan about it.

You can despair.

Or you can use the new terrain to YOUR ADVANTAGE.

That’s what we’ve done since August 2008, through my newsletter Australian Small-Cap Investigator.

And that’s what I intend to do for my readers — now and for the rest of 2017 and beyond.

In fact, I’m so sure about what’s in store for Aussie stocks in the months and years to come, I’m about to reveal my four most exciting, potential-filled small-cap discoveries.

They include…

The tiny West Australian-based digger slated to become Australia’s first (and only) ‘super magnet’ miner…

‘Super magnets’ are what I call a handful of ultra-rare resources essential to the tech industry.

Your computer, your TV…even the smartphone in your pocket all require this essential ingredient to work properly.

For years China has monopolised the super magnet market…UNTIL NOW.

Right now this company’s stock trades for JUST 12 CENTS…but the upside could be anything from 10, 20 or 30 cents per share — or even more.

Then there’s the firm I’m calling…

The ‘Tesla of the clothing world’…

If you haven’t heard of Tesla before, it’s the leading innovator in electric cars —   and the brainchild of PayPal founder, Elon Musk.

He’s the guy behind the new Space X project that plans to make space tourism economically viable. If anyone can do that, he can.

Anything this guy touches seems to turn to gold!

Tesla’s a case in point. It’s one of the biggest growth stories of the decade. Since 2012 shares have risen 828% to $308 EACH SHARE!

Now I’m not saying the little Aussie firm we’ve found is going to $308 a share…but it’s just made a deal in the auto racing market that makes its current 55 cent share price look like an absolute STEAL.

It’s impossible to speculate just how high this one could go, so I won’t say any figures — they’d be too ridiculous to even write down. I will say though — with complete confidence — this stock has the potential to go BALLISTIC.

But look, I want you to understand…

There’s a lot more going on with these four stocks than exciting tech breakthroughs and huge potential resource revenues…

These things alone convince me that 200%+ gains by Christmas this year are written all over them.

But if they get the bull market tailwind I’m anticipating, you could be looking at MANY TIMES that.

Be absolutely clear …

This won’t be like any of the market rallies you’ve seen in recent years.

Yes, we’ve had a reasonable run that began at the start of last year — the ASX is up 16% since February 2016. 

But those figures don’t compare to what comes NEXT.

If I’m right, the next move up from here could see the ASX more than TRIPLE to 20,000 points.

It might not happen tomorrow, next week or even next month — and you’ll likely see price swings in stocks as they range between ‘expensive’ and ‘cheap’.

But based on my 10-year experience in the investment markets, I believe it’s going to happen.

Aussie stocks are going
one way over the next few years: and that’s UP

To explain why, let me give you a bit of background.

We are now 10 years into a bold and global financial experiment.

Central banks, led by the US Federal Reserve, have continuously used ‘stimulus’ and ‘quantitative easing’ to try and promote growth.

Let’s call it what it really is: printing money out of thin air.

Now, historically, this isn’t a very smart thing to do. It’s usually a last-ditch act that unleashes currency collapse and rapid inflation.

From an economic standpoint, America’s $4.5 trillion quantitative easing (QE) program simply hasn’t worked. Even long-term Federal Reserve head, Alan Greenspan confesses QE was a mistake (emphasis is mine):

It obviously had some effect on the exchange rate and the exchange rate was a critical issue in export expansion. Aside from that, I'm ill aware of any endeavour — anything that really worked.

But if there’s one thing I know about the consequences of printing SO much money, it’s this: those trillions of dollars MUST go somewhere.

And more often than not, that ‘somewhere’ is the stock market. When we first came to this conclusion, and told readers to buy a specific group of ASX shares, it wasn’t a popular decision.

The level of fear at the time was off-the-charts.

Remember, this was in late 2008.

You had the President of the United States admitting in a press conference that unless drastic measures were taken to save the global financial system, ‘this sucker could go down.’

That same week we told readers...

For a small-cap growth investor opportunities haven’t looked as good as this in five years

Please understand: to the outsider, this seemed INSANE.

If we’d gotten the call wrong, we probably wouldn’t be here today.

If you’d been a subscriber to Australian Small-Cap Investigator then, we would have recommended you buy a handful of small-cap shares.

We predicted — accurately as it turned out — that because of unprecedented central bank money printing, you can expect to see these stocks continue to push higher.

Again, most pro-analysts thought we were CRAZY.

If you think back to 2008, you can see why.

People were talking in all seriousness about the possibility of another 1929-style Wall Street crash and Great Depression.

But while everyone else went to pieces, we went shopping.

Over the next two years we researched and tipped 32 stocks for Australian Small-Cap Investigator readers.

Not all of these stocks went up by any stretch.

But the majority did.

Here, take a look...

Between August 2008 & Dec 2010
we went small-cap shopping!



Average Loss: -29%






Average Win: +135%

As you can see, we nailed 19 punts that finished up ‘in the money’.

The biggest win was a 458% gain...

The biggest loser: -63%.

Overall, our average gains were nearly five times the size of our average losses. 

More importantly, the people receiving my tips made some life-changing money…

N.T. made $12,334 in just one month.

Another reader, John H.C., put over $100,000 in the bank by buying and selling the stocks I tipped.

And A.B. made $64,213 from what he calls an ‘awesome, awesome trade’.

The question is…

Can you repeat these
gains starting TODAY?


In fact, not only do I believe you could repeat these kinds of gains…with the four ASX melt-up punts you’ll learn about you could LEAVE THEM FOR DUST.

Let me show you.

Here’s a snapshot of the open gains we’re sitting on RIGHT NOW:

Stock #1:     +217%

Stock #2:     +284%

Stock #3:     +314%

Stock #4:     +198%

Stock #5:     +1,583%

I can’t reveal the names of these stocks, as they remain open buys.

But look at that last one…1,583%! A $500 punt on stock #5 when we first recommended it would be worth $7,915 today.

Incredible. But like I said, the four ASX stocks I’ll reveal today could match…even overtake the gains above in the next couple years.

Now, as far as I’m aware I was one of the only analysts saying the market was going up in 2016.

Today even the ‘mainstream pinstripers’ are following my lead.

Although they STILL haven’t caught on to how spectacular the returns could be over the next few years!

Sally Auld, chief economist at JP Morgan said, ‘we think the ASX200 should perform reasonably well in 2017…’

Dr. Shane Oliver, Chief Economist at AMP Capital says, Expect the ASX 200 to reach 5800 by end-2017’.

Credit Suisse analyst Hasan Tevfik predicted ‘the benchmark S&P/ASX200 will finally hit 6000 points but not before the end of next year [2017]’.

Analysis like this is so wet and soggy I need a raincoat to read it! 

The fact of the matter is…

Mainstream analysts are more bullish now…but they’re not

Truth is, despite the recent rally, we’ve seen anything BUT a boom.

The ASX has only gained about 70% since the lows of 2009. And, give or take a few hundred points, it’s pretty much traded sideways since late 2013!

But that’s actually GOOD NEWS for the Aussie market, the economy and YOU as an investor…

…because it means the biggest boom of all is yet to come.

It’s just that most investors don’t see it.

Let me explain why.

Most investors and analysts these days suffer from what I call ‘paralysis by macro-analysis’.

By that I mean, they’ve gotten so distracted by what central banks are going to do next, they fail to see the true picture.

You see, most people think the action by the US Federal Reserve in 2008 was unprecedented in history.

But it’s not.

You only have to look back to the end of the Gold Standard in 1971. The resulting stock market boom lasted nearly 30 years until 2000…

But the gains didn’t happen overnight.

In fact, between 1974 and 1984 the market only gained 64% — much like the ASX over the past 80 years. Check it out:


Source: Yahoo Finance

By 1987 it had gained 239%, which is when the stock market crashed.

Again, take a look…


Source: Yahoo Finance

But if any investor had given up on stocks then, it would turn out to be the biggest mistake of their life!

Over the next 13 years stocks continued to rise taking the 1974 to 2000 gains to an incredible 1,326%:


Source: Yahoo Finance

Even first-time investors who only got into the market after the 1987 crash saw their stocks climb more than 400%.

My point is, at the time few people saw this opportunity.

Like today, they were worried about inflation, deflation and stagflation.

They were worried about booms and busts and central banks and even gold.

And yet through it all, most investors missed the obvious thing…

That the inflationary policies of the time — policies that are similar to today’s inflationary policies — were driving up stock prices!

So, where will the inflation come from to cause another boom?

The US may have quit its QE program in 2014, but the European Central Bank, Bank of England and Bank of Japan STILL print BILLIONS of dollars.

But they can’t keep printing money forever, can they?

They can’t keep interest rates at record lows, right?

Who says they can’t!

The Financial Times reported last year, ‘The global economy may now be trapped in a QE-forever cycle’.

But that’s not the only source of inflation that will drive markets higher. Even bigger than central bank money printing could be China

Now, most mainstream analysts recently called ‘time’ on China’s incredible economic growth. Consensus was the Middle Kingdom had begun a long and slow economic decline.

What a load of rubbish!

In April, China recorded its highest growth quarter in over two years. And what few people realise is that if China’s economy continues to grow at around 6% per annum, it will be bigger than the US economy in less than 10 years.

Let me repeat that…

Even if China grows ‘just 6%’ a year from now on, it will overtake the US as the BIGGEST economy on the planet…in less than a decade.

Now, that doesn’t mean it will build double the number of skyscrapers, rail and road networks, and cities over that time.

We all know China plans to move towards a more consumer-driven economy.

But that’s neither here nor there.

The fact is 6% growth is massive growth by any standard.

And it will result in huge demand for Australian natural resources — iron ore, copper, bauxite, natural gas, coal, and uranium.

You name it, Australia has it and China needs it.

As this demand emerges it will filter through to Aussie resource stock prices...and that will filter through to other areas of the Australian economy.

In other words, what drove the ASX during the 2003–2007 boom will also drive the ASX during the next boom.

But just what will be the impact on the ASX?


The ASX could melt-up

The last time the world saw such a major impact was the growth of the US economy from the 1970s to the 2000s…

I’ve shown you the impact that had on US stock prices — it sent the S&P500 from 100 points in January 1971 to nearly 1,500 at the turn of the millennium.

Now that global force has shifted to China, you can expect to see similar growth.

Let me be absolutely clear…

The question is not IF. It’s WHEN.

But will you have to wait 30 years for this boom to play out?

Not at all.

Thanks to better technology, communications and manufacturing…the pace of change and growth is happening much quicker than it ever did 30–40 years ago.

And it’s for that reason that I believe you’ll see the Aussie market rise more than 20% from today’s level by the end of this year…double by the end of 2019…and triple as we creep into the next decade.

Now look, I could talk all day about why stocks are DESTINED to go up from here. There are lots of reasons I could give you.

But really this presentation isn’t about analysing the ‘big picture’.

It’s about how you could PROFIT from it.

As I’ve said, I want to tell you about four brilliant, tiny companies.

Each has the potential to do as well as, if not better than, the triple-digit beauts we plucked from the lower reaches of the ASX between 2008 and 2010.

There could be many more like them in the months that follow.

You won’t hear about these stocks on CNBC... and it’s unlikely you’ll read about them in The Herald Sun or The Australian Financial Review.

So for the rest of this report we’ll focus on these opportunities…and how you can get in on them.

But before I give you the full rundown on my four Aussie ‘melt-up’ stocks…and how each one could mushroom your portfolio…

Let me show you why I’m qualified to share these stock tips with you today…

The BIGGEST investment opportunity of your life

I’ve ‘officially’ been in the investment game now for over a decade.

But I really got my first taste of stocks and investing thanks to my accountant grandfather.

With his teachings, I knew what a balance sheet and profit and loss statement were before I hit my teens.

This led me to a career in financial advice...starting out as a financial advisor in the suburbs of Melbourne, helping everyday people manage, invest and grow their wealth.

I then moved into a Certified Financial Planner™ role in one of Melbourne’s fastest growing wealth-management firms.


Sam Volkering,
Small-Cap Specialist

It was here I advised high net-worth clients on how to invest their wealth, as well as establishing and sitting as Chairman of the in-house Investment Committee.

This makes me a fully-accredited adviser in shares, options, and warrants.

But it didn’t take long to realise that the Financial Planning world in Australia is fatally flawed.

So I got out.

And I uncovered perhaps the most exciting job in the world at Port Phillip Publishing — which is why I’m writing to you today.

Today, I use all my knowledge and experience to help ordinary folks profit from the most speculative (and potentially lucrative) stocks on the planet: SMALL-CAP STOCKS

I do this through my newsletter, Australian Small-Cap Investigator.

The shares I cover have small ‘market capitalisations’ — usually with stock market values well under $200 million.

While they may be small, they also have huge potential. And it’s my job to find the stocks I believe could make you huge three and four digit gains.

Right now, I’ve got FOUR on my list that I reckon will scream higher as the ASX melt-up unfolds over the next couple of years.

Let me show you each one now…


‘Super magnets’…and a potential
500% IF you buy now

Before we get stuck in let me just quickly say...in all my time in the markets I’ve never seen so many ripe opportunities coming out of the smaller end of the ASX.

The last 12 months I’ve been knee deep in the balance sheets of some truly great businesses.

And in my experience a great business means a potentially great stock.

You needn’t worry about central banks bailouts...money printing...economic slowdowns here or abroad.

None of it makes one jot of difference if a gas explorer finds gas...

An oil explorer strikes oil...

Or if a technology company develops a new service or product that completely changes its industry.

If you can identify and buy into these companies while their share prices are on the floor...all the better!

It means MORE money you stand to make when the market realises their true potential.

The first ‘extreme melt-up punt’ is a case in point…

In the weeks ahead, this West Australian-based miner will be the first of its kind in Australia.

They’re about to start work on a new type of ‘pilot plant’ mine. Be clear, it’s not the mine itself which makes this firm super-special.

It’s what they’re digging up that positions them as my No. 1 small-cap play for 2017. When you see what they’re up to, you’ll be just as excited as I am about the future prospects of this Aussie firm.

So, what are they mining exactly?

It’s an ultra-rare resource essential for the computer screen or smartphone you’re reading this on right now.

And it’s a must-have ingredient for the next generation of ‘green’ energy tech like batteries and electric vehicles.

You can think of this resource as a kind of ‘super magnet’. Without it, most of the technology we enjoy today couldn’t operate.

And the Australian miner I’m about to reveal will soon open the first — and ONLY — viable ‘super magnet’ mine in the country.

A move that’s got multiple, international conglomerates scrambling for a piece of this breakthrough Aussie firm.

But here’s the thing…NONE of this is priced into its share price…YET.

Mark my words…

This obscure Aussie digger could be front page news inside 12 months…

Today, they’re a tiny 12 cent miner perched on the outer rim of the ASX.

But the way I see it, you could be reading all about them on the front page of the business news by this time next year as shares potentially spiral up by 500% or more…

ABC News reported on 16 April, ‘The Australian mining industry is on the verge of a new mining boom based around so-called [super magnets].

Website smhpa.com reported super magnet demand will ‘double by 2020’.


Source: smhpa

As you can see, ‘super magnet’ demand is skyrocketing. And this Aussie digger has a massive head-start on every other firm gunning for a share of the action

Right now, they’re sitting on a 56,000 ton super magnet deposit. Enough supply to feed current demand for 41 years. But I think you’ll see supplies dwindle much faster as demand continues to pick up speed. 

And last month, the company confirmed they’ll begin construction on a ‘pilot plant’. This trial facility will operate at 10% of the full-scale plant.

As the managing director says:

‘The pilot plant development will help us continue to assess the economic and technical feasibility of a larger full scale development.

‘…and propels [us] towards being the first [super magnet] producer outside China.’

Let me add this up for you…

You’ve got a company that could be sitting on a super magnet motherlode…production is imminent…while demand is surging.

You ask me…that’s the perfect combination for a high-soaring share price!  No wonder a Chinese conglomerate recently snapped up 30% of this company…

They also see the massive potential packed inside this little Aussie digger.

500% gains could be on the cards…

Once the pilot plant comes online and the company begins to scale up production I believe you could see shares double…potentially TRIPLE within weeks…and march as high as 500% in 12 months.

Which is why the time to jump on this stock is NOW, while the pilot plant construction is underway.

So, how can you claim your stake?

I’ll save those details for the full report I’d like to send you on this story. You’ll receive every scrap of my analysis, including the ticker symbol and buy-up-to price.

There’s no question, based on my research and analysis, this one has a long, long way to go.

But here’s the thing…very few outside of this industry know about the potential of this tiny company.

But rest assured…as the firm ramps up its ‘super magnet’ production it’ll begin to gain traction with investors…and the business and financial newswires will be all over it.

That’s why, in the next few minutes, I’d like to send you the special Australian Small-Cap Investigator report I’ve prepared.

This report — ‘Four ASX Extreme Melt-Up Punts for 2017’ — will include the name of this company...its ticker symbol...and the maximum price to get in at.

You’ll also get my full profit projection for this firm and a complete run through of all the risks to be aware of so you can see if this opportunity is for you.

Even if you decide to sit this one out, you should at the very least read this briefing.

I’ll show you how you can get your copy in a moment.

You’ll be among good company if you do.

Most investors today are too bogged down with things like interest rates, inflated house prices and the next move of the US Fed to spot the opportunities.

As I mentioned earlier, most investors are paralysed by macro-analysis.

But know this…

Great, innovative companies ALWAYS outperform eventually — no matter what.

Take Apple and the iPod for instance…

Apple wasn’t the first tech company to create a portable MP3 music player. Not by a long shot.

But it was Apple’s innovative ‘spin’ on the MP3 player that put them back on top as a serious tech game-changer.

Since 2009 Apple shares are up 1,006%.

Well, your next melt-up punt could hit a similar share price trajectory.

Let me show you what I mean…


You could turn $5,000 into more than TEN GRAND with this ‘super powered’ Aussie innovator

This little cracker trades for 60 cents…but I reckon it should be trading twice that in the months ahead.

This tiny Aussie innovator is growing...and they’re growing fast.

Explosive demand for their ‘super powered’ products could jump start the share price imminently.

So what does this company do exactly?

Well, to explain, I'll have to get technical for a moment.

See this firm has created a patented chemical technology called Reactive Surface Treatment (RST).

I know, that's quite a mouthful. But what this treatment does will blow your mind...and potentially fill your bank account, too!

See, RST technology alters the surface of materials on a nanoscopic level.

Combined with certain chemical compounds, RST technology has the ability to give just about any material ‘super powers’.

For example, the company uses RST technology on nylon to make it virtually fireproof.

That’s not all.

The treatment also makes the same nylon material oil and water resistant.

No wonder their biggest customer right now is the Department of Defence.

Their fireproof nylon is protecting hundreds of thousands of soldiers worldwide.


Source: thenudeinvestor.com

Flame retardant material is the company’s initial focus.

But with the right chemical makeup and RST technology, the possibilities for altering surface properties of different materials are endless.

For example, right now they’re working on wearable material that can stop a bullet.

Imagine that!

Millions of lives could be saved. Our servicemen and women would never again fear being killed by a stray bullet in the line of duty. 

Of course, bulletproof clothing is still some time away. But you get a solid idea of what this firm is capable of.

In the meantime, there’s another mega-industry where this Aussie innovator sees an immediate, lucrative opportunity. And they're grabbing it with both hands.

Top dog in a $270 billion industry?

Last year, they introduced a brand new chemical product. They explain:

‘… [It] is a cost-effective chemical finish for fabrics that absorb heat while providing a cool-to-the touch feel.’

Demand for the new ‘supercool’ product has exploded in a short space of time.

In fact, the success of this new product is so great the company ‘has expanded its U.S. and international market presence by 250% since July 2015.

But it’s not the Department of Defense, bedding or workwear markets where this new material is taking hold.

Nope. It’s the sports apparel and footwear market where crazy-high demand could give this firm a fat slice of a US$270 billion market.

That's the total value Morgan Stanley has stamped on this industry.

Further, they expect the wider athletic apparel and footwear market will add US$83 billion in sales from 2015 to 2020, a growth of 30%.

That’s the scale of the opportunity available to this remarkable little Aussie innovator.

If this company can grab just a 1% market share of the active wear market, based on current growth projections, you're looking at an extra $209 million in revenue.

And, at a profit margin around 6% (not unreasonable), that’s a potential net profit of $12 million. In terms of the impact on the stock price, it could value the company at $400 million.

That’s 100% above the current market cap!

The time to have a punt is NOW.

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I’m convinced its strong growth…and the sheer size of its potential market…make it an excellent small-cap pick that I believe should do extremely well — come hell or high water.

Remember, though, this is pure speculation.

Small-cap stocks are some of the riskiest investments you can make.

This one is no exception.

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The point is, with companies like this it’s hard to say what the potential gains could be.

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That’s why I want to send you the details of my four favourite small-cap stocks for this year and next right now.

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So far, I’ve show you two stocks.

I have another two waiting for you — I believe both have the potential to skyrocket in the coming weeks and months.

→ Extreme Melt-Up Punt #3 offers you a remarkable opportunity to potentially profit from the celebrity chef phenomenon.

Reality TV cooking shows are the ‘in-thing’ right now. I can’t think of an Aussie TV network that doesn’t feature at least one cooking show hosted by a celebrity chef.

You’ve probably heard…or perhaps tuned in to shows like MasterChef, My Kitchen Rules, Hell’s Kitchen, Jamie’s (Oliver) Kitchen Australia…and the list goes on.

Celebrity chefs are a major drawcard for product endorsement. Serious ‘foodies’ spend thousands on kitchen gear to emulate their favourite chef.

Well, one Aussie firm is taking advantage of this trend for all it’s worth. In fact, my research suggests they could soon become leaders in the $12 billion BBQ segment.

Claim your stake now and you could be looking at a potential 537% gain on this little beauty.

Last but by no means least…   

→ Extreme Melt-Up Punt #4 is a truly cutting-edge software developer gunning for a sizeable slab of three global markets totalling $22 billion!

If its niche simulation software systems are picked up by conglomerates inside the automotive, medical and resource markets like I suspect…you could DOUBLE your money in a matter of months!

Again, the risks with investing in small-cap stocks are extremely high, but the potential rewards could be huge.

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