‘As you all know, we had a problem in 2008 because of too much debt. Now the debt is much, much, much higher…everywhere in the world.

‘A lot of people have discussed austerity. But nobody has lowered debt…

‘The debt is going higher and higher every day, every week, every month.

‘This is going to end disastrously…’

That was investment legend Jim Rogers’ opening warning at our sold-out conference in Port Douglas.

Little ominous, right?

If you’ve read even a bit of our stuff here at Port Phillip Publishing, however, you’re used to ‘ominous’.

After all, we DID name the conference The Great Repression: The Battle for Your Wealth in an Age of Financial Tyranny.

It was never going to be sunshine and lollipops.

But here’s the weird thing…

What REALLY silenced the 650 attendees while Jim spoke in the Pavilion Tent at the Sheraton Mirage in Port Douglas was not his dire prediction for 2017…

Hedge fund legend Jim Rogers with us in Port Douglas

It was something else…

It was his tips and strategies for surviving, and even potentially making a fortune, from what he believes is about to start unfolding next year.

We were gobsmacked.

I’ve held several conferences like this before. I’ve NEVER seen a speaker of Jim Rogers’ calibre — not to mention his net worth — divulge such specific knowledge on where he is allocating his own money, right now.

Jim is worth in excess of $300 million. 

He co-founded the almost-mythical Quantum Fund in the 1970s. And, later, started the famous Rogers International Commodities Index.

When this guy opens his portfolio book to give you a quick peek, you’d better take notes!

Yes, we learnt in Port Douglas just how bleak Jim’s outlook for the global economy is. But we also learned that there are hotspots around the world — and here in Australia — that could make smart investors fantastic wealth, even as the world is going to pieces.

Here’s a sample of what Jim Rogers shared with us on Day One of our Great Repression conference…   

  • Three niche areas where Jim Rogers believes stocks will do spectacularly well ‘even if the world ends’. These three tips alone were worth seeing his presentation for. But there was WAY more, including…
  • One market Jim Rogers just went ‘all-in’ on for 2017–2020. He’s bulk-bought shares, government bonds and, two weeks before the conference, the currency itself…
  • Russian and Ukrainian agriculture: if you place one contrarian bet for a massive potential pay-off in 2017, make it this one. But NOT before you’ve heard Rogers’ rationale behind it…
  • If Jim Rogers would give one, single Christmas Present Investment to his grandkids, this would be it. As he explained, 20 years down the track they’ll say, ‘How did you know, grandfather? What a smart old man you must be!
  • ‘One of the great growth industries of our time…’ BUY NOW.
  • The ONE commodity sector in the world Jim Rogers is most optimistic about, ‘especially in the coming turmoil.
  • HOW Jim owns his own personal gold, and where he stores it. (You don’t have to be a billionaire hedge fund manager to do the same…)
  • Jim Rogers’ surprising number one haven to own in 2017. (It’s not gold…)
  • 2017’s TICKING TIME-BOMB MARKET. One country in the world where Jim Rogers doesn’t own a single thing. If you do, sell now while you can…

It was an intriguing and timely portfolio action plan from the former partner of George Soros (the two co-founded the Quantum Fund in 1973).

You can see the speech in full by CLICKING HERE NOW.

But aside from the actionable tips, Jim Rogers was riveting. As attendee Mick Conlan writes, Rogers, ‘Tells a great story, enjoys what he does comes across as genuine in his convictions, self-deprecating, and pretty damn smart!’

But believe it or not:

Rogers didn’t even rate in the top three presentations at
Port Douglas!

That’s no slur on him. It just gives you an idea of some of the fireworks that were cracking off over the two days. Put simply:

The Great Repression wildly exceeded all our expectations.

All 650 seats sold out. But if you couldn't make it to the Sheraton Mirage in Port Douglas, today is your lucky day.

This is your ‘Great Repression’ Highlights Reel.

You'll hear some startling predictions — some of which are ALREADY playing out.

You'll also get answers to some forbidden questions.

Questions few in the mainstream dare to even ask.


Are you a complete idiot for sticking to either a bullish OR bearish view in 2017? And, if so, what view SHOULD you be adopting with your portfolio?

What will Trump-World likely look like? How could you possibly make portfolio plans for such a complete wildcard? (We held the conference the week leading up to the election. But several presenters — including Jim Rickards — went on record to say the win wasn’t just possible, but probable…)

Are your retirement savings being responsibly managed by the superannuation industry...and could 2017 reforms cost you thousands in retirement income?

Is technology becoming a tool for financial and political repression? If so, is there anything you can do about it?

Most important, amid the clouds of uncertainty, where are the bright spots and opportunities with the potential to make you great profits, both short-term and long?

You're about to get a glimpse at some concrete investment ideas that emerged.

Because, while a lot of the recent news can make you feel like the world is out of control...

You CAN control what you do with your money

The single goal of the conference was to help you do that. As I said in my opening remarks:

In short, over the next two days, I encourage you to listen, to take notes and most importantly to think.

‘Think for yourselves. Only thinkers are welcome at this conference. Not drones, not robots, not sheeple, only thinkers.

‘If you think carefully about what you hear over the next two days, I'm convinced you'll get a great deal out of this conference.

And now, in retrospect, I know we delivered.

Look, in 2017 and 2018 it’s going to be more important than ever that you think for yourself. And don’t be misled by a media that has never been more out-of-touch with reality.

For instance, what did the big ‘Change Agent’ Donald Trump announce when he became the 45th President of the United States of America?

That there would be no change at all…

And that easy credit — upon which the entire financial system depends — could get even easier.

To the easy monetary policy, he will add easy fiscal policy.

As much as an additional $1 trillion will be spent on ‘infrastructure’. Bought on credit, of course.

He’s not going to postpone the big financial endgame. He’s going to hasten it. You need to realise that. And prepare for it. That was the message of Jim Rickards speech at Port Douglas, titled:

‘The Coming Collapse of the International Monetary System’

The world is a complex, dynamic system. It more closely resembles the chain reaction in the core of a nuclear reactor.

‘You can dial a nuclear reactor up or down, but you better get it right because, if you get it wrong, you'll have a catastrophic meltdown, release radiation...and by the way, that's not reversible.

‘There's no such thing as a... We've seen meltdowns, we've never seen a melt-up.

Jim has a funny knack for being in the right place at turning points in history.

In 1981 he was involved in the release of 52 US hostages in Iran.

In 1998 he was the principal negotiator of the government-sponsored rescue of the collapsed LTCM hedge fund.

In the early months of 2009 the Pentagon summoned Jim to the top secret Applied Physics weapons laboratory in Washington to conduct financial wargames.

‘The next step will be financial repression…’
Jim Rickards in Port Douglas

And in October 2016, Jim Rickards popped up in Port Douglas.

His speech was fascinating for two reasons.

First, because he aggressively tipped a Donald Trump win to our 650 attendees…days before it actually happened and shocked the world.

You should see his prediction.

There were open sniggers coming from the audience.

I bet they weren’t laughing a few days later…

But more importantly, Jim explored the anatomy of the coming meltdown.

What it will look like. What it will FEEL like. And how to be prepared for it,

Jim bases all his predictions on science, history and facts. Not hunches. And certainly not POLLS.

Jim explained that many investors, and even people who have cash in the bank, are being ‘herded into digital pens and led to the slaughter’ in 2017.

What does he mean by that? You’ll have to watch the full speech to find out, but some highlights include:

  • An intriguing dinner Rickards had with a gold dealer the week before the conference…All the gold in Switzerland is spoken for; we don’t have any more to sell,’ the dealer had just been told by a Swiss contact. But, as you’ll see, Jim believes global gold supplies will get EVEN TIGHTER in 2017…
  • Euro-shock: which country is likely to take Britain’s place in the EU, ‘probably in 2018’?
  • Jim’s NON-GOLD Punt: A ‘favourite pet play’ for both income and growth even during the coming monetary collapse
  • How the Fed could cause 150% inflation in 15 minutes. But…
  • Why the biggest financial threat in the next two years will not come from the Fed…or Donald Trump…but from cyber warfare terrorists
  • The current price of silver is about $17 an ounce. Jim explains why, and how, you could see that rise over five times.
  • Jim’s frank, off-record discussion with Reserve Bank of Australia officials. What was said…
  • Jim also comprehensively DESTROYED the four remaining arguments AGAINST holding gold in 2017. I defy you not to add to your gold position after hearing this part of his presentation…

Roger Clarnette called Rickards presentation, ‘Excellent, very analytical and I think he gave us a roadmap to where we are going and what we can do personally, given the state of the world.’

Rick Leeworthy ‘appreciated Jim Rickards’ wealth preservation suggestions.’

Above all, what Jim Rickards showed clearly in Port Douglas was that the world has never been in a situation like this before. So no one really knows what 2017 and 2018 has in store.

But the consensus is, whatever happens, it’s no longer a far-off thing.


It could be inflation, with soaring prices. That would be good for gold. But a nightmare for bonds. Or, it could be deflation. Great for cash (as long as it’s still legal to hold cash) and bonds. But not great for stocks and commodities.

Which will it be?

‘Who cares!’ was Sam Volkering’s message on Day Two of the conference…

Here’s how you could make money from your investments in 2017, no matter what happens in the financial markets

The theme of the conference was The Great Repression. But no speaker was duty-bound to agree with this theme. And tech-maven and small-cap maestro Sam Volkering staged a spirited rebuttal of the argument that we are all doomed.

On the contrary, Sam said 2017 could be one of the most profitable investment years of your life…

The Great Repression, battle for your wealth in the age of financial tyranny... I had a bit of a think about that on the way up. As I was sitting on the plane up here to Port Douglas and got off on the bus and it was 30 degrees... and I was in my shorts and sort of looking around at the beautiful scenery. And I see you all here today, and again it's a sunny, 30-odd degree day outside.

How repressed are you really right now?

Is it all that bad? Or are we just telling ourselves that it's all that bad?

I think one of the important things is that we can help you weaponise the thing between your ears, your brain. Make you more independent thinkers and take action for yourselves, and take opportunities that do exist. Because opportunities do exist, even in a Great Repression, financial tyranny. There are opportunities, always opportunities.

Sam’s presentation was centred round those opportunities.

They are being driven by a new empire which Sam calls the MAFIAA.

According to Sam, the MAFIAA is helping to liberate society. And it’s creating wealth and opportunity in a certain set of stocks ‘that’s never existed in the history of man before’.

Sam went on to talk about:

  • Five companies that could shape the 21st century in the same way Big Oil companies shaped the 20th
  • Sam’s single-biggest opportunistic short-term tech trend. This is not for the next decade, or the next few years. Sam believes this is going to go bananas in 2017 and that, in his words, ‘the investing opportunity is immense’…
  • Why Sam believes Bitcoins should reach US$50,000…
  • The one ‘in-vogue’ stock Sam will NEVER recommend, and why he gets hate mail for it!
  • One sector in computing Sam believes is going to rock it and explodebetween now and 2020.
  • Why, ‘If you don’t have exposure (to this one group of stocks right now), he thinks you’re INSANE.
  • Have Google and Facebook had their runs? Or are they still must-own stocks for the next two decades? Sam’s answer is fascinating…
  • One small company (stock name revealed by Sam) currently being backed by the tech superpowers to pull off something quite extraordinary

‘Opportunities…always opportunities…’
Sam Volkering

Attendee Stephen Shorey wrote, ‘it was great to hear the optimism of Sam Volkering and his faith in the future’.

Valerie Vaughan wrote that her conference highlight was Sam’s, ‘POSITIVITY — forward, forward, forward! Thank you, from our grandkids and their grandkids.’

You can actually view Sam’s speech and get all his insights and recommendations.

This link will take you through to a secure form where you can download your complete ‘Virtual Seat Video and Audio Package’ of The Great Repression.

I’m sorry you couldn’t join us in person in Port Douglas.

But the next best thing to being there in the Pavilion tent is seeing every speaker, every break-out session, every investment recommendation and every prediction in the comfort of your own home.

Or, if you download the audio recordings, while you go for a walk, or drive in the car.

You won’t miss a second. As well as SAM, JIM ROGERS and JIM RICKARDS, you’ll hear from Port Phillip Publishing’s founder DAN DENNING, and 30-year financial market veteran SATYAJIT DAS.

Then there’s the pan-Asia investing expert KIM ISKYAN, and Senator DAVID LEYONHJELM, the first ‘libertarian’ member of an Australia’s parliament.

They are, of course, joined by all our editors, including VERN GOWDIEGREG CANAVANPHIL ANDERSONMATT HIBBARD and JASON STEVENSON.

As soon as you click this link you’ll be directed to an online vault, where you can stream the presentations, panel discussions and breakout sessions at your leisure.

Like I said, it’s your virtual front row seat.

Here’s what some other attendees had to say:

‘Quality of presentations excellent. How often can you attend a conference with such quality people? Lots of valuable information which we can take away.

Beth G Wills

‘Some great ideas gained — will do more research focusing on what I have learnt here and from PPP subscriptions to manage SMSF.’

Kerry Smith

‘Absolutely fantastic value! Calibre of speakers; diversity of topics and views.’

Chris and Janet Tiller

‘Good coverage of major issues at macro level and also good range of views and subject areas. It has helped with my overall strategy but encouraged me to be more active with recommendations of advisories.’

John Prowse

‘It fulfilled my belief in PPP that it offers diverse ideas and doesn’t simply follow a bias.’

Nicola Bacon

‘Both sides — Gloom and Doom and Positive were presented clearly. The conference has now made me AWARE of both possibilities and will affect my decision making more clearly.’

Graham Paterson

That last comment by attendee Graham is an important one.

The main point of The Great Repression was to put the microscope over both the bullish AND bearish cases in 2017.

But in actually fact…

One of the most intriguing presentations of the two days concluded that:

You’re a complete fool for predicting EITHER outcome!

This presentation was by Crisis and Opportunity’s Greg Canavan.

He pretty much flew in the face of everyone else there.

Because he staunchly argued that while either outcome, boom or bust/massive inflation or massive deflation, is possible…it’s a complete waste of time as an investor to try and predict it.

It’s Greg’s view that we are in no position as individuals to possibly know.

And that you will actually vastly improve your investment performance in 2017 if you stop guessing what might happen next…and instead invest for what IS happening right now.

I want to ask you today to take everyone's opinion at this conference with a big grain of salt. I am going to argue that a little bit of knowledge in the great repression is dangerous.

Our beliefs are often the product of biases and flawed assumptions and believing that you are right doesn't mean that you actually are right.

I am going to argue that in this age of finance repression, the less you know the greater your chance of financial success.

‘Embrace your ignorance’ was Greg’s core message at Port Douglas.

He says there’s no problem with having an intellectual discussion of what things are going to happen in the world. But trying to position your portfolio based on these guesses is a fool’s errand. And a very big risk.

‘Embrace your ignorance…’
Greg Canavan

Instead, Greg laid out a very different way to approach investing in these uncertain times.

Attendee Adam Davis says Greg’s ‘session was excellent as it provided practical ways of investing.’

Mick Conlan wrote that Greg offered ‘a good, personal reflection on bias which set the audience up for day two.’

Look, in the scheme of things, there isn’t much you can do when global governments and policymakers are hell bent on destroying any sense of a free market.

But that’s not the point. There IS something you could do with your money. You can analyse the situation and try to prepare for what comes next.


As Dan Denning, founder of Port Phillip Publishing, said in his presentation…

My point was not to say you need to gather all your possessions, move all your assets and find a bolthole.

That will not work in what we’re facing.

It will work if you start thinking about it with your assets and your money. Where can you put them? How can you diversify so that you're in jurisdictions that are less susceptible to financial repression?

Dan started Port Phillip Publishing in 2005 because, as far as independent financial research goes, Australia was a DESERT.

‘Put your wealth where they can’t touch it…’
Dan Denning

In case you haven't noticed, almost all the information you get from the Australian media is the product of just two companies: Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation or John Fairfax Holdings.

That means you're hearing fewer alternative opinions than you'd hear in almost any other place in the free world. Considering you tend to make investing decisions based on what you hear in the media, that's a big problem.

This is the whole reason Port Phillip Publishing came to Australia in 2005.

To solve this problem. And to be an independent and alternative source of ideas.

When I say 'independent' I mean we answer to no one but our own paying subscribers. There are no advertisers to please. We don't manage money and tack on a fee. And we don't recommend financial products in order to earn a trailing commission, or get paid to write about the companies we recommend.

This complete financial independence from everyone except our own readers gives us total editorial independence. And it gave me the opportunity to organise a conference for you that I knew no one else in Australia would dream of, or bother to organise.

Yet I think you'll see it was one of the most remarkable and valuable investment events ever held here.

That's why I put so much time, effort and money into making The Great Repression conference a reality.

To connect with like-minded people who are worried about what's happening in Australia and the world right now...but are willing to front up and DO something about it for themselves. But more importantly, for their children and grandchildren.

We had every minute, every word, every prediction and every recommendation professionally filmed. Your ‘Virtual Seat’ Package is available now and includes an iPod-friendly MP3 file you can download.

If you do you will also hear:

  • Australian Senator David Leyonhjelm’s speech, called Why the Government is NOT Your Friend and Other Truths Canberra and the Bureaucracy Won’t Tell You About. OK I’ll be honest — this was definitely NOT up there with the top-rated speeches from the survey we did afterwards. You could feel people bristle. Which surprised me. But, personally, I loved it. I was perhaps the only person clapping at the end. Whether you agree with the Senator or not, this is a presentation you must hear…
  • Resource Speculator Jason Stevenson’s three ‘unofficial, off-record’ stock picks for 2017
  • Dan Denning’s ‘great tipping point’ where he thinks you’ll start seeing ‘overt repression’ of your money and freedoms over the next 18 months…
  • Options Trader Matt Hibbard’s no-jargon, no BS tutorial on the best ways for private investors to use options in Australia
  • Don’t buy beef and cattle stocks until you know about this overheard ag-conference whisper…
  • ‘How to Survive the Coming ICE AGE’: Easily the most controversial and contrarian presentation of the conference.
  • The very first thing cycle guru Phil Anderson believes Donald Trump will do when he takes office…‘because, at heart, he’s a real estate man…
  • SATYAJIT DAS: Why China’s growth is a complex fraud. And why its eventual exposure could cause shockwaves similar to the 2008 GFC…

If you care about these issues, and are keen to learn more about the opportunities and dangers your wealth might encounter over the next few years...


Look, let's be direct.

The entire financial system — indeed the entire global economy — is now in the grip of an experiment by academic bankers.

And look at the markets! Investors are so confident the Feds will keep the gravy train going, they were back buying stocks again mere hours after Donald Trump’s shock election win!

The almost overwhelming consensus at The Great Repression is that it can’t go on forever.

And that we are in for some kind of reckoning.

I say 'almost' because you won't find any kind of COMPLETE consensus if you claim your Virtual Seat at The Great Repression. That’s the beauty of it.

For instance, you'll have cycle guru Phil Anderson enlighten you on the hidden structure of the markets.

Phil began with this...

I think the best thing that can be done is to show you the structure of the economy. This will then allow you to read the system so that then you can actually have a very good idea about what's coming next.

To do that we have to get rid of our biases and we have to try to avoid the opinions. I happen to think that the world is on the verge of an absolutely massive boom coming.

My question to you is what happens in the next century, this century, if we don't really get a bust? We'll get some corrections but what happens if we don't get the major downturn? This I what I think is going to happen.

Phil has produced a huge amount of material to prove that there is a land cycle precisely 18.6 years in length. That's 200 years of history in the United States, 300 years of history in the UK, 400 years of history in the Netherlands.

If you understand this cycle...according to Phil, you can predict what the property and stock market is going to do here in Australia.

‘What if we DON’T get this big bust you’re all predicting…?’
Phil Anderson

At The Great Repression, Phil demonstrated how to do this.

Vern Gowdie, Chairman of Gowdie Family Wealth, editor of The Gowdie Letter and author of The End of Australia, has been on the Australian financial scene for over a quarter of a century.

Attendee Roger Clarnette wrote that Vern was ‘excellent, brings vast experience to the audience and provides sage advice.’

And Vern’s also not afraid to call things as he sees them. Perhaps that's why his presentation was another surprise hit at The Great Repression.

So, too, was the break-out session he did on how to work with your children to manage family wealth. It was a packed, too. Vern and his daughter Grace didn’t disappoint…

It started off as just that simple kernel of an idea is that we wanted to build wonderful adults that will lead full and rich lives.

Now it's evolved into a family wealth project because we have got a couple of dollars, therefore they need to know the responsibilities that will come with that.

We've been building this base over a period of time, so we didn't come with inherited money. We're first generation wealth creators, we're not second generation. The more I read, it's the second generations where 70% of them will fail.

I've read so many studies on this and it's one key element. It's not because the money is gone, it's because the family's gone. Trust is gone, communication is gone, and I've seen that time and time again with wealthy families. The bridge hasn't been built. It gets a bit hard later.

The core of Vern and Grace’s break-out session was how to make sure that didn’t happen.

Simple things you can do from a wealth perspective to hold that family nucleus together. And to make sure your children and grandchildren have the tools to be smart stewards of family wealth…so it grows over many generations.


So, hopefully you can see by now it wasn’t all dark clouds and dire predictions in Port Douglas. We want to make sure each and every attendee left with dozens of actionable ideas and insights.

As attendee Kay Auden writes, ‘Have sat on our hands learning since semi-retirement — feel this conference has helped clarify the mind to help us with decision making.’

Geoff Paton said ‘the conference gave me information on ideas to act on.’

From Rob Brown, ‘Informative and gave a snapshot of the future… Well rounded informative conference. I have walked away from this experience possibly better for being present at the event.’

Jo Cranfield wrote, ‘Never been exposed to such a think tank in this area. I'm a newby in investment area and totally appreciated the dynamic exposure and being asked to think for yourself.’

Attendee Ryan Gardner wrote, ‘Excellent balance of speakers. Created a good amount of thought provoking ideas.’

So you really should order your ‘Virtual Seat’ now.

If you only get one or two ideas that prompt you to think differently about the way you invest in 2017, then it's definitely worth the small cost (a tiny fraction of the full ticket price)...

This is a list of all the presentations you'll be able to watch.

Presentation Presenter
The Mirage Vern Gowdie, Author of End of Australia Editor of The Gowdie Letter and Gowdie Family Wealth.
The Road to Mulligan’s Valley Dan Denning
China: All Feasts Must Come To An End Satyajit Das, author of Traders, Guns & Money: Knowns and Unknowns in the Dazzling World of Derivatives; Extreme Money: The Masters of the Universe and the Cult of Risk; and A Banquet of Consequences: Have We Consumed Our Own Future?
‘How I See the World Today and What I am Doing About It’ Jim Rogers, Creator of the Rogers International Commodities Index and Chairman of Rogers Holdings and Beeland Interests, Inc. Author of Adventure Capitalist, Hot Commodities, A Bull in China, A Father’s Lesson for Life and Investing and Street Smarts: Adventures on the Road and in the Markets.
Why Knowing That You Don’t Know is the Cure for Repression Greg Canavan, Founder and editor of Crisis & Opportunity
Uncovering the winners and losers from repression Kim Iskyan, Founder of Truewealth Publishing and editor of Asian Investment Daily.
Options Trading Part I: Options Basics: Getting a Start in Options Matt Hibbard, Editor of Total Income and Options Trader
The Rise of the MAFIA in the New World Order Sam Volkering, Editor of Australian Small-Cap Investigator, Revolutionary Tech Investor, and Microcap Trader
Things are Quite Normal Phil Anderson, Author of The Secret Life of Real Estate and Banking Editor of Cycles, Trends and Forecasts and Time Trader
Why the Government is NOT Your Friend, and Other Truths Canberra and the Bureaucracy Won’t Tell You About… Senator David Leyonhjelm, Australian Senator
The Coming Collapse of the International Monetary System Jim Rickards, Author of Currency Wars, The Death of Money, The Big Drop and strategist for Strategic Intelligence and Currency Wars Trader.

In my opening remarks I warned attendees that we would be covering uncomfortable — even dangerous — territory. As you can see, I wasn't wrong!

You won't miss a single word, prediction or actionable idea. Not just from our heavy-hitter keynote speakers. But from every Port Phillip Publishing editor you know and follow.

But that's not even the best part...

Where attendees REALLY got stuck in was at the Break-Out Sessions like the one we just covered with Vern and Grace.

This is where our experts spent the second half of day two, drilling down to ACTUAL STRATEGIES, PLANS and RECOMMENDATIONS.

Claim your Virtual Seat now and you'll be as good as having been in the room at:

Breakout Session 1: How to Pick Stocks When You Don’t Know How with Greg Canavan.

This was a think-tank based on a simple premise: how do you make sound investments when you just don’t know what the hell is going on in the financial markets these days?

I decided that I thought it might be interesting to make that case: "Look, what happens if you just put your hand up and say, I've got no idea, but I still want to have a crack at investing?

I still want to see how I can come up with a strategy that can still make money, in a market where I've got no idea what's going on."

That's what today's about. It's about going through my strategy.

Breakout Session 2: Putting Options to Work: How to Use Options to Generate Income with Matt Hibbard.

Much is made about the ability to use options to leverage massive potential capital gains. Few people know, though, that they could also be used to generate regular income.

Matt walks you through that in this session. And just like his earlier presentation, you’ll find this a jargon-free zone — no deltas or gammas, butterflies or straddles, etc.

Then there’s:

Breakout Session 3: Targeting Australia’s Next Resources Boom with Jason Stevenson.

Breakout Session 4: How You Can Profit from Future Trends with Sam Volkering.

Breakout Session 5: The Grand Cycle and Why it Affects Every Investment with Phil Anderson.

And Breakout Session 6: Q&A on Family Wealth with Vern & Grace Gowdie, which we’ve already covered.

So, a LOT of ideas for our attendees to process over the course of just two days.

But the beauty of claiming a Virtual Seat is you can work through everything at your leisure.

You get every idea shared...every good and bad scenario discussed...every 'bomb' hurled by James Rickards...every investment talked about...it's all there in video, transcribed to read or, if you prefer, listen to in audio format.

You can watch the show at your leisure.

Pause. Rewind. Take notes. Make plans.

So how much will a Virtual Seat cost you?

Well, I’ll tell you what a REAL seat would have cost you.


That’s right, attendees paid nearly a grand to be in that tent in the Sheraton Mirage in Port Douglas. There wasn’t a seat left in the place. And I believe it was worth every cent.

But a Virtual Seat will cost you far, far less.

There are several options, depending on what you’re after.

Here’s the deal:

You can get the TRANSCRIPT ONLY for $49.

AUDIO ONLY is $99.

VIDEO ONLY is $149.

And the FULL VIRTUAL SEAT PACKAGE (which includes all three) is $199.

To be honest, I’d take the full bundle. That way you can consume at your leisure — reading in bed at night, watching on your PC when you get a minute, listening on your phone on a walk.

Also, the video means you see all the visuals of the presentation.

But, up to you.

I know a lot of people consume most of their information through earphones these days. So, if that’s you, just go for the MP3 audio.

Up to you.

Any way you cut it, though, even the full package, at just $199, is a tiny fraction of the full $949 ticket price.

It’s a brilliant deal.

And I sincerely believe nothing could set you up better as an investor for the uncertain and, let’s be honest, surreal times we have ahead of us between now and the close of the decade.

These will be exciting times.

There will be great opportunities.

But there will also be great dangers.

As Port Phillip founder Dan Denning pointed out, quoting REM:

It is the end of the world as we know it.

That was a bad day for the dinosaurs. It was a great day for mammals though. The world changed irrevocably for mammals and the one evolutionary advantage mammals had when that meteor hit the planet, was they had the capacity for independent thought.

That independent thought allowed them to separate themselves from events and make decisions for themselves. The biggest asset that you have is right between your ears.

By being in the room for the next two days you've invested in that capital and I hope that you get some excellent ideas. Don't be too stoic about it though, because that day is coming.’

But you now don’t have to be in that tent in Port Douglas to get all these ideas.

And I can promise you that, when you take your Virtual Seat, you won't find a more thought-provoking, entertaining, and useful investment event anywhere this decade.

So don't delay.

Do it. You won't regret it. Click the link below.

Thanks for reading.

Kris Sayce,
Publisher, Port Phillip Publishing


PS: If you’re still on the fence, here are some more testimonials from those who got one of the physical 650 seats up in Far North Queensland:

‘Incredible value for money. No expense spared for the delegates. All presenters were excellent. Fabulous knowledge shared.’

Terry Frankland

‘It was faultless and thought provoking. To see commentators I respect in real life and be able to ask specific questions.’

Alan Mitchell

‘Broad range of excellent presenters. For me it was a cognitive experience not just a tip gathering venture.’

Bob Wisniewski

‘To have such high speakers, local and abroad, talk about the current events happening today was a fantastic insight a re-confirmed my thoughts of where we could be headed in the future.’

Rob Collingridge

‘Great value — good to hear a range of views from experts and participants. It makes one rethink their bias to investing.’

Glenis Phillips

‘Made me think how I can help my children more and help prepare them.’

Mark Gabsch

‘Satyajit Das — Always entertaining and a good balance of statistical analysis, storytelling and subtle but important warnings.’

Mick Conlan

‘I liked the diversity of the conference. I've learnt that for your money to grow you need to understand what or where you are investing and understand the market.’

Tanya Ruhle

‘Great info to challenge our own pre-conceived ideas. That not one person can guarantee what is going to happen but be prepared and have a plan for different scenarios.’

Chris Leggett

‘I would come back tomorrow. The fact that there was a diversity of speakers just means greater room for personal thought.’

Ken Liley

‘Speakers are world class, easy to understand.’

Denise Delahunty