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A special invitation from the desk of
Callum Newman,
South Melbourne, VIC

Thank you for attending our AI Trading Masterclass this week.

Today, I’m coming straight out of the gate with the purpose of this special invitation…

I want you to experience the power of my AI-based algorithmic ‘pattern sensor’ trading system for yourself.

That means the next time my algorithm uncovers a potential investment opportunity, I want to send it to you as a subscriber to my real-time trade alert service, Small-Cap Systems.

By accepting this special
you’re getting a
fast pass to the markets.

Callum Newman

Callum Newman

Today, you can skip all the hard work, sit back, and receive these vetted, system-based high conviction trade ideas from me directly via email.

That’s right…

By following these straightforward instructions, you could begin systematically stacking up capital in your trading account — starting with immediate access to all my open trade recommendations upon joining.

Then, going forward, it will take just 4–6 minutes per week to implement new trades you choose to make.

And, of course, I’ll be by your side every step of the way.

‘Mad scientist’ algo creator Peter ‘Chewie’ Bakker and I have spent the last 18 months calibrating, testing and refining this custom-designed AI trading strategy…

Based on my results so far, this system can undoubtedly find profitable trades in today’s market.

For example, take just these
three current
Small-Cap Systems trades…

This chart shows that our open trade in GQG Partners [ASX:GQG] has increased over 70% since June 2023…


Past performance is not a reliable guide to future results

Bega Cheese [ASX:BGA] is also beginning to rumble. Our open trade is up 29% since January 2024…


Past performance is not a reliable guide to future results

And then there’s our open trade in Sandfire Resources [ASX:SFR], which has shot up 40% since February this year…


Past performance is not a reliable guide to future results

Now, of course…not EVERY trade we make ends in a profit. No system — AI or human-based — has ever…or will ever…do that.

The small-cap market contains the most potential for high growth trade opportunities. The trade-off for that potential pay-off is, of course, a much higher risk.

That’s another reason why you need a system, too, by the way!

Sometimes we take a strategic loss when the early momentum we pick up in a small stock doesn’t pan out. We’ll do that to make way for more promising trades.

Part of the system I deploy is strict trade management to be as sure as we can that any losses are as small as possible.

The secret of any successful trading strategy is to try and make sure your average winners are much higher — and more frequent — than your average losses.

So far, we’re doing just that.

  • In 2023 for example, we achieved a win rate of 55% on all closed positions.
  • The average winner was 32%.
  • The average loser was 13%.
  • In short: the winners were 2.5X the losers.

That’s how we not only helped our followers FIND winning trades in a crap market…

We gave them the opportunity to CRUSH the performance of our benchmark small cap index too.

Now, back to those three trades above for a moment. The whole point of highlighting these open trades is this…

We do not have a crystal ball. We cannot see the future. And we certainly cannot guarantee we will continue, or better, our current results.

BUT…what I do know is this.

Right now, momentum is coming into small-cap stocks.

The system is pinging more and more potential trades.

This suggests some big
opportunities ahead.

And what you’re looking at in the charts above are the results of three incredible short-term trading opportunities you probably wouldn’t otherwise be able to spot...

But these trade opportunities WERE available to my 119 Small-Cap Systems members over the past few months.

When you join them today, you’ll have the chance to pursue similar upside in stocks you wouldn’t usually be quick enough to catch.

Remember, to achieve these fast-paced trading successes, I’m using an artificial intelligence algorithm to generate a shortlist of small-cap stocks with high momentum.

Then, using my decade-plus of market experience…

I achieve these results by hand-picking
the signals that could become

the biggest winning trades.

When you become a member of Small-Cap Systems today, you’ll get all of my AI-assisted stock recommendations as soon as I select them.

Plus, you’ll get my in-depth analysis of each recommendation and my specific entry prices, buy limits, and stop-losses.

Then, I’ll guide you to what I hope will be a quick and successful conclusion to each trade.

If things don’t go our way, or I decide we are best to take a minimal loss and move onto the next trade idea, you’ll be the first to know.

The point is, I monitor every single trade for you.

To be clear, Small-Cap Systems has nothing to do with ivory tower economic analysis…

Instead, I’ve designed my algorithm from the ground up for one purpose only…

This AI system is built for

real-time trading in the real world.

And in the real world, markets move FAST.

Of course, we’re talking about short-term speculation here.

So, if you like the idea of trading shares in the most exciting sector of the Australian share market…

And doing it in rapid-fire fashion, without tying your capital up forever…

You’re in the right place.

But to be clear, not every trade races up like the three trades I just showed you.

In fact, trading small caps can be much riskier than long-term investment in large, well-known stocks.

The upside, of course, is…

This opens up the possibility of
faster returns

that you don’t usually see in blue-chip shares.

The downside is that you can lose much of your capital if you get it wrong.

That’s why I advise appropriate risk management measures, including position sizing and stop-losses.

But if you get it right and nail even a handful of these trades...

Well, those results are what I want to share with you in this special invitation today.

So, before you join me inside Small-Cap Systems, you must know what you’re getting into.

Yes, we’re talking about trading potentially risky assets, using complex technology, but…

You’ll be able to move quickly

I take care of all the grunt work for you.

We briefly covered this in this week’s preview videos. But to bring you back up to speed…

My AI algorithm constantly downloads data on the entire market, searching for the best stocks based on nine criteria.

The AI sends me a shortlist of signals in various small-cap stocks every Friday.

Then, I draw upon my 12 years of experience as a small-cap analyst and trader to spot companies I think are trading at reasonable valuations with sound fundamentals.

I’m looking at several factors, like sector support — which means if multiple companies in the same sector happen to be moving simultaneously, that’s a big plus.

I’m also looking for recent announcements and press releases, scanning the market for anything that might accelerate the momentum we want to trade.

If everything lines up, I’ll contact you with an entry price, a buy-up-to limit, and a stop loss.

And once we’re in, I’m
constantly monitoring the trade for you…

The market is open daily, and I watch the trade, sector, and other companies’ actions.

Meanwhile, the AI is still running in the background while the trade is active, tracking momentum in the stock price.

When the stock’s momentum falls, the system sends me a time-sensitive signal to exit the trade…or tighten our trailing stop loss.

If we need to sell, then it’s time to act ASAP.

I’ll send you an email instructing you to sell out of your position immediately.

If things have gone our
way, hopefully,

you’ll be
handed a nice profit.

If we haven’t made a profit, I aim to get you out of the position with the bulk of your trading capital intact.

Now, all of this means a few things...

  1. First and most importantly, you’ll always know what to do.

I’ll be giving you clear instructions every step of the way.

The only thing I can’t do for you is buy and sell the stocks themselves.

But honestly, if you are uncomfortable trading stocks, Small-Cap Systems is not an exemplary service for you.

  1. Second, we’ll only be trading short-term.

I’m talking weeks or months at a time, not years.

We may even be in and out
of a trade

in the blink of an eye.

That could be to bank a quick profit. Or it could be because the stock’s done a ‘180’ and reversed course. That happens, too. There is risk involved when making these trades, after all.

The third thing you need to know is…

  1. Small-cap stocks, in my opinion, are the best way to ‘get bang for your buck’ when trading momentum.

As you’re probably aware, the small-cap sector is my specialty.

Here’s what I love about small caps…

With a big, boring company, you can be pretty sure that if their stock is trading at $70 today, it will probably be trading around $70 tomorrow.

If that stock goes up by 20 cents, it will not register in your trading account.

But with a smaller stock trading at 70 cents instead of $70, tomorrow’s price will be unknown.

It could drop down into the single digits…

Or, if that 70-cent stock goes up by just 20 cents in a day — and it does happen — your position just went up by 28%!

The truth is, there’s no shortage of fast-moving small stocks on the ASX.

Check out these recent
blockbuster trades…

Remember, these stocks move about in the market’s riskiest and most volatile sector, which makes my system’s exceptional results all the more impressive.

My AI system signalled Bannerman Energy [ASX:BMN] in late September 2023 on the back of a hot uranium market…subscribers could’ve closed it out for a 40% gain in February 2024.


Past performance is not a reliable guide to future results

This chart shows the surprise 35% move in five weeks from retailer Temple & Webster [ASX:TPW] that sideswiped almost everyone…


Past performance is not a reliable guide to future results

Or how about the ASX meltdown in mid-2023? Well, that didn’t stop small firm MMA Offshore [ASX:MRM] from surging for the rest of the year…

My Small-Cap Systems subscribers had the opportunity to take a massive 97% win come March 2024.

Of course, not all my recommendations rocket up. But with this one trade alone, you could’ve almost doubled your money in just months.


Past performance is not a reliable guide to future results

For the past 18 months, I’ve
been sharing
these AI-generated
trade signals with
a small
group of subscribers…

Here’s a snapshot of a few comments I’ve received from them…

Small-Cap Systems mitigates risk while maximising returns in the small-cap market. I’ve followed Callum since around 2015.’


‘Callum’s recommendations have been so consistently positive, I now enter a position of his rather than hold cash.’

Wel G, QLD

‘The information, research, and investment ideas provided by the Small Cap System have been informative, conservative, and very useful.’

David H, NSW

‘Excellent analysis and stock picking.’

Shane M, NSW

‘I think if I had listened to Callum at the start, I would be a lot richer than I am now.’


But as good as these emails are, let’s answer one more important question…

Why small caps, and why now?

As you probably know, the Australian small-cap sector has been under pressure in the past few years.

2022 was brutal. 2023 was a grind.

The whole space got dumped like garbage as investors fled to traditional ‘defensive’ stocks like supermarkets and big banks.

The reasons for this downturn aren’t all that surprising…

Extensive interest rate rises, high inflation prints, fear of an Aussie property market collapse…and the prospect of a US recession knocking over the rest of the world’s major economies will do that.

Even small-cap fund manager Chris Stott agreed that the sector hadn’t been this depressed since the Global Financial Crisis!

But late last year, I put my neck on the line in public, saying I saw the signs of a new bull market forming…

Because I believe small caps are about to go
from underperformers…
to overperformers!

Finally, the shackles are coming off…

As fears around recessions and rate rises recede, investors revert to being greedy…chasing high returns and high growth.

And the best small businesses can grow sales faster than the general economy.

Veteran fund managers are seeing the same signs I am. These guys know how these cycles play out, at least historically. They’re already raising money to capitalise on all the cheap stocks they can see.

Even better, these upward cycles can continue running for several years.

Today, I expect small caps as a sector to uptrend — with the usual dips along the way — well into 2026.

That’s at least two more years

positive momentum that is
ripe for the picking.

That’s why I believe we’re just getting started here.

In fact, shares are currently in one of the most minimally volatile periods in stock market history!

One thing that hurt the small-cap sector these past couple of years was the high volatility.

Check out the massive spikes in this chart of the VIX — what some people call the ‘fear index’…


Past performance is not a reliable guide to future results

Of course, volatility could return. Lord knows there’s enough tinder in the world right now. All it needs is a spark.

But right now, the market is now much calmer than it was during the wild days of 2022.

And, when the market isn’t gyrating around like a yo-yo in a washing machine, it’s much easier to find well-valued stocks…and ride them while they’re moving…

Now, in 2024 and for the next
1-2 years, I believe
the market
is there to be attacked.

Not with all your capital. But a portion of it that you’re happy to speculate with.

That’s where my artificial intelligence system can help you out.

My AI algorithm scans the entire Australian market of 2,300 stocks.

No human could make sense of this amount of data every day. But the AI filters these thousands of stocks lightning fast, according to the nine criteria I set.

The two most important of those criteria are size and movement.

First, I ask it to sort results by size.

I want the system only to consider companies with a market cap of less than $4 billion.

Typically, my target stocks are worth half this, maybe even lower.

That means we’re not wedded to big, slow companies because we’re chasing that fast upside…

You do this by only buying stocks
that are already moving up.

And that’s the second significant criterion I feed into this system: momentum.

The system looks for small-cap stocks that are in positive momentum right now.

By catching momentum in a stock early enough, you’ve given yourself a great chance of a successful outcome. There are no guarantees, of course, but a great chance, nonetheless.

You’ll also have a lower chance of getting caught in a downtrend or buying a dud, muddling along, doing little more than eating up your trading capital.

Ideally, I want to get my subscribers into stocks that burst out of the blocks — and then ride those uptrends for as long as they last.

Once the AI has completed its process, it creates a shortlist of all the stocks that match my nine criteria and sends it to me on a spreadsheet every Friday.

This spreadsheet assesses every stock, and each criterion gets either a ‘true’ or ‘false’ rating.

I find the stock with the most ‘trues’ and consider it first, when looking for potential winning trades.

Let me show you another ripper example so you can see what I mean...

This was a pure momentum trade,

we were in and out of it within
about a month.

Here’s that chart of our 35% gain in retailer Temple & Webster [ASX:TPW]

This is a company that few regular investors would have considered back in January 2024.


Past performance is not a reliable guide to future results

For context, the retail sector had just been destroyed — down about 20% since the highs of 2021.

But despite this monumental downturn, my AI system signalled a potential trade on TPW.

I was intrigued.

So, I ran my ‘human’ analysis and liked what I saw…

As it turns out, consumer spending had stayed strong — stronger than the market had previously priced in.

TPW was also a tiny stock starting to move up in a sector where several other stocks were beginning to move along with it…

That’s when I sent
out a buy alert on TPW.

Remember what I told you: we’re in this to trade short-term moves.

These moves often come out of nowhere…and they can run out of steam just as quickly.

As soon as the AI tells me that momentum in a stock is starting to slow, I want to get us out as quickly as possible so that I can jump into the next opportunity.

This was a quick trade — and my Small-Cap Systems subscribers could’ve made a quick-fire 35% win on TPW in a little over a month.

This positive result flies in the face of all the doom and gloom about the retail industry at the time.

All we were hearing in the news was how Aussie consumers were struggling…household spending was dipping downwards…and the economy was in a ‘per capita’ recession.

Now, I’m not superhuman. I get swept up in the daily noise, just like everyone else.

So, there’s simply no way I would’ve considered recommending retail stocks in early 2024 if it wasn’t for the AI…

And with the help of my AI algorithm,
I can narrow down the best
potential trades much quicker.

This is precisely how I got subscribers into every winning trade I’ve been showing you today.

Of course, not every stock my system flags will be a winner.

Yes, it helps me filter stocks...but it can’t filter out risk.

There’s no such thing as a ‘risk-free’ trade, even when the market is as calm as a boating lake on a Sunday afternoon.

What it does mean is that I can get out of trades that aren’t working very quickly.

And best of all...

This system gives my subscribers

the opportunity to
trade these

stocks at a rapid-fire clip.

I’d wager these trade opportunities were invisible to most subscribers before they joined Small-Cap Systems.

I would never have picked these stocks out of the haystack, let alone traded them profitably.

That’s why this AI algorithm has been such a game changer for me and my subscribers.

So, I’ve shown you example after example of what my system can do given favourable conditions…

I’ve also explained why I believe the market in 2024 and beyond is ideally suited to this high-adrenaline trading approach…

And my system has just detected movement across various small-cap sectors, including tech, biotech, copper, and gold.

So, if you’d like to receive my newest trade recommendations immediately, I encourage you to take me up on the special invitation I’m sending you today.

Click the ‘Join Now’ button below to view a short application form where you can activate your 12-month subscription to my premium advisory service, Small-Cap Systems.

This limited-time invitation is only available until midnight AEST on Monday, 3 June 2024.

Now, you might be thinking…

Callum, if this artificial intelligence tech
is so good…why do we need you?

Well, simply put, AI isn’t the finished article.

Listen, I’m sure the potential future applications of highly sophisticated AI technology will be mind-blowing.

But we’re not there…yet.

However, we are already at a point where we can use this nascent technology to reliably model price action in some of the fastest-moving stocks on the ASX.

The AI constantly learns and uses new data sets to improve each week.

It picks up the trades I choose for my live recommendations…and takes note of the ones I don’t recommend.

In this way, the AI is constantly optimising its selection process.

Remember that we’re not just letting an AI run rampant in the market, making wild bets…

Because taking every trade
the AI
suggested would be like
juggling five
sticks of dynamite
with a lit match nearby.

Look, stocks are constantly changing hands in the market. That doesn’t mean they’re all worthwhile trading opportunities.

Someone — me, in this case — needs to make discretionary decisions about what to trade and when.

My job is to turn the AI’s shortlist of eight, nine, or 10 stocks into one or two trades (usually) that I think have the highest potential upside.

These choices are based on many things only an experienced human analyst could fully understand.

That’s why I set the criteria for finding trades: I understand price action dynamics better than an algorithm can.

For example, our system often detects a lot of momentum in very small resource juniors.

Think explorers and developers. In other words, companies with no cash flow.

These moves can be very flighty, reversing direction on a dime.

And if you didn’t know any better, the AI would fill your portfolio with the highest-risk stocks on the market…

Remember: The AI is a tool.

I’m the one in charge of it.

I’ve been analysing the small-cap sector for 12 years now.

That’s a massive chunk of my career spent searching the Small Ords…

Following leads…

Chasing ideas…

Identifying trends…

And then finding opportunities for Aussie investors down at the smaller end of the market.

These finely honed human instincts have enabled me to present my subscribers with…

Loads of high-probability
signals that have

turned into
super successful trades.

I’m talking about some of my recent real-time trade recommendations like…


Past performance is not a reliable guide to future results


Past performance is not a reliable guide to future results


Past performance is not a reliable guide to future results


Past performance is not a reliable guide to future results


Past performance is not a reliable guide to future results



Entry Price

Exit Price


Days Held

GWA Group
























Spartan Resources






I’ve copped a few losses, too…but you can manage and potentially minimise those losses with help from my AI trading signals.

So, I’m proud of my track record, even though not every trade I recommend ends in a gain.

Look, everybody wants a set

of rules that works every time…

Of course, such rules don’t exist because the world does not sit still. Investment themes come and go, narratives change, and market trends wax and wane over time.

What worked in 2021 and 2022 is unlikely to work in 2024.

And for all its impressive modelling capabilities, the AI can’t give you a ‘heads-up’ on what’s likely to be an influencing factor for a particular stock.

It doesn’t know if a US Presidential election is coming…whether China might invade Taiwan…or the copper price might be breaking down…or breaking out.

It understands nothing about context.

For example, I almost recommended furniture retailer Adairs to my subscribers after the AI flagged it as a ‘high potential’ opportunity.

But here’s why I didn’t
pull the trigger…

Remember that if many companies in a sector move simultaneously, it’s a good indication that our target stock will probably continue to rise…

This AI signal followed highly successful earnings results from several other retail stocks in the run-up to Christmas 2022.

So, everything was looking good for this Adairs trade…

Then, in the morning, I was going to fire off the recommendation to subscribers when another furniture retailer, Nick Scali, released some earnings results.

Nick Scali’s earnings were fantastic...but its stock promptly fell.

It’s not what you’d expect at all.

But the market sent me a message, warning me, telling me something else was happening.

It turns out that the market was telling us that it didn’t care if Aussie retailers were doing well back then.

Because investors started

dumping stocks en masse!

As it turns out, the only thing people cared about on that particular day was the prospect of the US Federal Reserve raising interest rates…

Something which would have likely created a powerful headwind for the entire market.

Unfortunately, as good as Nick Scali’s results were, it sold off along with plenty of other retail stocks.

As soon as I saw this, I knew our next potential trade would go the same way, so I pulled the Adairs recommendation.


Past performance is not a reliable guide to future results

As you can see, I was right to hold back, as the stock fell by nearly 20% almost immediately.

This is a cautionary tale…

If we leave it up to AI to generate trading recommendations independently, we open ourselves up to hairy situations like this.

Connecting the Nick Scali situation with the anticipation of a rate rise in the US...and then pulling back from a trade in a similar retail stock...

...that’s something only an experienced human analyst is able to do.

Most recently, I vetoed almost all of the trade signals suggested by the AI between August and November 2023.

We mostly held back from deploying capital…and I’m glad we did.

Because that period turned out to be the final massive dump in the small-cap sector.

My subscribers dodged a lot of potential bullets during that time.

However, combining artificial intelligence with my human expertise has turned two years of harsh trading conditions into excellent results.

It’s probably why my subscribers are constantly emailing to tell me how happy they are...

‘The Small-Cap Systems service is very good. I like Callum’s approach to stock picking.’

Nigel D, VIC

‘It has been a good way to have quick turnaround wins.’

Ben, WA

‘It is a good service with plenty of good information and good tips.’


‘Very informative, I would be broke without this system.’

Mick G, NSW

To be clear, my recommendations don’t all go up like the examples I’ve been showing you today…

After all, we’re dealing with a high-risk, high-reward corner of the market.

But my job is to hone in on some of the fastest-moving stocks from the AI’s shortlist…

Get you in at the right price...

Then, as momentum fades, I aim to get you out just as quickly.

Plus, I do all this with stop-losses spaced wide enough to handle some volatility yet still protect you from sudden drops in stock price.

This is how I’ve identified so many hot trade opportunities for my subscribers over the past 18 months.

So, by now, I hope you’re excited…

Here’s how you can get
immediate access to
my following
AI-powered trade recommendations:

Just below, you’ll see a big ‘Join Now’ button…

When you click on it, you’ll be taken to a secure page with a short application form to fill out.

On that page, you’ll find all the details you need to know about my limited-time invitation to join my trading service, Small-Cap Systems.

As soon as you join, you’ll get access to all my AI-powered open trade recommendations as well as receive every new recommendation over the next 12 months.

Again, to be clear, trading with my AI algorithm’s assistance inside Small-Cap Systems involves risk.

But if you ask me, so does parking your money in a blue-chip growth fund and hoping for the best.

Not including dividends, the ASX 200 is basically where it was three years ago.

So, if you want real capital growth, you need to do something different…

Together, let’s attack this market

Take a look at this chart from Pinnacle Investment Management:


Past performance is not a reliable guide to future results

This chart is significant because it analyses different investing styles in Australia.

Over 20 years of data have gone into this study…

And it shows, quite clearly, that actively buying and selling specific small caps has yielded a better return than actively investing in selected blue-chip stocks over the past two decades.

Not just that, but this active approach has done much better overall than passively investing in either the ASX300 blue-chip index or the Small Ords index.

Other studies suggest the same outcome.

Of course, history can only be a guide too. Nothing is certain. But everything I’ve learned over the last 12 years suggests this framework should hold.

But you can’t just chuck your money
at a bunch of small caps
and expect
to be a millionaire by Christmas.

As any sane investor knows, it’s impossible to guarantee positive future performance.

I’m not showing you all this to give you a false impression that I can sidestep all the risks of trading this sector.

By definition, being active means putting capital at risk more often.

And you’re putting that capital at risk in stocks that can fall just as quickly as they can rise.

So, to do well in this game, you need a set of rules, a process, and a system.

One that can quickly filter opportunities in fast-moving, high-potential stocks...

Find entry prices...

Manage risk...

And then get you out promptly, hopefully with a nice profit in your account.

So, if you’re ready to join me on this adventure, here’s what you need to know right now…

I’m opening the doors to Small-Cap Systems
until midnight AEST Monday, 3 June 2024.

When you accept my invitation today, here’s what will happen...

First, I’ll immediately activate your 12-month subscription to Small-Cap Systems.

That means you’ll get every new trade I recommend over the coming year.

Plus, along with your order confirmation, I’ll send you the details of all our open trades so you can immediately jump on those.

Of course, you don’t have to make any trades if you don’t want to.

You can dig into my research at your own pace and decide which signals you like best.

It’s totally up to you.

If you choose to place any orders, you’ll have all the information you need — entry prices, buy limits, and stop-losses.

I’ll also give you further instructions over the days and weeks ahead to ensure the completion of those trades.

Next, I’ll send you a private email alert when placing a new trade.

If you want to jump on my latest trade recommendation, follow the straightforward instructions in my email alert, and you’re good to go.

But if you want to see why I’m recommending a trade before you dive in…

You can read all my research on the company, the opportunity, and the risks…as I include all the information there for you in the same alert.

Then, I’ll keep you on top of all our open positions with my regular email updates.

In those emails, you’ll be able to see how each trade is travelling, how confident I’m feeling, what the AI is saying about momentum, whether there’s an opportunity for the stock to rip even higher, and more.

Finally, when it’s time to exit the trade, I’ll send you another email with the sell instructions and a calculation of the profit you should have made if all has gone to plan!

It’s that simple.

Okay, so what’s the fee to join Small-Cap Systems today?

Remember, you could always keep doing what you’re doing now...and that’s your call.

But if you’d like to see if I can help you grow your trading account, an annual subscription to Small-Cap Systems would typically cost you $3,499.

I think that price tag is warranted when considering that you’re getting…

  • The benefits of my cutting-edge AI technology…
  • Combined with the expertise of one of Australia’s leading small-cap specialists (me)…
  • Doing all the legwork for you to find the highest-potential trades in the small-cap sector…

I’m also giving you my recommended entry prices, buy-up-to limits, stop-losses for each trade, plus a clear rundown of the attributes and risks for the individual stocks…

Plus, I send urgent sell alerts via email when my system shows that the trade has run out of steam.

All you have to do is go online and place the trade.

I believe that’s everything you

need to trade successfully,

delivered to you on a silver platter…

Now, I did say this was a special invitation.

So, if you join before the doors close, here’s the incredible deal you’re getting today…

If you accept my special invitation before midnight AEST on Monday, 3 June, 2024, I’ll cut your joining fee by more than half.

That means instead of $3,499 to join Small-Cap Systems, you’ll pay just $1,499.

So, if you like what you’ve seen today and want to save 57% on the joining fee, click the button below.

But if you want the absolute

best deal,
you should accept my

invitation by midnight tonight.

What’s more, you can get TWO YEARS of Small-Cap Systems for just $2,499.

That means you’ll save $4,499 over the next two years — a massive 64% discount.

Click the button below to claim your exclusive two-year deal by Monday, 3 June.

On the following secure order page, you’ll find a list of all the benefits you’re entitled to as a Small-Cap Systems subscriber.

That means you can review everything before you go ahead and accept my invitation…

But to stress, these deals are on the table only until midnight AEST, Monday, 3 June.

And don’t forget to take advantage

of your 30-day trial period.

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James Woodburn

Callum Newman,
Editor, Small-Cap Systems