A government-sanctioned pot boom is lighting up the ASX…and making hundreds of quick-thinking Aussie investors CRAZY-RICH!

Will YOU be next?

‘Green Rush’

Dear Reader,

One by one…

A tiny clutch of fast-moving pot stocks are storming up the ASX…making a bunch of fast-thinking Aussie investors incredibly wealthy.

Today, I’d like to give YOU a genuine shot at the next round of explosive pot plays I believe will be triggered to zip higher in 2017 and beyond.

Igniting one of the biggest wealth-creation opportunities in Australia since the early 2000s biotech boom.

Back then, you could have collected multiple four-digit gainers as insatiable demand for Aussie healthcare products pushed companies like CSL, Cochlear and Ansell to insane new highs.

Today, I’ll introduce you to four simmering Aussie pot plays I think are set to repeat those investor glory days…and dominate the local marijuana scene.

Just like Google rules the internet...

And Amazon reigns as the online retail king…

The four companies I’ll show you today seem primed to become fully fledged Aussie cannabis giants.

I believe one stock I’ll unmask today could land you 1,100%. Another could make you nine times your money. And that’s just the first two stocks!

As far as moneymaking opportunities go…this is a no-brainer.

Here’s why:

$270 billion! That’s enough wealth to buy out the whole Ford Motor Company….SIX TIMES OVER!

The time to lay your money down — and capture your share of this unprecedented marijuana growth spurt — is NOW.

The four Aussie pot pioneers I’ve ring-fenced are selling extremely cheap today. I’m sure you’ve never heard of them. One stock I’ll show you today is trading at just 9 cents a share.

Be clear: it’s highly unlikely shares will stay this cheap for long.

That’s why I’m thumping my keyboard as fast as I can to get this information in your hands.

Each firm is fast gobbling up huge chunks of the marijuana market. They’re growing at an unprecedented pace…and I don’t want you to miss out on the potential pot stock windfall on the table.

I’m dead serious. These tiny ASX cannabis plays couldn’t be any more URGENT!

Let me fill you in on what’s happening…

A government-sanctioned
pot stock surge!

On 24 February, 2016, Parliament took a sledgehammer to Australian marijuana prohibition.

It was a watershed moment for the fledgling local marijuana industry…and an insanely lucrative moment for early pot stock adopters.

On that historic day, then Health Minister Sussan Ley announced sweeping amendments to the Narcotics Drugs Act, paving the way for legal medicinal cannabis inside Australia.

A move that sent the ASX into a frenzy, and shot early Aussie cannabis pioneers into overdrive:

And so far in 2017, even more lightning-fast pot gains have stacked up…

But those gains are in the past. Today I want to show you Australia’s NEXT potential cannabis ‘10 bagger’ opportunity. A colossal investment play opening up as I type.

You’ve seen the fortune up for grabs when Canberra first paved the way for legal marijuana. Early Aussie marijuana stocks SOARED.

Well, now the stage is set for marijuana’s next-phase stock market dominance.

Today, I’ll unmask FOUR unheard-of Aussie pot plays seeded inside a bubbling marijuana-led biotechnology boom that I believe are triggered to sweep across the ASX imminently.

Handing you a genuine shot at potentially 10 TIMES your money.

Are you in? ‘Marijuana Mania’
is about to go NEXT LEVEL

Australia’s fast-flourishing marijuana sector is bubbling away…and it’s about to BOIL OVER.

And it’s this rapidly maturing legal pot market that I believe could make a big, life-changing difference to your net-worth this year and beyond.

And it’s not just me who thinks so…

Brendan Kennedy, global president of Canadian cannabis giant Tilray, predicts: ‘…medical marijuana has potential to be a billion-dollar industry [in Australia], and can create thousands of skilled jobs...’

New.com.au reported: ‘Medicinal cannabis, already a $250 billion global industry, is expected to help tens of thousands of patients in Australia suffering from medical conditions including epilepsy, cancer, multiple sclerosis and chronic pain.

‘Australians are expected to consume as much as 8000kg of medical cannabis worth $100 million in just the first year of being legalised, according to a study by the University of Sydney.

The appetite for domestic marijuana is insatiable. There’s so much pent-up pot demand, licensed marijuana farmers need stadium-sized land just to grow the stuff!

As The Huffington Post reported: ‘Australia would need a space three times the size of the Sydney Cricket Ground — about 51,000 square metres — of greenhouse space to produce the amount of cannabis required to meet demand.

And cardiologist Dr Ross Walker said Australia’s burgeoning legal marijuana market is: ‘the next big thing in medicine’.

The four unheard-of Aussie marijuana stocks I’ll show you in a moment are right at the heart of this ‘next big thing’.

But if you want a shot at potential 1,000%-plus gains, you need to secure your stake now — before these four little-known Aussie pot plays hit the headlines.

The moment that happens, you’ll be too late. These potential gains will be long gone.

Lay some money on these ASX pot plays now ($500 is all you need!) and it could potentially deliver you a life-changing amount of wealth, which outpaces anything we’ve seen emerge from the Aussie health sector thus far. 

And that’s really saying something. Because the gains from Australia’s best-known biotech and healthcare players are huge…

Your golden ticket to a
marijuana fortune

Well-known Aussie healthcare firms like CSL, ResMed and Cochlear have created mega-wealth for patient investors.

The breakthrough technologies they’ve created have saved countless lives and generated huge stock gains:

Had you invested in the early days of ResMed’s sleep apnoea tech, you’d be sitting on a 1,012% ‘high-bagger’ gain.

ASI Pot Stocks

Source: Yahoo Finance

And Cochlear’s world-famous cochlear implant has granted the gift of hearing to thousands globally…and pushed shares up 4,781% since 1995.

ASI Pot Stocks

Source: Yahoo Finance

But the gains racked by ResMed and Cochlear are nothing compared to Aussie biotechnology giant CSL.

CSL’s ground-breaking blood plasma tech has pushed its shares over $100.

Since December 1994, CSL shares are up — get this — 15,631%!

ASI Pot Stocks

Source: Yahoo Finance

But here’s the thing…

Those gains unfolded over years…decades even.

The legalised marijuana market is growing so fast, and the demand for lifesaving marijuana solutions SO great, that I think the little-known 60 cent Aussie marijuana firm I’ll introduce you to shortly could break similar gains…but in a matter of months.

That’s not conjecture.

Fact is, for switched-on investors who had the foresight to catch the marijuana train early…the big gains are already stacking up fast:

Medlab Clinical [ASX:MDC] is developing a range of cannabis-based pain-management nutraceuticals.

Shares in this tiny pot stock are up 275% in just 17 months

ASI Pot Stocks

Source: Google Finance

Botanix Pharmaceuticals [ASX:BOT] holds exclusive global rights to a cannabinoid-based skin cream that treats acne, psoriasis and dermatitis.

Botanix shares have zipped 733% higher in 17 months

ASI Pot Stocks

Source: Google Finance

MGC Pharmaceuticals [ASX:MXC] sells a range of cannabinoid-derived anti-ageing skincare products in California, Canada and the European Union.

An early punt on MGC could have helped you to a ‘high-bagger’ 1,040% gain in only 29 months.

ASI Pot Stocks

Source: Google Finance

Eye-watering gains, yes?

Remember though, the above stocks are examples inside a — ahem — ‘green’ healthcare sub-sector.

Which means they’re a lot riskier than your everyday blue-chip healthcare stocks like CSL, ResMed or Cochlear.

And you should only ever use money on higher risk small-cap stocks that won’t ‘break the bank’.

But where there’s higher risk, you’ve also got a potential shot at creating immense fortunes.

Take another look at the last Aussie marijuana stock I showed you, MGC Pharmaceuticals. Since 2015, shares are up 1,040%.

A small $500 punt turned into $5,200 in just 29 months. Enough to walk out the front doors of Harvey Norman with a brand-spanking-new, 75-inch Sony Bravia HD TV under your arm.

If you’d had a little more money to risk — say $5,000 — you’d have $52,000 sitting in your brokerage account right now.

The kind of money that lets you deck out a whole private cinema room in your home…or even put a deposit down on a new house!

Well, the first pot stock I’ll show you today could turn out to be the NEXT MGC Pharmaceuticals.

In fact, this stock exudes even GREATER potential. Which is why one of Canada’s leading cannabis firms recently gobbled up a huge 11% stake in this firm.

They’re on track to develop incredible cannabis-based products to treat intensely painful health conditions like chronic neuropathic pain and multiple sclerosis.

Right now, this company’s market cap is just $60 million. While that sounds big, in market terms that’s tiny.

But picture this…

Bank of America Merrill Lynch estimates the international medicinal marijuana market could be worth as much as $35 billion in the next three years.

If this firm can capture just 1% of that $35 billion marijuana market ($350,000,000!), it would instantly re-rate this firm’s market value — and its shares — TEN-FOLD.

A stake in each exciting stock today packs the potential to make you more money in a single year than most investors make in 20.

Bottom line: This is your shot to jump on an emerging market, which, according to Motley Fool, could rival the ‘$200 billion alcohol industry’.

Position yourself in the leading Aussie marijuana stocks at the centre of this boom now, and I believe you could make a certified fortune.

I’ve packed all my research on Australia’s four best pot stocks into a just-published, special investor briefing.

It’s called: Marijuana Mania: How You Could Pocket 1,233% Gains on the Biggest ‘Legal Drug Deal’ in History.

ASI Pot Stocks

I’ll show you how to download your copy in just a moment.

First, let me fill you in on what qualifies me to write about opportunities like this… 

The biggest opportunity
of my career…bar NONE!

My name is Sam Volkering.

I’ve been in the investment business for over a decade. But thanks to my accountant grandfather, I knew what a balance sheet and profit and loss were when I was 12.

Funnily enough, this led me to a career in advice. Starting out as a financial advisor in the suburbs of Melbourne, helping everyday people manage, invest and grow their wealth.

That led me to taking up a Certified Financial Planner™ role in one of Melbourne’s fastest growing wealth-management firms.

It was here I advised high net-worth clients on how to invest their wealth, as well as establishing and sitting as Chairman of the in-house Investment Committee.

This makes me a fully-accredited adviser in shares, options, and warrants.

But it didn’t take long to realise that the Financial Planning world in Australia is fatally flawed. So I got out. And I uncovered perhaps the most exciting job in the world at Port Phillip Publishing — which is why I’m writing to you today.

Today, I use all my knowledge and experience to help ordinary folks profit from the most speculative (and potentially lucrative) stocks on the planet: small-cap stocks.

I do this through my newsletter, Australian Small-Cap Investigator.

The shares I cover have small ‘market capitalisations’ — usually with stock market values well under $200 million.

While they may be small, they also have huge potential. And it’s my job to find the stocks I believe could make you huge three and four-digit gains.

That’s why, since November, I’ve focused all my resources to find the greatest small-cap stock in the marijuana industry. And I’ve vetted what I believe is the single best Australian marijuana play you can make today.

This is a company tied directly to both the domestic AND massive, multi-billion-dollar international marijuana markets.

Demand for quality legal marijuana is surging higher every single day. And now with a government-sanctioned licence under their belt, I believe this ASX-listed company is set to race toward ‘10-bagger’ gains in the months and years ahead.

How can I be so convinced?  

Well, judging by the feedback I’ve received from my readers, I know a thing or two on how to make big money from fast-moving small-cap stocks…

I made over 170k in about 2 years

Daniel Magee is a recent example. He just made roughly $170,000 in around two years on a small-cap water treatment tech pick:

Just like to say thanks for the recommendation.

‘I loved the story and researched it thoroughly and was convinced by what I found.

‘I made over 170k in about 2 years with little initial capital from a part time job, and for a university student just about to start working I am set!

‘All my friends and colleagues ask me how I did it and are stunned that some days I was gaining tens of thousands of dollars.’

Graham Dietrich emailed me about the same stock: ‘I’m up 400% on stock that cost me nothing!

‘Profit of $24,900’

Jaspreet Singh, a long-time follower of our recommendations, recently emailed to say:

I am delighted, both at a personal and financial level, to report that one of my largest profits as per your recommendation has been XXX

I bought 60,000 shares at $0.05 and as of 06/06/2016 am sitting on an 830% profit of $24,900.

I must also add that I have few other mega profits by following your recommendations on xxx (800% +) and xxx (243%).

So all in all I am a very satisfied subscriber — keep up the sensational work.

Mike Burrell writes, ‘Great recommendation. I made a tidy profit off a simple $500 buy-in… keep up the great work.

I recently sold 200,000 shares in [this company] for 62 cents each…a profit of over $100,000. Thank you!


And this from Nigel, ‘G’day Sam. Bellamy’s turned out to be a nice little earner… Total $108,170 or 558%. Thanks!

I think the marijuana stock I’ll introduce you to next could be a nice ‘little earner’ for you too.

Imagine staking a couple of grand on just one tiny ‘pot punt’, and watching that small amount of money quickly build up to a six-figure small-cap fortune…just like Nigel.

Well, you may not have to imagine for too much longer.

I predict the first unheard-of pot play I’d like to show you will zip many hundreds of percent higher any day now.

Fact is, if you can find quality Aussie pot stocks tethered to the $270 billion international marijuana market, and you get in before the mainstream catch a sniff, it could be like winning the Powerball jackpot!

Let me explain fully by showing you the most exciting pot play on the ASX today.

At the time of writing, shares in this company sell for around 90 cents. By the end of the financial year you could see the same shares swapping hands for $3…or MORE.

‘Marijuana Mania’ Play #1
Australia’s newly-crowned
‘Marijuana King’

Shares in MGC Pharmaceuticals zipped 1,040% in 29 months.

I sincerely believe this stock has the same kind of eye-watering stock-gain potential as MGC.

In fact, I think this stock has even BIGGER potential.

They’re on a mission to become Australia’s leading medicinal marijuana producer for the therapeutic market.

The focus is to grow and sell medical-grade pot to people who suffer from terrible health conditions like Parkinson’s disease, chronic neuropathic pain, chronic pain and treatment resistant epilepsy.

Medicinal marijuana has proven to ease these chronic pain conditions. And in the case of severe epilepsy, reduce epileptic seizures significantly.

It’s a huge sigh of relief for people like Cheri O’Connell.

Cheri’s 10-year-old daughter, Tara, suffers from a life-threatening form of epilepsy called Dravet syndrome.

Before her life-saving medicinal marijuana treatment, Tara suffered from up to 200 seizures A DAY and wasn’t expected to live past here ninth birthday.

Now…’ says Cheri ‘she’s walking, talking, running, reading — all those things that we just never thought possible.

Now with all the legal marijuana wrangle at an end…and the federal government signing off on medicinal marijuana…people like Tara’s mum Cheri no longer need to risk a stint in jail to get their hands on life-saving, medicinal marijuana.

It’s a watershed moment. And it’s the main reason our new Aussie pot pioneer is rushing to get its marijuana to market.

Right now, they grow fields of marijuana in Chile. The current crop is due April. All the processed pot will be on-sold to third parties for use in clinical trials.

It’s all smooth sailing for the Chile operation. Which is why they’re about to ramp up production on a massive scale. This time…a little closer to home.

The CEO recently updated investors on a new WA marijuana cultivation facility that could start construction any day now.

They’ll need to build it quick, too. Aussie demand for high-grade marijuana is set to explode to 8,000 kgs this year, and grow double digits each year after that.

That’s just the local market. American demand sits at nine MILLION kilos a year. 

The point is, medicinal marijuana companies with a bent toward cultivation and supplying the global hunger for quality pot look very, VERY attractive to cashed-up investors.

Which is exactly why Canada’s largest marijuana producer recently snapped up 15% of this Aussie company.

But the Canadian deal is NOT why I’m smiling ear-to-ear about the potential of Australia’s soon-to-be marijuana leader…

Here’s what’s got me jumping up and down with excitement about Australia’s ‘marijuana king’…

This company could soon announce major inroads into the burgeoning Latin America marijuana market.

It’s estimated that Mexico’s legal medicinal and recreational pot markets combined are worth around $1.7 billion annually.

And Brazil’s nascent legal marijuana industry already tips the scales at US$800 million.

Just a tiny slice of these markets could shoot shares in Australia’s ‘marijuana king’ many multiples higher in the months ahead.

You should know, the company only listed on the ASX in February. So there’s not a lot of history to go on.

Which is primarily what makes this ‘pot stock’ high-risk.

While you’ve got a great shot at a potential marijuana windfall. There’s also a chance your shares could fall to zero. So, only invest ‘play’ money. It’s not a stock you want to bet your savings on.

I don’t believe your stake will turn to dust, though.

This is a company on the razor’s edge of the Aussie and international marijuana markets. If you’ve got a little money to spare, now’s the time to go ‘all in’ on Aussie marijuana.

Grab your share of the biggest
‘legal drug deal’ in history

I’ve compiled everything you need to know about Australia’s new ‘pot king’ in a brand-new investment research report.

This special investment briefing is called: Marijuana Mania: How You Could Pocket 1,233% Gains on the Biggest ‘Legal Drug Deal’ in History

In this special briefing you’ll find all the details on my four favourite Aussie marijuana picks, including stock ticker symbols, buying instructions and risks.

You’ll have full access to a complete and thorough analysis of the Aussie marijuana stocks I believe could deliver 1,000%-plus windfall profits to investors.

ASI Pot Stocks

You’ll have full access to a complete and thorough analysis of the Aussie marijuana stock that I believe could deliver 1,000%-plus windfall profits to investors.

If you want a big piece of this ‘green’ gold rush, Marijuana Mania: How You Could Pocket 1,233% Gains on the Biggest ‘Legal Drug Deal’ in History is your ticket.

If you’re ready to jump on-board,  click here now to claim your copy.

By the way, you should know I believe the potential 1,040% gain for my first marijuana play is a conservative estimate.

If the gains clocked up by international marijuana growers are anything to go by, you could make more (a LOT more!) than 1,040%.

Here’s what I mean…

These tiny pot farmers are
making investors RICH!

When CGrowth Capital announced they were moving into marijuana cultivation, their stock shot up 3,000% in 2016.

Source: Yahoo Finance

Pretty good, right?

Well, not as good as United Cannabis Corporation.

A grower of genetically refined strains of medical-grade cannabis plants.

In early 2014, it was trading for about $.06 a share…

By early April the same year, $10.50.

United Cannabis shot up 16,700% over the course of two months!

Source: Yahoo Finance

Yes, you read that right, United Cannabis Corporation zipped 16,700% higher...

In only two months!

But it doesn’t come close to Supreme Pharmaceuticals.

By October 2016, this stock had roared (and no, this is not an error) 51,510%!

Source: Google Finance

That’s mind-blowing.

Now, I’m not saying the first Aussie marijuana punt I’ve shown you today will rack up a five-figure gain overnight. Past performance is never a guarantee of future results.

And frankly, gains like Supreme Pharmaceuticals are ULTRA rare. 

You’d be lucky to see a gain like that once in three lifetimes. So, I can’t guarantee you’ll ever see a gain like Supreme-style five-digit gain haul.

But I DO believe you have a chance at this very moment to make a few small moves that could reward you with a life-changing fortune.

Lay down just $500 on the pot punt you’ll find inside Marijuana Mania: How You Could Pocket 1,233% Gains on the Biggest ‘Legal Drug Deal’ in History and if it rises only 1/60 of that Supreme gain, you’ll be telling that story for the rest of your life.

All my analysis on the Aussie ‘pot king’ is packed into your fully downloadable, password protected PDF document: Marijuana Mania: How You Could Pocket 1,233% Gains on the Biggest ‘Legal Drug Deal’ in History

Your copy is waiting for you right now.

If you’re as excited as I am by the wealth-building potential baked into the global marijuana market,  click here to claim your copy of my special marijuana report now.

But before you make your final decision, there’s THREE MORE white-hot pot opportunities I want to expose you to today.

The ‘marijuana king’ you’ve seen today is — in my humble opinion — the best Aussie pot stock on the market right now.

I believe it’s the best Aussie-based option to emulate the huge gains popping up from a handful of companies in the fast-growing US marijuana market.

But as you’ve probably picked up, it’s far from the only pot stock jumping on the ASX.

By my count there are around six or seven marijuana companies on the Australian stock market today…more will likely follow.

But that doesn’t mean just any, old pot stock is ‘investment worthy’. Far from it. You’ve got to be ultra-selective in which marijuana firms you trust with your money.

I’ve no doubt medicinal marijuana will prove a massive, multi-billion-dollar Australian industry. You can look to the US and Canada for a sneak-peek on just how big marijuana could be down under.

And I believe Australia’s ‘marijuana king’ will lead the way as the Aussie pot gathers speed.

But there’s another stock snapping at its heels that could land you another ‘high-bagger’ gain as the domestic marijuana market winds up for a huge and imminent growth spurt.

Your next ASX pot play recently secured a commercial marijuana licence from the Australian government.

That hands them the ability to cultivate medicinal marijuana in Australia.

But it’s this stocks plans for expanding internationally that has me fizzing about their future prospects.

‘Marijuana Mania’ Play #2
Pot pioneer forging major
Canadian inroads could make
you 500% by June 2018

The second Aussie pot firm I want to tell you about next has already made huge leaps overseas.

They’re what you call a ‘farm-to-pharma’ company, meaning they make money from every step of the marijuana manufacturing process, from cultivation, right up to high-margin pharmaceutical products.

The company’s first step was to establish a presence in Europe with a line of medicinal marijuana products. 

That was the first phase. They’ve crossed that goal off the list. Now they’ve set sights on even bigger goals (and markets) in the months ahead.

In July last year they secured a licence to grow medicinal marijuana at a high-tech cultivation facility on Vancouver Island, Canada.

That’s quite an achievement.

Thus far, over 1,200 companies have applied — and over 1,000 have failed or given up — to secure a Canadian marijuana licence. That shows you how highly regarded this firm is in the legal pot space.

To date, only 32 companies have been awarded permission to grow pot on Canadian shores. And this firm is the only ASX-based company on the list.

It’s a huge deal and plants them on the ground floor of a billion-dollar international marijuana market…one that’s about to kick up to a whole new level.

See, Canada is ahead of the curve when it comes to legal marijuana. Canadians have had access to legal medicinal pot for years.

The next move for the ‘Great White North’ — a move that I believe could multiple every dollar you place on this play tenfold — is the imminent vote on legalising recreational marijuana.

Canada is almost certain to fully legalise recreational marijuana in all 10 provinces and territories before mid-2018 .

A move that, according to The Huffington Post, will crack open a pot market ‘worth $22.6 billion’ each year.

This little Aussie pot firm will be at the front of the pack, ready to potentially scoop up hundreds of millions of dollars in sales from puff-happy Canadians.

Should Canada legalise recreational marijuana, this Aussie marijuana firm could have a direct line into a $22 billion international pot market.

Shares are around just 70 cents a pop right now. But I doubt you’ll see shares that cheap for long.

With a foothold in the European market, a Canadian marijuana licence under its belt…and direct access to the legalisation of weed in Canada…I believe it’s only a matter of time before this company’s shares explode higher…a LOT higher.

With this firm forging so many inroads into every major marijuana market you could see the same shares swap hands for $3.10 to $3.50 a year from now.

You’re looking at potential gains from 340% right up to 500% just 12 months from now.

In other words, you could see every $5,000 down grow to $25,000.

If those gains don’t whet your appetite, I’d recommend you check your pulse!

Because you’re at the starting line of what could go down as the largest Aussie healthcare boom in modern history.

And I want you to ride this ready-to-pop wealth rush for every cent.

Now, your third ‘marijuana mania’ punt is a little different to the other two.

Their ‘modus operandi’ is to become the dominant player in a non-human — yes, NON-HUMAN — $40 billion niche market screaming for top-notch medicinal marijuana products…

‘Marijuana Mania’ Play #3
If my first pot tip is Australia’s marijuana ‘king’…THIS ASX pot play is the QUEEN… Potential smoking-hot 553% gain up for grabs…IF you act now!

Most marijuana firms develop cannabinoid treatments for human consumption.

That’s the path 99% marijuana companies walk right now.

NOT your third marijuana mania play… 

This company has pivoted toward what may turn out the world’s hottest, wealthiest, non-human marijuana market.

They’ve established first-mover advantage inside an existing market that, ON ITS OWN, is set to reach US$39.7bn by 2021.

It’s a smart move. One that I believe could reward early investors with seven-fold gains…

That’s short term…

Long term, I’m not putting a cap on this company’s potential. They’re doing so much right — SO MUCH — you could see this stock crack 1,000%-plus gains next year.

I mean that.

If this tiny pot play’s future plans come together…a couple years from now, you’ll find their products in the home of every pet owner…and every veterinary clinic on the planet.

Yes, I said veterinary

See, this clever little pot firm is poised to become THE dominant global player in medicinal marijuana for pets.

Pot for pets? Really?

Sounds a little weird, right?

But sit on it a moment…

Is it REALLY all that weird?

There’s more than 25 million pets in Australia. 63% of Aussies own a family pet. For many of us, a pet IS family.

Like us, our furry friends suffer from degenerative diseases and medicinal conditions…especially with advanced age.

No one wants a pet to suffer. A few drops of the marijuana-based solutions developed by this company could relieve — even possibly cure — animals ravaged by disease and illness.

As the company’s co-founder and CEO revealed:

People increasingly view pets as members of the family and are willing to spend quite heavily to treat their sick companions. However, many conditions for pets remain poorly treated by current therapies.’

‘Spend quite heavily’ rings true…if you’ve ever darkened a vet’s door with your moggy or Fido, you’ll know what I mean!

The pot-based animal nutraceuticals developed by your third ‘marijuana mania’ play target conditions like anxiety (linked to separation, loud noise, travel and crowds)…

Pain (acute and chronic)…

Inflammation, arthritis, allergic skin conditions and other conditions such as diabetes.

This is by far the smallest dope punt on my list. And the smallest of your three ‘marijuana mania’ plays.

You could buy up the entire company for just $34 million.

At first glimpse that may sound like a lot of money…but it’s around one-third the size of the other two pot stocks you’ve seen today.

A position that is changing…RAPIDLY.

See, what the company lacks in sheer size, it more than makes up for in deal-making power

In a matter of months, they’ve shaken hands on several potentially lucrative partnerships:

These announcements are great news. But it’s a growing bottom line that’ll support a fast-rising share price.

The first round of product sales are seeping in as I type. Last year the company offloaded 1,200 kgs of hemp protein to one of Slovakia’s largest bakeries.

That’s a good start.

But it’s what comes NEXT that makes your third ‘marijuana mania’ play a potential triple-digit contender.

By April, they’ll begin to roll out no less than five new products across greater Europe…utilising the network they’ve established through recent partnership deals.

The next step is to scale-up and spread its wings into the Middle East, the Gulf Region, Latin America…and — ultimately — Australia too.

It’s clear they’re on a mission for global dominance. A mission that could help you to a potential 553% gain in the months ahead…if you jump on this pot stock now.


553% potential gains is nothing to sniff at. But when it comes to your fourth pot play…that’s EXACTLY WHAT I’M DOING.

See, I think your fourth and final pot stock could be the best performer of the lot.

It’s the smallest marijuana company on my list. But don’t let size fool you…I believe it packs massive, massive potential.

I’m talking about potential two or three THOUSAND percent gains. That’s long term.

In the short term, I reckon you could see this stock pop TENFOLD higher before Christmas.

Let me show you why…

 ‘Marijuana Mania’ Play #4
From California’s infamous Emerald Triangle to ASX marijuana big leagues…potential high-bagger gains for fast-start Aussie punters!

The ‘Emerald Triangle’ envelops three north Californian counties: Mendocino, Humboldt, and Trinity.

Marijuana lovers have grown weed here since the 1960’s. It’s the birthplace for US cannabis.

It’s also the birthplace of what could turn out to be the most lucrative Aussie pot play EVER.

In all seriousness…I’ll be shocked (and bloody disappointed) if this stock doesn’t hit multi-thousand percent gains in the next couple of years.

As the Aussie marijuana industry grows at breakneck speed, it’s the firms with an established track record…and proven cannabis-derived products…that’ll catch the majority of investor interest.

And potentially hand you the BIGGEST gains of your investing life.

Which is exactly what you’ve got here…

The Californian offshoot seeded itself inside America’s biggest pot region…developing a reputation for top-quality, high-efficacy marijuana treatments for ailments like insomnia and eczema.

But it’s this firms newest cannabis treatments that make this firm so bloody exciting…and make for a potential rip-snorting, high-bagger gain bonanza this year.

See, this company has exclusive access to six years of human data relating to medicinal cannabis-based formulations and treatment protocols.

And they’ve used this rich information to fast-track a potent cannabis treatment to fight aggressive brain, breast and pancreatic cancers.

Early results are positive.

Scratch thatearly results are downright ground-breaking!

As the company states: ‘…[Our] formulation of THC-rich oil is significantly more potent at reducing tumour growth than pure THC and equally as potent as standard chemotherapy drug, Lapatanib in reducing tumour growth.’

Of course, it’s early days.

But if the above results continue to play out…and your fourth marijuana mania play develops a cancer-destroying pot drug…

Well, I think you’ve got a fair idea for what could happen to the share price.

You could see this firm’s shares rocket thousands of percent practically overnight!

Which is why I recommend you jump on this stock now.

Look, there’s no telling when…or even if this firm will eventually go to market with a cancer treatment.

But if they DO…a small investment today could be the best financial decision you ever make.

I can’t make this any clearer to you today.

You’re at the beginning of an investment opportunity matched in wealth potential only by the early 2000’s tech boom…or Australia’s just-finished mining boom.

Both booms birthed multiple ‘high-bagger’ stock punts. I’m talking about companies that climbed five, eight, even 10 times higher.

Today’s marijuana boom — in my view — will be just as lucrative. Well, it will be for the smart investors who recognise an opportunity when they see it and board the ‘pot train’ early.

The end of marijuana’s prohibition
could set you up for LIFE

That’s not some wild claim, either.

The annihilation of alcohol prohibition in the 1930s is how the Kennedy family and Winston Churchill made their fortunes.

Countless other investors made legacy-making fortunes from legal booze in the 30s.

Today, alcohol is an industry that tips the scales north of $200 billion. That’s just in the US alone.

The marijuana industry is still in its infancy. But I’m predicting it won’t be long before it matches…then overtakes the entire booze industry. That might sound like an outlandish prediction. It’s not. And I’m not the only one who thinks so…

Source: MarketWatch

So, if you want to be part of an opportunity that could hand you an early retirement, you need to open your eyes and act fast.

Don’t be the investor that looks back on the mature marijuana industry in 10 years and wishes they’d had the stomach to put a little money on legal marijuana when it was still finding its feet.

You can’t put this one on hold. The time to act is now.

This is your chance to claim an early (and potentially ultra-lucrative) stake in Australia’s bubbling cannabis boom.

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ASI Pot Stocks

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Hold these stocks for the long-term and you could be looking at a legacy-making amount of wealth. Just from these four pot stocks alone!

As you’ve seen today, the end of marijuana prohibition is here, and it’s making handfuls of wise investors RICH. Some pot stocks, like Supreme Pharmaceuticals, have amassed gains for early investors of 50,000%-plus!

Every time a country or state legalises marijuana, a whole new wave of wealth is unleashed. I see the same wealth-trend unfolding in Australia starting now.

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The first pot stock I’ll reveal inside your special marijuana dossier is a firm I’ve dubbed Australia’s ‘marijuana king’.

They’re on a mission to become Australia’s leading medicinal marijuana farmer, and on-sell every scrap of medical-grade pot they cultivate into the therapeutic market.

They’re developing cannabis based drugs that can ease — and maybe someday cure — shocking health conditions like Parkinson’s disease, chronic neuropathic pain, cancer, multiple sclerosis and epilepsy.

This is a bold little Aussie company I think could — conservatively — multiply your investment 13 times over in the months and years ahead.  

The second small-cap pot punt could be just as lucrative. They’ve already secured a licence to grow and sell medicinal marijuana in Canada. And now they’ve got direct access to profit from the potential legalisation of recreational weed in Canada.

If Canada votes ‘yes’ and legalises recreational marijuana, then you could see shares in this ‘farm-to-pharma’ firm re-rate hundreds of percent higher instantly…and go on to potentially make you 500%.

Your third ‘marijuana mania’ play is poised to be the leader of pet-based medicinal pot products.

They’ve already established key partnerships with European distributors with plans to roll out no less than five products in Europe this year and across the globe in 2018.

This is the smallest of the three stocks you’ve seen today, but I believe you could still catch 553% gains from an early punt. Long term you could be looking at a potential 1,000%-plus pot stock.

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