Possibly the fastest way to boost
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How to Hunt Down 2017’s Biggest Stock Market Winners

While the ASX 200 has clocked up 23 months in negative territory…

Our resident small-cap maestro has quietly helped his 15,305 private Aussie investors to a string of three – even FOUR – digit gains this year:
  • BWP Trust: +140%
  • FAR Ltd: +163.3%
  • Collins Foods Ltd: +210.4%
  • oOh! Media: +103.4%
  • Bellamy’s Australia Ltd: +575%
  • And a HUGE +1,144% from an innovative Aussie tech company
Best part? You could have had advance notice that every one of those ASX ‘hi-gainers’ was on the rise…

Today: Discover his next three ‘big money’ small-cap targets and how you can snap up your share right now

Dear Reader,

I don’t claim to know where the ASX will end up in 2017.

What I do know is how to hunt down winning Aussie stocks whether the market flies, crashes, or does nothing.

Here’s what I mean…

As of December 2016, the ASX 200 is pretty much where it was two years ago. Take a look:

ASI Sleeper Stocks

Source: Yahoo Finance

At first glance, you’d probably say the chart is hard evidence that the last two years were a crap time to own stocks.

But you’d be wrong.

Because in that exact same timeframe, an innovative Aussie environmental tech company’s stock price did something crazy.

Shares in this firm charged from just 6 cents in December 2014 all the way up to 65 cents by September 2016.

That’s a 1,007% gain.

You could have rolled $1,000 into $10,070 in just 21 months.

But you know what’s even more interesting?

You could have received an ‘early warning’ that this small-cap winner was about to surge higher

You see, I write and edit Australia’s leading advisory on small-cap stocks.

In June 2014, here’s what I told our readers about this company:

But if I’m right about the science and I’m right about the size of the opportunity, this stock could net you multi-bag returns from today’s tiny share price…

…a role model for [this firm] could be ALS Ltd [ASX:ALQ]. ALS began its life providing analytical know-how to the oil and mining industries in the 1970s.

ALS has built a robust, profitable business from scientific understanding and patented business services. Over the 10 years from 2002 to 2012, its stock price gained a gigantic 1,250%, paying out handsome dividends along the way.

Based on the quality and scalability of its technology, the size of its markets and its expandability into adjacent sectors, I can see [this company] following a similar trajectory.

In the months prior to my recommendation, the stock price had done nothing but shuffle sideways.

But my analysis told me the story was about to change…big time. This tiny Aussie tech firm looked to me like it was about to hit a massive growth phase.

If you had a stake in this company, the months that followed were a thrill-ride, as gains rolled in…and rolled in fast.

By January 2015, you’d have doubled your money.

By May, shares had tripled.

And later that same month, your stake quadrupled.

ASI Sleeper Stocks

Source: Yahoo Finance

As you can see from this chart, throughout 2015 and 2016, the share price climbed and climbed.

By the time the price smashed through 60 cents, I calculated that it was time to take some profits off the table…

See, the trick to capturing potential four-digit winners like this isn’t just knowing what stocks to buy…it’s knowing when to sell them.

My analysis told me this small-cap superstar still had more life left in it yet (and it remains on our open buy list so I can’t name it)…but it was time to hedge our bets and sell a half-stake.

So, on 23 August, at 9:28am, I rushed an email out to my readers.

Here’s what it said:

I still believe the stock has long term potential, particularly with their scandium resource and longer term potentially with this Nickel/Cobalt estimation.

But due to the contents and nature of the announcement and the linking to the lithium-ion craze, I believe that short term the stock price may have peaked.

And, of course, a 1,053.1% gain is nothing short of outstanding. So I recommend that you sell half your holding and take your profits.

Starting that day, my readers began cashing out of the shares I’d recommended they buy just over two years earlier.

Then the emails started flooding in…

I purchased [this company] at your suggestion and previously sold off some of the stock to the value I first paid for it all. I am up 400% on stock that cost me nothing.


I recently sold 200,000 shares in [this company] for 62 cents each…a profit of over $100,000. Thank you!


Daniel, a university student working part-time, pulled a huge six-figure profit from this fast-rising tech tip:

Just like to say thanks for the recommendation.

I loved the story and researched it thoroughly and was convinced by what I found.

I made over 170k in about 2 years with little initial capital from a part time job, and for a university student just about to start working I am set!

All my friends and colleagues ask me how I did it and are stunned that some days I was gaining tens of thousands of dollars.

These emails are the reason I do what I do — find small Aussie stocks with the power to turn tiny sums into potentially LIFE-CHANGING profits.

Like my young reader Daniel says in his email, he’s about to start work and he’s now ‘set’ financially from just one of my recommendations.

Have you ever made a return like that in two years?

While the talking heads at Sky Business prattle on every day about the woeful state of our economy, falling iron ore prices, and so on…

Everyday Aussies like you are cashing in on opportunities the mainstream glosses over (or ignores).

These are companies that I believe could make you six times your money, while the wider market slumps and loses ‘safe’ investors their hard-earned cash!

And the ‘10-bagger’ stock I just told you about is far from an isolated case…

It’s just one of many great little stocks we’ve recommended over the past few years.

Check out the gains some of our other picks have racked up:

  • 338% from McPherson’s
  • 220% from MEO Australia
  • 152% from Mitchell Communications
  • 243% from LNG Ltd
  • 192% from Lynas Corp
  • And 458% from Bow Energy

Those numbers aren’t ‘paper gains’. That’s money in the bank.

And right now I have several other recommendations on target to deliver potential profits like that.

 A wireless technology innovator has gained over 300%

ASI Sleeper Stocks

Source: Yahoo Finance

A premium honey producer has shot up 169%...

ASI Sleeper Stocks

Source: Yahoo Finance

And an innovative energy firm is up 324% in 12 months...

ASI Sleeper Stocks

Source: Yahoo Finance

Now, these are open positions right now. So I can’t reveal the names of those stocks.

And those are just the stocks we discovered. The truth is, the ASX is full of tiny stocks that can explode higher, regardless of the market conditions.

Let me show you. Here are some of the biggest small-cap winners from 2016:

Aurora Labs Ltd +1,405%
Argosy Minerals Ltd +1,400%
Lake Resources NL +1,100%
Cougar Metals NL  +900%
Global Geoscience +871%
Hannans Ltd +750%
NRW Holdings Ltd +655%
New Age Exploration +580%
Kidman Resources +564%

The list goes on.

My point is, you’ll probably never collect gains like this from blue chip stocks…

You’ll only find stocks with the potential to fill your bank account this fast at the bottom reaches of the market

Small-cap stocks have the potential to make you incredible amounts of money, but they also carry a lot of risk.

Part of my job is to help you reduce that risk.

To do that, I use a strategy I’ve developed over the last 10 years analysing these types of stocks.

This method helps me identify which stocks are most likely to succeed, and which ones you should stay away from.

Of course, I can’t guarantee every stock will be a winner; and there is always a chance you could lose every cent you invest.

If any of that is a problem, close this window right now and get on with your day...

But if you like the idea of risking a small amount of money for the chance to make a lot more, let’s get cracking.

Some of the folks who follow my recommendations are making a lot of money right now.

Investors like Jaspreet, who told me:

I’m sitting on a profit of $24,900.

Or Bernie McMonagle, who emailed me to say:

I made $70,000.

And, as Ray G reveals, you don’t need a big starting pot to make outsized gains, either: 

‘I’m only a small timer, but even so,
my $500 has become $5,500’

My name’s Sam Volkering.

And, for the next few minutes, I’m going to introduce you to three tiny stocks I believe could you make you big money in 2017.

But, first, you have to do something for me.

You have forget about ‘the market’.

All this talk about the ‘Trump effect’ on Aussie shares, the mining sector dragging our economy down the drain, or the banks being overvalued…

Worrying about that stuff won’t help you make money, I can promise you.

Last time I checked, there were 2,209 stocks listed on the ASX.

The way I see it, that’s 2,209 opportunities for you to make money in 2017.

The trick is filtering out the ‘deadwood’ and narrowing your focus down to the handful that could fly in the next 12 months.

That’s exactly what we did with the Aussie tech firm I just showed you, riding it all the way to a massive 1,144% gain.

And that’s what I will show you how to do this coming year.

We locked on to companies making money, ramping up business growth and capturing market share. Yet each of these stocks were completely ignored by most investors.

Our research told us they had huge potential to move higher.

So we told readers to get in and hang on for the ride.

And that’s exactly what I think you should do with the three stocks in this letter.

I’m convinced these three overlooked companies could rank as some of the biggest stock market winners of 2017.

And as you’re about to see, a small investment in them right now could potentially bag you 100%, 104% and 338% by this time next year. Maybe sooner.

Here’s the first…

This ‘cloud’ company could make you
338% gains while the rest of the
market watches on

Over the past few years, a new breed of superstar tech stocks has stormed US markets.

NetSuite Inc. shot up 609% between 2010 and early 2014.

Proofpoint Inc. went from $14 in 2012, to $65 today — a 364% gain.

And Salesforce is up 212% in the past four years.

What’s driving these huge gains?

Well, these stocks are ‘cloud computing’ companies.

That’s a blanket term for software that helps businesses exchange and store data online.

Proofpoint, for example, sells high-end software that helps companies secure their email systems against hacking.

Salesforce is a global provider of CRM software — programs that allow businesses to make and monitor sales over the internet.

This is what ‘cloud computing’ means.

Cloud computing is one of the hottest growth sectors out there right now.

And it’s producing huge gains for investors who get in on these companies early.

A 609% gain from NetSuite equals more than $30,000 in profit from just a $5,000 punt!

And this AUSSIE ‘cloud stock’ looks
set to deliver a gain like that from the
very same tech here in Australia

The company operates managed cloud services.

That means they help big Aussie companies do business online.

Here’s an example.

One of their customers is CrownBet.

During a peak event like the Melbourne Cup, CrownBet experiences 15 times the normal average demand on services.

Hundreds of thousands of punters frantically connect to the CrownBet website to place bets for the big race.

The company’s success hinges on them being able to handle the huge demand flooding their website.

So they pay this company to ensure they can process the huge amount of information racing through their website during the Cup.

By partnering with these guys, CrownBet has been able to give their customers a 100%-reliable online betting service for the past two years.

The online betting market is massively competitive, and there’s no room for a poorly-performing service. That’s why this cloud computing company’s services are vital.

CrownBet calculated that they could have missed out on up to $2.7 million in revenues had they NOT been using this company’s technology.

And just like Salesforce has become the dominant force in sales software…these guys look like they’re about to become market leaders in managed cloud services.

Check out the big name clients they’ve already won:

Sydney Airport, MoshTix, Ten Networks, CrownBet, the Australian Treasury, Universal Music Australia, Quicksilver, Australian Olympic Committee, BlueScope Steel and Aldi.

TV networks…the government…global music companies…sports organisations…and big businesses are all turning to THIS COMPANY to take care of their cloud-computing needs.

And they recently announced another wave of huge clients.

Rabobank, Qantas and Amaysim have also partnered with this company for premium-level cloud computing support.

All these businesses are spending thousands of dollars a month to avoid losing millions through unreliable technology.

Investors haven’t yet recognised the huge potential in this stock…the business is a moneymaking machine…and while the broader market slid throughout 2015 and into 2016…their share price doubled in 10 months.

The price has come back to Earth since that rally. But, if I’m right, I think you could soon see this stock make a major move up in the coming months.

Their financials are rock solid. I won’t go into all the details here. But this number gives you an idea of this stock’s growth:

Revenue was $47.2 million in the latest financial year, a 69% increase from the year before.

But that’s only a tiny portion of the $4.74 BILLION Australian cloud computing market. If this company can continue to grow at current rates, they could double or triple gross revenues in the next couple years.

And you could potentially see the share price start an almighty run up at the same time.

Given the huge gains the cloud computing companies have made in the US over the past few years…I don’t think it will be long before this stock’s value begins a meteoric rise.

I believe this great little company could transform every five grand you invest into $21,900! That would be a 338% gain.

Which means that, if you make a small investment now, this time next year, you could be writing me an email like the one I recently received from Bruce:

What can I say? I spent $5,000 and when I sold, I received $35,420.99. After brokerage, that’s a massive 604.34% profit. I am very, very pleased to have the first one put away.

So that’s my first pick for you.

I’ll give you all the details, including the full buying instructions, in a moment.

First, I should explain what qualifies me to write to you about opportunities like this.

How I’ve generated 121% average
gains from 23 winning stocks

I’ve been in the investment business for almost a decade.

I started out as a financial planner in the suburbs of Melbourne, advising everyday people on how to manage and invest their wealth.

This eventually led to me to taking up a Certified Financial Adviser role in one of Melbourne’s fastest growing wealth-management firms. I’m a fully-accredited adviser in shares, options and warrants.

Today, I use all the knowledge I learned over that time to help ordinary folks profit from the most speculative stocks on the planet: SMALL-CAP STOCKS.

I do this through my newsletter, Australian Small-Cap Investigator.

The shares I cover have tiny ‘market capitalisations’ — usually with stock market values well under $100 million.

But they also have huge potential. And it’s my job to find the stocks I believe are capable of making you the sorts of gains you see here.

My top five open recommendations right now:

Stock #1 +981%
Stock #2 +324%
Stock #3 +314%
Stock #4 +296%
Stock #5 +190%

Now, that’s just my top five.

And while it’s nice to highlight my top-performing stocks…I want to show you how ALL my recommendations are looking after a rocky couple years in the markets.

Across my entire buy-list of 37 stocks, 23 are showing gains right now.

Those winners are up by an average of 121%.

The 14 that haven’t taken off yet are down just 28.53% on average.

All up, the average return on these 37 open positions is 64.37%.

I’ll let YOU be the judge of that performance.

And if you can show me a fund manager whose advice has led you to bigger gains and smaller losses than that, please do.

I’m not showing you those figures to brag.

…OK, I am bragging a little bit. If you had an average gain across ALL your stocks of 59% right now, I reckon you’d be pretty bloody keen to tell your mates too!

But my point is…

It’s not a bad market if you
invest in the WINNERS

Do you think my readers would have been able to enjoy gains like those by listening to mainstream financial pundits and their endless stream of negativity?

Hell no!

They’ve done it by speculating on the ASX’s most potential-packed little stocks.

And they’ve had an unfair advantage over their mates, too.

Because they’ve had me filtering through the 2,209 companies for them…and presenting them with the absolute best stocks.

Now, before I introduce my second small-cap recommendation, I want to make sure you’re ready for this style of investing.

Because it’s certainly not for everyone. And I recommend you carefully consider each of my stock tips before you lay down your money.

When you take a punt on a small-cap stock with massive upside potential, you could lose what you put down.

That’s the risk you take when you deal with these little small-cap stocks. And it’s why I recommend you only ever punt as much as you can afford to lose.

But the beauty of these small companies is that you don’t need to put down much money at all.

Just like any of these readers who’ve enjoyed incredible gains from Australian Small-Cap Investigator recommendations over the years.

For example:

  • Bruce made $35,420 in under two years;
  • Another reader, Nigel, put more than $100,000 in the bank by following our recommendations;
  • And AB made $64,213 from what he calls an ‘awesome trade.

This is why I do what I do.

And I’d love the chance to do the same for you, starting today.

I know that, if you read the papers and watch the news, you probably think we’re in for another tough year on the stock market in 2017.

But the company I’ve just profiled looks like it’s powering up for a big move. I think it could make a 338% gain regardless of how bad things seem for the market.

And that’s just my first pick for you today.

The second is shaping up to be a potential winner too. Let me show you…

How China’s insatiable thirst for top-notch Aussie wine could double your money next year

Your second stock pick is a golden stock picking opportunity. I believe you could see the value of your stake double in the next 12 months.

And the best part is that hardly anyone in the mainstream media has a clue about this story!

Let me explain…

On a recent trip to Europe, I took my fiancé to some of the best wine regions in France, including Bordeaux, Saint-Emilion and Bergerac.

Our first stop was the winery at the Chateau Troplong Mondot.

You can see a picture of the Chateau to the right.

We would end up visiting several more wineries in France, but it was here — at Troplong Mondot — where I first uncovered some fascinating information from the winemakers.

This information was repeated from every winemaker we spoke to on our trip.

That is, global demand for high-quality wine is booming right now.

And the majority of that insatiable demand is thanks to China’s surging middle class and their taste for the finer things in life.

In the last 12 months alone, China’s demand for Aussie wine has exploded.

As a July 2016 article in Wine Australia points out:

…Australian [wine] exports to China for the year ended March 2016 surged as value increased by 64 per cent to $397 million and volume increased by 63 per cent to 72 million litres.

And this uptick in demand has taken place before Australia’s new free trade agreement (FTA) with China comes online in 2019.

The FTA will eliminate heavy tariffs of 14–20% on Aussie wine imports in China, opening the door to even greater international demand for Australian wine.

For example, when China struck an FTA with Chile in 2006, Chilean wine exports to China increased 11-fold.

If my analysis is correct, I think the same could happen in the Aussie wine market; that means the time to get into Aussie winemakers is now.

And I’ve found an Aussie small-cap winemaker primed to secure a huge chunk of the Chinese wine market as demand ramps up.

An article in the Financial Times explained what’s happening in China’s wine market. Guy Ruston, Asia managing director of fine wine merchant Bordeaux Index, said (emphasis mine):

The size of that [the Chinese] audience is potentially incredible. Even during the bull run, [2008–2012] the wine trade had barely scratched the surface.

If that’s the case, and the previous Chinese wine boom did only scratch the surface’, there’s a huge market opportunity here…

How huge?

Well, according to the UN Comtrade database, China ranked 51st in the world in 2000, with bottled wine imports of only US$4.9 million.

By 2011, China’s imports had increased to $1.3 billion.

From 51st, China became the 5th largest bottled wine importer in the world in the space of a decade.

A 26,430% increase in
wine imports in 10 years!

Today, China is the second largest market for Australian wine exports.

And this ravenous demand for Aussie wine will only increase over the long run.

This is backed up by industry publication Food & Beverage, which reported:

France has benefited from an early perception of quality in the market, but as China’s wine market grows in conjunction with the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement, there are significant opportunities for Australia.

The Australian Grape and Wine Authority noted that the market share for Australian wine in China grew by 20 percent last year.

A significant trend for Chinese consumers is the increasing desire to appreciate a brand experience whilst consuming wine.

But it’s not only the Chinese market where huge growth opportunities lie for this Aussie wine company.

Even in the more mature UK market, the company is still growing at an incredible rate.

According to UK industry publication The Grocer, this ASX-listed firm’s leading wine brand is the 20th biggest alcohol brand in the UK.

This puts it ahead of other alcohol brands like Guinness, Heineken, Peroni, Moet & Chandon, Jacob’s Creek, Hardy’s and Lindeman’s.

That’s right, this small $112 million small-cap is worth more in the UK than giant brands like Moet & Chandon.

Let’s put that into perspective…

Moet & Chandon is owned by LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE [EPA:MC], the €74.63 billion fashion and beverage giant…

Heineken NV [AMS:HEIA], the Dutch beer empire, is worth €45.41 billion…

And Peroni is owned by the ¥1.66 trillion alcoholic beverage behemoth Asahi Group Holdings [TYO:2502]

This little Aussie winemaker is more valuable than each one of those mega-brands in the UK!

Like my first pick, shares in this little Aussie winemaker have ‘come off the boil’ in recent weeks. But that’s GREAT news for you. It means you can pick up shares right now for under 50 cents…

That’s dirt cheap in my opinion. I believe each share should be — at the very least — double that price.

This stock could DOUBLE in 12 months

I base that forecast primarily on the fact that this company’s price-to-earnings ratio is around HALF that of similar companies operating in the same space.

The average P/E for companies in this sector is about 20.

But this company’s P/E is only 12.

It means that, if a news item breaks and exposes this company’s true potential to mainstream investors…their market cap could virtually double overnight.

And it really could double…as you’ve seen, this company is growing at an incredible pace.

Besides the booming business in the UK market, their Aussie business is up 32%, and they’ve just recorded a net profit increase of 80% on the previous year.

Conservatively, my research shows the company’s price-to-earnings ratio should be at least twice as high.

But if the company really hits the big time and investors rush to grab a stake, I believe you could see your investment rise much higher.

Bottom line is, this company is making money, growing profits and expanding their business year-on-year. And just like my first pick, you’d be MAD not to have a punt on it now.

Remember, though, to maximise your potential gains, I recommend you jump on this stock immediately.

Everything you need to know about the first two stock picks I’ve shown you is included in my report, Three Big Money Aussie Small-Cap Punts to Buy Now. I’ll show you how to download this report in just a moment.

First, let me show you the third and final small-cap stock I believe could leap multiples higher in the year ahead.

You could turn $5,000 into more than
TEN GRAND with this ‘super powered’ Aussie innovator

This little cracker trades for 60 cents…but I reckon it should be trading at twice that amount in the months ahead.

This tiny Aussie innovator is growing...and they’re growing fast. Explosive demand for their ‘super powered’ products could jumpstart the share price imminently.

So what does this company do exactly?

Well, to explain, I’ll have to get technical for a moment. You see, this firm has created a patented chemical technology called Reactive Surface Treatment (RST).

I know, that’s quite a mouthful. But what this treatment does will blow your mind...and potentially fill your bank account, too!

See, RST technology alters the surface of materials on a nanoscopic level. Combined with certain chemical compounds, RST technology has the ability to give just about any material ‘super powers’.

For example, the company uses RST technology on Nylon to make it virtually fireproof. That’s not all. The treatment also makes the same Nylon material oil and water resistant.

No wonder their biggest customer right now is the Department of Defence.

Their fireproof Nylon is protecting hundreds of thousands of soldiers worldwide.

ASI Sleeper Stocks

Source: thenudeinvestor.com

Flame-retardant material is the company’s initial focus. But with the right chemical makeup and RST technology, the possibilities for altering surface properties of different materials are endless.

For example, right now, they’re working on wearable material that can stop a bullet. Imagine that! Millions of lives could be saved. Our service men and women would never again fear being killed by a stray bullet in the line of duty. 

Of course, bulletproof clothing is still some way off. But you get a solid idea of what this firm is capable of.

In the meantime, there’s another mega-industry where this Aussie innovator sees an immediate, lucrative opportunity. And they’re grabbing it with both hands.

Top dog in a $270 billion industry?

This year, they introduced a brand new chemical product. They explain:

‘…[It] is a cost-effective chemical finish for fabrics that absorb heat while providing a cool-to-the touch feel.’

Demand for the new ‘supercool’ product has exploded in a short space of time. In fact, the success of this new product is so great…that the company ‘has expanded its U.S. and international market presence by 250% since July 2015.

But it’s not the Department of Defence, or bedding and workwear markets where this new material is taking hold.

Nope. It’s the sports apparel and footwear market, where crazy-high demand could give this firm a fat slice of a US$270 billion market.

That’s the total value Morgan Stanley has stamped on this industry. Further, they expect the wider athletic apparel and footwear market will add US$83 billion in sales from 2015 to 2020, a growth of 30%.

That’s the scale of the opportunity available to this remarkable little Aussie innovator.

If this company can grab just a 1% market share of the active sportswear market, based on current growth projections, you’re looking at an extra $209 million in revenue.

And, at a profit margin of around 6% (not unreasonable), that’s a potential net profit of $12 million. In terms of the impact on the stock price, it could value the company at $400 million.

That’s 100% above the current market cap!

The time to have a punt is NOW.

I’m convinced its strong growth…and the sheer size of its potential market…make it an excellent small-cap pick that I believe should do extremely well — come hell or high water.

Remember, though, this is pure speculation.

Small-cap stocks are some of the riskiest investments you can make.

This one is no exception. But even if just one of these stocks pays off, you’ll be glad you read this report.

Like I said, everything you need to know about this stock, and my other two picks, is waiting for you in ‘Three Big Money Aussie Small-Cap Punts to Buy Now’.

If you’re ready to get started right now, just click here.

Let me help make 2017 your most exciting
— and profitable — investing year to date

Here’s the deal:

When you become an Australian Small-Cap Investigator reader, you don’t need to analyse a single balance sheet, and you don’t need to invest a lot of money upfront...

You can start with as little as $500 — that’s the minimum investment capital required by the ASX.

But I’m telling you, even with that little amount, you have the potential here to make some truly amazing returns.

It’s like reader John Burke wrote in to say...

I have scored on all tips in the last two months. Your latest email        newsletter makes it easy for all to comprehend. I’m only small time but thanks: $5,000!

The aim of this service is to let you sit back, wait for my simple buy (or sell) instructions, and reap the potential rewards with minimal fuss or effort...

In other words, you let me do the hard yards for you, presenting you with what I believe are the best small-cap profit opportunities each month.

Like I’ve said, you must understand that small-caps are inherently risky.

You could lose part, or all, of your investment, so you should only ever invest ‘play money’.

But, as shown above, those that take off could reward you handsomely.

And the best part is that I believe this style of investing could allow you to bank potential multiple triple-digit gains in the next 12 months.

Click here now to get started.

As soon as you join today, you’ll get instant access to my special investor briefing: Three Big Money Aussie Small-Cap Punts to Buy Now.

I walk you through my in-depth analysis on each small-cap stock recommendation, giving you specific, clear advice on what price to buy at, any risks you need to know about, and why I think each stock represents a huge opportunity to bag potential big profits in the year ahead.

Remember, though, this is pure speculation.

It comes with the territory that you could lose money on these investments.

But that’s the nature of small-cap investing.

Not every stock I recommend to my readers goes up. 14 of my 37 current open positions haven’t.

Remember, the average loss right now is just 28.53%. My winners, on the other hand…

Those 23 stocks are up 121% on average…

For an overall average gain of 64.37% across my buy list.

Of course, there are ALWAYS risks when you invest. And you should never treat past performance as an indicator of future results.

But I’m convinced each of the three stocks you’ll discover when you download my full research on this have what it takes to push that average MUCH higher.

And you know what? Even if just one of these three stocks pays off, I promise you’ll be glad you downloaded my report.

You can download Three Big Money Aussie Small-Cap Punts to Buy Now instantly, and with no-obligation, by clicking here.

All I ask in return is this...

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