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James Woodburn, Publisher
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You are living through the greatest moment in history for breakout technology.

Just look around you.

Artificial Intelligence is changing the world everywhere you look.

It’s helping the MI5 and the CIA track down terrorists…

…acing exams in law and business schools…

…turbocharging hedge funds to beat the stock market…helping Google diagnose heart conditions…and collaborating with Hollywood writers to craft blockbuster scripts.

In June, Sky News Australia even broadcast a conversation with a ‘free-thinking’ machine.


Even if you haven’t seen the footage, you’ve surely felt the shockwaves AI has sent through the stock market.

Without doubt, the most talked about stock of the year has been Nvidia…

Its high-end chipsets and GPUs are the heart and soul of intelligent machines —  and demand is going through the roof.


That’s why Nvidia, a trillion-dollar titan, is delivering results that would even make small caps blush.


Source: Trading View

But the story doesn’t stop at just one stock.

Other AI pioneers like Google, Microsoft, Meta, and others led the way in 2023.

Just look:

  1. Super Micro Computer UP 240%
  2. Meta Platforms UP 180%
  3. C3.ai UP 178%
  4. Samsara Inc UP 168%
  5. AMD UP131%
  6. Palo Alto Networks UP 115%
  7. Intel UP 82%
  8. Alphabet UP 58%
  9. Microsoft UP 34%

These are some of the big beasts of the stock market.

But they’re moving like the speculative end of the market.

Dig deeper beyond this first wave, and you’ll find something even more interesting…

Not every AI stock is rising…but there IS a whole universe of world class —  yet lesser known — AI stocks just waiting for the spotlight to pick them out.

These are the stocks that will make AI the foundation of everything, from finance to agriculture, energy to transport, construction to manufacturing, banking to mining, and medicine to national security.

Soon, AI will be as ubiquitous as the internet itself.

And when the stocks leading this charge punch through, the results could be spectacular.

That means one thing:

As an investor, it’s time to strike

I’ll profile five such plays for you here today.

My first pick alone just inked deals with Microsoft and Google…has 45,000 customers in 100 different countries…and has grown its revenues over 20% five years in a row…

Yet, I bet you’ve never heard of it.

But if you want to capitalise on the AI ‘mega-force’, as US$9 trillion asset manager BlackRock put it, the clock is ticking.

One by one, these companies are stepping out of the shadows…

Like Super Micro Computer Inc…


Source: Trading View

Or Samsara Inc…


Source: Trading View

Or Palo Alto Networks…


Source: Cats, Dogs & Birds

If you’d held any of those stocks last year, you’d be a lot better off today.

But let’s face it:

The vast majority of Aussie investors missed out on those stocks.

A trillion-dollar speculative boom is happening right under our noses.

And what are we doing?

Watching it.

Twiddling our bloody thumbs.

Maybe hoping the Aussie mining sector will turn around, while the real action takes place overseas.

It’s madness.

And I’m here to change it

I’ve been waiting my entire career for this moment.

I’ve spent 15 years specialising in ‘emerging tech’ investing.

I started out a financial advisor. But today, I head up the tech stocks research at Fat Tail Investment Research, one of Australia’s leading financial publishers.

In that time, I’ve built a model designed to find winning stocks in new technology.

And that very model led me to discover winners like these:


Those are the 25 stock recommendations I closed for a 100%-plus gain in one of my dedicated technology advisories.

Those are the 25 stock recommendations I closed for a 100%-plus gain in one of my dedicated technology advisories.

As you can see, my top picks rose by as much as 455%...469%...573%...and 883%.

Of course, not every stock I picked was a winner.

In the emerging tech space, that’s impossible.

In fact, I’ve taken my fair share of 90%-plus losses too.

But overall, my average gain per recommendation was 37.5%.

My secret?

Well, my model is built around a deceptively simple yet potent idea.

No matter how mind-boggling or novel an emerging technology might seem…

…and let’s face it, with talk of machines capable of becoming creative and potentially sentient, this is all about as ‘out there’ as new technology gets…

…there’s a fundamental pattern at play beneath the surface.

It comes down to three words.


A quick story to explain what I mean.

Think back to the mid-90s, when the internet was in its infancy.

Back then, two titans clashed on the global stage.

In one corner was the United States Government.

In the other stood the undisputed heavyweight champion of the tech world —  Microsoft.

Their battle?

The very future of the internet itself.

The US Government had accused Microsoft of exploiting its dominance to create a monopoly over early web browsers.

And you know what?

That was precisely what Microsoft was doing.

It was locking up the technology and market position it needed to dominate.

That put the fear of God into its rivals.

Rupert Murdoch himself confessed that ‘everybody in the communications business is paranoid of Microsoft, including me.

Ultimately, the US Government won the case, but it couldn’t stop Microsoft’s ascent.

One MIT researcher even built a ‘Bill Gates Personal Wealth Clock’ that showed Gates got US$100 billion richer over the 73 days of the trial.

It’s a great example of what I call the LOCK UP phase of a tech rollout.

The moment when key players secure the technology and assets needed to rule a new industry.

This was rapidly followed by the BUILD OUT.

As the internet flourished, soon thousands of miles of fibre optic cables snaked beneath the ocean’s surface, just as telegraph wires had spanned the globe a century and a half before them…

Computers appeared in every home and business, broadband providers connected those machines and hundreds of humming data centres popped up worldwide.

And the companies building out this technology prospered.

Like Cisco (69,253%)…Qualcomm (17,233%)…and Oracle (4,602%), all which rose as money migrated towards the firms building the base layer of the internet.

Then came the most
lucrative moment of all…

With the groundwork laid, the stage was set for a Cambrian Explosion of innovation — a period of new thinking, novel business models, and a deluge of revolutionary concepts.

This culminated spectacularly in 1999, when tech stocks experienced an explosive boom.


True, many of the companies that surfaced during this frenzy eventually failed.

That’s the nature of the beast.

But it was from this Cambrian Explosion that the companies that would rule the world emerged.

Online shops like Amazon, browsers like Google and streaming giants like Netflix, you can trace their roots to the Cambrian Explosion.

That pattern — the Lock Up, Build Out, and Cambrian Explosion — defined the winners and losers in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

But what’s crucial to grasp is that this pattern isn’t unique to the internet.

It unfolds in ALL major tech trends

Let’s move forward in time a bit…

The year 2007 marked the emergence of yet another era-defining technological marvel — the iPhone.

Sure, we’d seen smartphones before. But the iPhone shattered the mould.

It burst onto the scene and put the internet into the palm of everyone’s hand.

And it sparked profound shifts in both consumer and business behaviour. It birthed an entire industry of businesses crafting apps that leveraged the iPhone.

At the forefront of this revolution stood Apple itself, which soared to new heights following the iPhone’s debut.


Source: Google Finance

Once again, what came next followed a familiar three-stage sequence.

Big corporations raced to secure the technology driving the smartphone industry.

Firms like Skyworks, which provided essential wireless technology, soared from $8 in 2007 to $181 in 2021…

Cirrus Logic, a key player in mobile hardware, went from $2.68 in 2008 to $109 in 2023…

And then there was Broadcom, a specialist in connectivity, which rose from $18 in 2009 to $992 in August of 2023.

Next came the Build Out…when social apps like Facebook, Amazon, and Google flourished…

Almost every company in the world sought to build an app to capitalise. A company like Adobe rose from $28 in 2010 to $669 in 2021 thanks to this trend.

Add it all up and the broader ‘App Economy’ now churns out more than a trillion dollars PER YEAR.

And, of course, this app economy rapidly expanded during the Cambrian Explosion, fuelled by companies that put mobile first.

Gaming companies like Tencent and Activision Blizzard thrived, as did mobile payments firms like Square and Wisr.

Then there were names you’re familiar with: YouTube, TikTok, WeChat, Uber, Lyft, Tinder.

They all became part of daily life for millions, thanks to the Cambrian Explosion of smartphone apps.

The pattern repeated itself again
with Blockchain technology

I was in the thick of it.

I guided my readers on how to invest in Bitcoin [BTC] and Ethereum [ETH] in 2017, before they were locked up by the wider market.

Anyone who followed my advice made 1,498% and 726% on those two calls alone.

My model also identified blockchain build out opportunities, like Advanced Micro Devices, which closed for an 833% gain, BrainChip, which closed for a 196% profit and Simulations Plus, which made some readers 109%.

All told, I picked 113 technology stocks, predominantly using the Lock, Build, Explode model.

Not every pick was a winner — but the average gain on each of them was 37.5%.

Now, with AI swiftly emerging as the most influential technology trend globally, I’m preparing to do it again.

And this time, I want you to seize the rewards instead of hearing about it after the fact.

So buckle up and get ready to plunge headfirst into the fastest-moving market in the world today…

These three minutes changed the
course of history forever

Earlier this year, engineers at Microsoft threw down a challenge to their AI system.

They pitted it against a formidable team of scientists at a cutting-edge pharmaceutical firm.

Those scientists had invested three-and-a-half years in their quest to extract plastics from their complex chemical compositions.

Collectively, those 48 scientists had poured 168 years of individual research and brainpower. 

Now brace yourself for this…

Microsofts’ AI reached the very same conclusion in…wait for it…JUST THREE-AND-A-HALF MINUTES.

That’s insane.

But this mind-boggling feat offers a glimpse into the boundless potential of AI.

What’s even more exciting is that AI gets smarter and more astute with every passing moment.

Just as computers have evolved into powerhouses of the global economy since the 1960s, we can expect artificial intelligence to keep evolving with time.

This prospect terrifies some, but for others — like me — it’s exciting.

If an AI can cut drug development time from three years to three minutes, what incredible new breakthroughs lie ahead?

We’re unleashing AI on the vast realm of ‘chemical space’…the almost infinite number of new chemical combinations we haven’t tried yet…or even though of.

As the Chemical & Engineering Journal put it:

Chemical space is…where scientists have found every known medicine and material, and it’s where we’ll find the next treatment for cancer and the next light-absorbing substance for solar cells. 

With powerful new AI at our fingertips, how long before we unearth a cure for cancer? For heart disease? For death itself?

The possibilities are almost infinite.

And it’s not just medicine.

Multiply this potential across every industry you can think of.

Materials. Science. Banking. Energy. Transport. Mining. Security. Construction…AI is poised to revolutionise them all…

You only need to look at the wave of capital that’s on the mobilising right now to see this.

In the first half of 2023, Venture Capital firms increased their generative AI investments fivefold on the previous year.


Source: Pitchbook

Yet, it’s not just speculative capital at work here.

IBM data suggests 77% of businesses have already embraced AI or are planning to.

Many of those plans are well advanced.

In earnings calls, Morgan Stanley analysts noted 29 different companies making AI a revenue driver, including Google, IBM, Meta, Microsoft, Verizon, eBay, Intel, United Health, and Wells Fargo…

Goldman Sachs’s chief operating officer just said that the firm will adopt generative AI ‘in months’.

We’re way more than just thinking about it,’ he said. ‘We’re really trying to prioritise certain use cases.

The surge of capital into AI technology is so momentous that Nvidia’s chipsets are becoming ‘the new gold’.

A company called CoreWeave just secured a $2.3 billion loan, using Nvidia’s H100 GPUs as collateral.

And this isn’t just a story playing out in the US.

Australia’s biggest super fund
just made a daring bet on AI

In September, AustralianSuper made headlines by directing a $2.5 billion investment into a major European data centre.

So you may already be invested in AI, whether you know it or not.

All over the world, from Silicon Valley boardrooms to Wall Street hedge fund headquarters, and even to Super funds here in Australia, people are grappling with one question:

How do we make sure we don’t fall behind as AI eats the world?

This isn’t mere FOMO (fear of missing out).

It’s something much more profound.

For many businesses, it’s life and death.

Just think about it.

Imagine you’re the CEO
 of a major corporation…

AI is everywhere.

You hear about new advances almost every day.

The CIA harnessing AI to combat terrorists…


Hedge funds wielding it to conquer the stock market…


Big Four accounting firms like PricewaterhouseCoopers using it to consult on intricate matters like tax, law, and HR.

Consult on complex matters in tax, legal and human resources, such as carrying out due diligence on companies, identifying compliance issues and even recommending whether to authorize business deals.

AI on everyone’s lips, from your staff to your board of directors.

Your shareholders want to know how you’re going to integrate AI into your business.

As corporate consultancy firm McKinsey noted:

Amid recent advances, AI has risen from a topic relegated to tech employees to a focus of company leaders: nearly one-quarter of surveyed C-suite executives say they are personally using gen AI tools for work, and more than one-quarter of respondents from companies using AI say gen AI is already on their boards’ agendas.

But there’s a problem.

The sudden emergence of AI has taken you entirely by surprise.

You’re not prepared.

And your business doesn’t have the software or expertise to catch up, never mind get ahead.

So what do you do?

You go shopping!

If AI has left you in its wake, you set out to buy a company leading the charge.

If you’re running a major corporation with plenty of cash on hand, that’s the single way to close the gap.

And that’s exactly what’s happening.

In fact, even companies that are ahead of the game are taking over smaller players, to cement their advantage.

And no price is too steep:

  • Google bought AI start-up Alter for $100 million.
  • McKinsey spent $50 million acquiring Iguazio.
  • Amazon snapped up obscure Estonian coding firm Snackable AI.
  • Reuters stumped up $650 million to buy out AI legal assistant Casetext.
  • IBM bought Apptio for $4.6 billion.
  • Databricks bought $1.3 billion buying MosaicML — roughly $21 million PER EMPLOYEE at the start-up.
  • KKR bought data cooling company CoolIT systems and Manulife Investment Management bought a big stake in Serverfarm — with both citing AI as a driving force for their purchase.
  • Elon Musk even founded an entire company dedicated to AI.

As one TechCrunch piece put it:

It’s as though the M&A
floodgates finally opened.

And doubt they’ll close any time soon.

As the AI ‘ripple effect’ reverberates through the global economy, we’re going to see more and more use cases pop up…which will drive even more takeovers and buyouts as CEOs try to keep up.

In other words…


It’s here to stay.

Its impact will gather strength from here.

And I believe every serious investor on the planet needs a credible approach to investing in it.

Which is why I’m speaking to you today.

There’s a right way of investing in AI…and a wrong way.

The wrong way involves chasing stocks that have already gone up even higher, based off nothing but the latest fad.

That’s what most people will do.

They’ll speculate wildly on all the wrong stocks.

I’m here to offer you a smarter way forward.

I’ve spent the last year applying my ‘Lock, Build, Explode’ framework to the emerging field of artificial intelligence.

I’ve even hired a new full-time analyst to help me with the monster amount of research involved.

His name is Charlie Ormond. His professional background is in the realm of fintech start-ups and developing cutting-edge machine learning courses for Microsoft. He’s also an early adopter of cryptocurrencies and a longtime tech investor.

After almost a year of searching, we’ve boiled things down to just five picks.

Five AI plays that I believe should form the cornerstone of your tech portfolio.

In the second half of this presentation, I’m going to get you up to speed with all five of them.

Whether you choose to buy them or not is, of course, entirely your call.

But I’ll make my view plain from the outset:

These five stocks are
all BIG BUYS for 2024

You’re about to see why that is.

But first, I should make one thing plain.

Artificial intelligence is going to do many things.

But making you rich overnight is NOT one of them.

If anyone tells you otherwise, run a mile.

Investing in the stock market always involves risk. No matter how compelling a new technology or trend is, there’s always a chance that things will go wrong and you’ll lose money.

That’s why you should only ever invest capital you can afford to lose. No one can see the future and there are no guarantees here.

That said, we DO know the rewards for getting it right when it comes to new tech trends can be life changing.

Let me tell you a quick story to explain what I mean…

In 1978, legendary investor Jim Rogers hit upon the idea that the world was going to go from analogue to digital.

At the time he co-ran the Quantum Fund with another investing legend, George Soros.

The two of them had an idea something big was happening in the tech world.

But they needed more than a hunch.

So they travelled to the American Electronics Conference — called WEMA back then — in Monterey and spent the entire week interviewing upwards of eight or nine management teams a day.

Those meetings confirmed Rogers’ initial excitement.

Something big was happening.

The legendary duo selected the five most promising areas of growth and chose one or two stocks in each area.

Long story short, their hard work paid off.

As Soros recalled in his biography, Soros on Soros:

This was our finest moment as a team. We lived off the fruits of our labor for the next year or two. The Fund performed better than ever before.

Soros and Rogers did so well with these investments that by the end of 1980, Jim Rogers decided to ‘retire’ and set off on a round-the-world motorbike trip that saw him clock over 100,000 km on six continents.

This kind of ‘single-thesis, high-conviction’ thinking saw the Quantum Fund gain a staggering 4,200% in the decade after its inception in 1973.

Their timing couldn’t have been better.

The 1980s saw the Digital Revolution begin in earnest.

It was a revolution that would bring digital technology into every aspect of the world around us…and completely remake the world economy in the process.

But the point is, the long-retired Rogers was there at the start.

Right now, I believe that YOU have
the same kind of opportunity

There are no shortcuts, you simply have to do the work to try to find out what the market is missing.

So, like Jim Rogers and George Soros did in the 1970s, I’ve spent much of 2023 trying to get a handle on what all this all means.

My goal is to show you how to invest wisely — avoiding the hype and baseless headline-driven pumps — as this disruption plays out.

Here’s what I’ve found.

PLAY #1: NoSQL is A BUY for 2024

They trained illegally using Twitter data…

Lawsuit time.

That’s how an ongoing battle between two of the technology world’s biggest hitters began in 2023.

Elon Musk took to Twitter to accuse Microsoft of using Twitter data to train its artificial intelligence model.

It might make for good headlines, but whether Musk will actually sue Microsoft over the supposed ‘illegal training’ is beside the point.

What this case DOES prove, emphatically, is just how important data is for training artificial intelligence.

As Andrew NG, co-founder of Google Brain, put it in a conference last year, AI is ‘data + code’.

Put another way…

AI is only as smart as the
data you feed it

As the Microsoft/Twitter bust up proves, you can expect this to be a huge theme in 2024.

Anyone developing or deploying AI in their business needs data for it to learn from.

Which means we’re going to see a scramble to lock up that data.

That’s where my first pick comes in.

It’s right at the heart of a technology niche that I expect to grow in a big way as this data lock up gathers strength.

It’s a database software firm that helps firms store, structure, and access data in forms and formats that are perfect for the AI industry.

And business is already booming:

  • It has 45,000 customers in 100 different countries…and its platform has already been downloaded 300 million times.
  • Its second quarter earnings smashed analyst expectations out of the park, up 40% year over year.
  • And it just signed agreements with two ‘Big Beasts’ of the AI world —  Google and Microsoft.

What makes this particular company so special?

That comes down to something called NoSQL.

See, data is critical to the AI industry.

But not all data is created equal.

A ‘Hidden’ Piece of
Essential AI infrastructure

See, there are two ways data can be stored.

There’s ‘Structure Query Language’ (or SQL) where data is organised on a relationship basis.

Think of a company org chart, with data on employees, roles, wages, and stuff like that.

The data is organised in a way that’s ‘structured’, each datapoint makes sense in relation to other pieces of data.

This is the way the vast majority of the database industry is organised.

But there’s a smaller sub-niche of the market, which is far more important as far as our surging AI demand thesis goes.

This sector is called the NoSQL market.

The difference between SQL and NoSQL databases?

As Future of Product AI Maxwell Matson explains:

Unlike relational databases that rely on structured schemas and tables, NoSQL databases embrace a more dynamic and flexible data model.

In other words, NoSQL is more chaotic, messy, and flexible.

Which is the whole point.

Because the world is a chaotic, messy, and flexible place.

For AI to learn — and to identify relationships that humans can’t — it needs to learn from data that more closely resembles the real world.

This makes NoSQL databases the go-to database for all manner of current and future AI applications.

As Matson goes on to explain:

In the age of artificial intelligence, the benefits of adopting NoSQL databases for data management become increasingly pronounced.

The relationship is clear.

Demand for NoSQL services is directly tied to the ramp up in AI adoption.

The NoSQL market is currently estimated to be worth only around US$7.3 billion per year.

But industry estimates have it growing 29.2% through to 2030.

And my first pick already dominates a whopping 44.61% of this niche market!

This is EXACTLY the kind of company
smart investors should own in 2024

It dominates a niche sector that’s crucial to the development of AI…

It’s growing fast, with 20% revenue growth for the last five years (something only 2% of companies on the S&P 500 have ever done).

And it has deals in place with major players like Microsoft and Google.

I think it’s exactly the kind of company that’ll prosper as the data lock up phase of AI adoption plays out.

That could come in the form of even faster revenue growth…new deals with big players…or even a buyout, if a giant firm like Google or Microsoft decide they want to dominate the NoSQL space.

However things play out, I think this stock needs to be firmly on your radar — if not in your portfolio.

And you’ll find full details on it in a new research report I’ve prepared, called ‘AI Alpha: Five Rising Stars to Trade in 2024’.

Everything you need to know to trade this stock is in this report.

But, as the name suggests, this is about more than one stock.

Open your report and you’ll also find four more fully vetted AI stock picks, all of which are poised for big things this year.

As you’ve probably guessed, I could talk for days about each of them.

But I’ll fight that urge and give you a quick insight into each of them, before you go ahead and grab your own copy of the report.

Next up we have:

PLAY #2: Nvidia’s Secret ‘Elite Partner’

This is a classic ‘build’ play.

It’s a company that’s positioned itself right where the action is right now — in the first wave of companies building out the infrastructure for AI.

See, AI requires vast amounts of computing power to function.

Right now, that computing power sits in the cloud, provided by data processing units dotted all over the world.

It’s not a ‘sexy’ business.

But it IS a booming one.

Right now, companies are buying up data processing space at a rapid rate — because they know they’ll need it in the future.

Amazon, Microsoft, and Google just upped their spend on infrastructure by 50% to meet demand.

Some businesses are buying up space they won’t even need for FIVE YEARS.

They know they need to lock it up now to compete in the future.

And that’s what makes my second play so exciting.

It has a fast growing portfolio of data centres humming all over the US.

Not in Silicon Valley, but in places like Utah and North Dakota.

That’s a shrewd strategy, in my book.

And it appears to be paying off.

This pick started out in 2021 with just 2.5 full time employees.

Now it has more than 170.

And it’s just been named one of Nvidia’s ‘Elite Partners’.

But I think this is just the start, with plenty more growth on the horizon. 

In fact, rapid, unbridled growth is a common theme amongst the stocks you’ll find in your report.

Take pick three, for instance…

PLAY #3: The Unknown Company
Tapping ‘Never-Ending Growth’

My third pick sits at the heart of a trend that Saxo analysts claimed is delivering ‘never-ending growth’.

It’s using AI technology to fight cybercrime.

And the evidence I’ve seen suggests it’s bloody good at it!

This obscure company has delivered stunning 37% annualised revenue growth since 2018.

Let me tell you, that’s the kind of rapid expansion all companies want…but very few ever achieve.


Source: Saxo

But I think this stock offers it.

I’m just as excited to share my next play with you.

PLAY #4: The AI ‘Einstein software’ bridging the gap between men and machine decision-making  

Computers are incredibly fast, accurate, and stupid.

Human beings are incredibly slow, inaccurate, and brilliant.

Together they are powerful beyond imagination.

Those were the words of Albert Einstein.

And though he made those comments decades ago, he couldn’t describe what’s happening in 2024 any better.

My fourth pick is right at the heart of the RPA market — robotic process automation.

Robotic Process Automation is a process through which simple to complex tasks gets automated with the help of specialist software tools.

Automated tasks done by computer are usually a lot more efficient than manual labour so this business works with many Fortune 500 companies looking to work smarter to save time and money.

Now, working with existing RPA tools AI is set to turbo charge our march to a world of hyper automation.

AI will be instrumental in delivering the benefits of higher-order thinking to automation, while the tasks themselves will be carried out by RPA bots.

AI will orchestrate and direct RPA, not replace it bridging the gap between man and machine.

For example, up until now AI has been used to automate certain tasks, directed by a humans, in order to problem solve. But the human has to solve the problem first.

Well, RPA bots can now be charged to solve the problem AND then complete the tasks to solve it.

This is a huge development.

Think of the time and money saved in things like insurance risk assessments, invoice processing, data collection, workflow systems…across all sectors from insurance, healthcare to the national postal service. 

Well, our pick here is in the box seat for this transformation… and is already working with big clients in these sectors. In fact, it already controls 35% of the entire RPA market, according to Gartner.

Its nearest competitors each control less than 10%.

Given one research group has forecast the market will grow 40% PER YEAR for the rest of the decade…that’s a compelling proposition. 

Given that, you’d expect a company like this to be making new all-time highs…

And yet it’s not.

In fact, historically speaking it’s going cheap, trading for 60% LESS than its IPO price in 2021.

In other words, we have a big and growing market…a technology with revolutionary potential…and a great valuation, all wrapped up in one stock.

Then you have my final pick…

PLAY #5: The Network Master Training AI. 

I’ll keep this final one brief, because I know you’ll want to go ahead and grab the full report.

But my final pick is another prime ‘Build’ play in the AI network space.

It provides the secret sauce all AI needs — vast amounts of computing power.

It’s an established firm…growing fast…and its margins are strong.

Not only that, it’s taking market share OFF another key player, Cisco.

And, in my view, it’s perfectly poised to grow more as more and more businesses turn to AI.

You’ll get my full write-up in your report, ‘AI Alpha: Five Rising Stars to Trade in 2024’.

With 2024 shaping up to be a breakout year for AI stocks, I think right now is the time to strike.

The technology is there.

Money is on the move.

And investors are already making money from well-timed AI investments.

This one really has everything.

And it’s been a long time coming.

Success in creating AI would be
the biggest event in human history.

Those were the words of Stephen Hawking before he died.

I agree.

Artificial intelligence isn’t just a game changer for humanity.

It’s creating a whole new game altogether.

But there’s a second…far more disturbing…part to Hawking’s prediction.

Unfortunately, it might also be the last.

Like all great technological breakthroughs, from the printing press to nuclear fission to the internet, AI is a ‘change agent’ for humanity.

Ultimately, it’s going to change life for everyone, from the most powerful CEOs in the world…right down to kids making their way in the world.

Those changes will be profound and far-reaching.

But they won’t be equally distributed.

There’ll be winners and losers.

That much is already obvious.

In 2023, analysts at Goldman Sachs forecast that AI will lead to the destruction of 300 million full-time jobs worldwide…the equivalent of every working adult in the US suddenly finding themselves out of work.

Yet, almost simultaneously, Goldman’s CIO announced that the firm would be adopting AI ‘in months’.

That’s the whole story in a nutshell.

Trillion-dollar upside for the winners.

Welcome to the poorhouse downside for the losers.

And a yawning chasm in between them, which grows wider with every new adoption case.

The stakes have never been so high.

Look at the stock market and you see the same story.

I’ve already shown you that leading AI stocks roared ahead of the market in 2023.

  1. Super Micro Computer  UP 240%
  2. Meta Platforms UP 180%
  3. C3.ai UP 178%
  4. Samsara Inc UP 168%
  5. AMD UP131%
  6. Palo Alto Networks UP 115%
  7. Intel UP 82%
  8. Alphabet UP 58%
  9. Microsoft UP 34%

But as the winners have charged on…the losers have already started to fall back.

In March last year, Google parent company Alphabet plunged 7.7% in a single day after errors within its Bard AI tool surfaced online.

The drop erased $170 billion in shareholder value in two days.

Or Buzzfeed…

In January 2023, it briefly soared more than 200% on reports it’d partner with OpenAI to create AI written articles.


Source: Macrotrends

…before collapsing as those reports turned out to be wide of the mark:


Source: Macrotrends

Or student education firm Chegg.

It’s the kind of business that’s vulnerable to disruption from tools like ChatGPT.

When its CEO admitted as much following an earnings report…

Its stock dropped 48% in one day.


Source: Yahoo! Finance

This is all just the start.

As the relentless pace of AI adoption continues through 2024 and beyond, I’m expecting the winners to get even bigger…and the losers to fall even further.

That’s going to demand a response from every serious investor in Australia.

Including you.

You can’t just ignore what’s happening and hope it’ll go away.

It’s time to be decisive…to take action…and to give yourself a shot at becoming an AI winner.

My mission is to help you do exactly this.

To navigate the changes AI throws up, both in your life and in the stock market...

And to help you avoid the losers…and pick the winners before everyone else.

To do this, I’m launching a brand-new stock picking advisory that’s unlike anything I’ve ever done before.

It’s called Alpha Tech Trader

And for the next few days, I’m inviting you to become a Founding Member.

I want you to be one of the very first investors in the world to see my work.

That starts with the report I’ve been telling you about, ‘AI Alpha: Five Rising Stars to Trade in 2024’.

But the stock recommendation you’ll find in that report are really just the beginning of a bigger adventure.

As I’ve explained to you today, I’m predicting AI adoption is going to ramp up worldwide and send ripples through everything from finance to transport to medicine to energy…

Backing the right companies as this plays out could be life changing.

That’s not a forecast.

I’m sure you’ve had your fill of stock market analysts offering ridiculously specific forecasts on the stock market.

I’m not here to tell you my stock picks are set to go up tenfold by a year today.

I don’t have a crystal ball and I can’t see the future.

But I can see what happened in the past.

And I know that backing the RIGHT companies when a new, globally significant technology emerges can be life changing.

Think about it.

In 1999 alone, when the internet hit its ‘Cambrian Explosion’ moment, top stock Applied DNA Sciences rose 7,900%.

Qualcomm went up 2,586%. And a host of others rose more than 1,000%, all in a year.

And those were just short-term moves.

Zoom out and the results get even bigger.

An early investment in Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, or Tesla would have comfortably returned more than 10,000%.

In fact, a $10k stake in each of them, early on, would have been worth $15 million by the start of 2023.

Microsoft performed so well that executives hired an investigator to track down how many stock holders had become millionaires.

The number? At least 10,000!

Of course, there were plenty of losers, too. Not all tech stocks go up…and for every Apple, there are probably a hundred companies that never went anywhere.

But that actually REINFORCES my point.

A stock analyst named Hendrik Bessembinder studied the lifetime returns of more than 25,000 stocks over 90 years.

His findings were eye opening.

He discovered than 96% of all stocks didn’t perform any better than a ‘risk-free’ one-month Treasury Bill.

That means 96% of stocks didn’t even beat cash!

That means just 4% of stocks generated all the returns…and created all of the US$34 trillion in stock market wealth between 1926 and 2016.

Even more eye opening…just 50 companies accounted for 40% of that return.

In other words…

Just 50 elite companies were responsible for the vast bulk of all stock market returns over 90 years.

And fully one in five of those companies
were in the tech sector.

Bottom line: top-performing tech have a track record of delivering life-changing returns.

My mission is to delve deep into the emerging world of AI and pick out the Apple, Microsoft, or Amazon for you.

The stocks that will dominate this coming AI landscape just as a select few dot com era stocks do today.

But I won’t just be restricted to AI.

This is a bigger, broader mission than that.

Right now, all the action in the tech space is in AI. So that’s where my focus is.

But if we see a 3D-printing company set to soar, we'll trade it. And if we see an investable opportunity in energy tech, fintech, med tech or any other -tech, we'll take it.

I won’t get it right every time. This is the stock market. No guarantees.

But finding just ONE stock like those would be a game changer.

Ask yourself, how would an early holding in an outlier stock like Apple, Amazon, or Microsoft have changed your life?

Retire early?

A holiday home?

Put the kids through uni?

A motorbike tour around the world, ala Jim Rodgers?

Only you can answer that.

My job is to hunt down the stocks with the potential to deliver these kinds of results.

Remember, I’ve been investing in technology and other fast-moving markets for over a decade.

My track record in that time stacks up.

In 2017, I launched a stock picking advisory dedicated to exponential technology themes like the blockchain.

I shared 113 recommendations over six years.

The average return in that time was 37.5%...with picks like Advanced Micro Devices (833% profit)…BrainChip (196% profit)…and Simulations Plus (109% profit) leading the way.

I’ve also run various advisories dedicated to trading cryptocurrencies, which are about as high risk and fast moving as it gets.

In these services, I gave my readers the chance to make 1,498% on bitcoin… 726% on Ethereum…2,751% on LINK…2,320% on ADA…1,063% on VERUS…and 752% on LEND…

I took my fair share of 90%-plus losses too, of course.

That’s part and parcel of crypto investing.

But my point is: I have a clear, proven track record of helping my subscribers capitalise on emerging tech trends.

Now I’m gearing up to do it again.

I’m inviting you to join my new venture…
Alpha Tech Trader

Again: this is unlike anything else we publish.

It’s dedicated to chasing the biggest returns the AI boom — and the second order impact as they arise in the wider tech market.

We’re going to hunt down these returns wherever they pop up.

Large caps.

Small caps.

Aussie listed. US listed. London listed.

We’re going to follow the opportunity wherever it takes us.

This is a bigger call than you might think.

It’s something I’ve been pushing our Publisher and Editorial Director to let me do all year.


Two terrible little words: Home bias

Basically, the idea that Australian investors only like buying Australian-listed stocks.

Sounds crazy, but it’s true.

The vast majority of our readers want to own stocks listed here in Australia, even if there are bigger and better opportunities elsewhere.

They’d rather sit and wait for Aussie mining stocks to wake up…than chase a bigger opportunity playing out in the US, Britain, Europe, or Asia.

The fact you’re listening to me now tells me you see how limiting that world view is.

It also tells me you’ll love the Alpha Tech Trader.

Our remit is simple: find the very best opportunities the emerging AI industry, as well as the wider tech world, has to offer and share them with you.

If we find something listed on the ASX, that’s great.

But it’s far more likely we’ll be delving deep into the Nasdaq in our quest to find the ‘must-own’ stocks of 2024 and beyond.

To be blunt, I think you’ll be much better off approaching things this way.

Maybe you’re one of the people who’ve been writing in to me SPECIFICALLY ASKING me to look overseas for the biggest opportunities in the tech space.

Or maybe you’ve just seen what’s happening on the Nasdaq compared to the ASX, and you want a piece of the action.

Let’s face it the Nasdaq — not the ASX — is the home of most emerging tech opportunities.

And that’s proving to be the case with AI too.

I mean, it’s been hard to ignore what’s happening…

  • Google researchers are using AI to predict and create as many as twp million new potential ‘wonder materials’, some of which could be game changing for renewable energy and computing.
  • Scientists are using AI to create new, potent drugs, like the new antibiotic discovered last year, which kills a deadly species of superbug.
  • Oxford University scientists and the British NHS are using it to spot heart attacks before they strike.
  • Here in Australia, medical experts are using it to boost success rates for couples undergoing IVF after success with the technology in Europe.
  • Google is launching the first wave of smartphones that’ll be ‘AI-enabled’, putting generative artificial intelligence in the pockets of millions of people worldwide.
  • Melbourne-based AI specialist Sentient Vision Systems has secured a major partnership with US tech firm Shield AI, developing smart aerial systems for the US and Aussie military.
  • And an NHS trial in the UK means, AI could soon bring about a revolution in the way skin cancer is diagnosed and treated, allowing dermatologists to see thousands more patients.

I could go on for days listing out the applications…new waves of adoption…new breakthroughs…the promising new results…

But by now, we’re on the same page.

And of course, we can’t forget the obvious fact…

This is all having a BIG impact
on the stock market

Just think back to those examples I showed earlier…

  1. Super Micro Computer  UP 240%
  2. Meta Platforms UP 180%
  3. C3.ai UP 178%
  4. Samsara Inc UP 168%
  5. AMD UP131%
  6. Palo Alto Networks UP 115%
  7. Intel UP 82%
  8. Alphabet UP 58%
  9. Microsoft UP 34%


Not every stock is up, of course.

You wouldn’t expect that.

But the signs are clear: this is an unmissable opportunity for traders and investors.

Our mission at the Alpha Tech Trader is to hunt down the stocks next in line to thrive in 2024 and beyond.

So let me quickly walk you through what you’ll get today as a Founding Member of the Alpha Tech Trader...

First, as I’ve been telling you, you’ll get all the details of my five highest conviction AI stocks for 2024, in your report ‘AI Alpha: Five Rising Stars to Trade in 2024’.

Only a tiny fraction of the total Fat Tail Investment Research readership will likely get access to these plays.

There are no guarantees with any of these stocks, but you’ve seen the kind of potential we’re talking about here.

If my thesis is correct, buying and holding these stocks through 2024 could put you in a very strong position.

So that’s five different AI stock picks, right away.

You’ll also get a report called ‘The Alpha Tech Trader Guide to Buying Global Shares’.

This report does exactly what the title suggests.

It’s your step by step guide to buying into some of the world’s most exciting companies listed internationally.

If you’ve never done this before, don’t worry.

We’ve made everything simple and easy to follow, so buying our recommendations is as straightforward as investing in an ASX listed stock.

Next, starting immediately, you’ll get every NEW trade recommendation we share.

Each stock you get will be the result of deep research and a rigorous vetting process.

We’ll share all that research with you.

We’ll show you why we think each stock deserves its place in the Alpha Tech Trader core portfolio.

We’ll talk about the risks involved, whether that’s because we’re looking at small, volatile stocks…or if there’s an FX risk involved.

(The simple version: buying a stock overseas means investing in a foreign currency, like the US dollar. If the dollar rises, that works in your favour. If it falls, that works against you. That means you can lose money even if the stock rises, and vice versa.)

In other words, we put you in the box seat. You’ll be armed with all the insights you need to make a decision.

As part of your subscription, you’ll have full access to the entire portfolio of open positions.

You’re free to buy some, all or none of the stocks in this portfolio.

It’s 100% your call.

But I can virtually guarantee that you’ll never be short of high potential stock ideas to move on.

There’s a world of fast-growing stocks out there…and we’ll be bringing you the picks we think demand a place in your portfolio.

On top of that, you’ll get regular updates on open positions.

Like taking part profit on a stock...moving your stop-loss...or exiting the position...

...you’ll know about it right away.

Of course, you also get sell alerts, when it’s time to take a profit or cut losses.

I’ll write to you and explain exactly what I recommend you do and why I think you need to do it.

In other words, I show you how to get IN and OUT of the stocks I’ve found for you.

But there’s more…

Once we move into the Cambrian Explosion of the AI boom, I’m expecting the stocks I’m looking at to start moving in double quick time.

The best analogue we have for this is what happened in 1999.

As the dotcom boom really got moving, we saw an explosion of new ideas…new business models…and a tsunami of speculative capital flow into tech.

Multiple stocks went up more than 1,000% in less than 12 months.

Many of them crashed back down to earth afterwards, of course.

But that’s the whole point.

The Cambrian Explosion
will be a tradable event

When the time comes, you’ll get access to an entire speculative portfolio of short term trades.

By the time we hit this point in the cycle, which I’m expecting in late 2024, you’ll want to be nimble.

You’ll want to get in and out of the market quickly — to take profits or cut losses quickly and roll your capital onto the next opportunity.

And I’ve got the perfect way of doing that.

In fact, I’ve developed a proprietary trading approach that’s purpose-built to identify momentum in fast moving stocks.

Simply put, it’s designed to alert you when a stock is taking off…and when momentum is reversing and it’s time to get out.

I actually built an entire trading advisory around this idea, called Small-Cap Momentum Alert.

My system identified 202 trades in the 3.5 years we ran the service.

The average return on each trade was 18.4%...with a holding period of 90 days.

Most traders would kill to make nearly 20% per year.

Making that in just a few months…and rolling your capital from trade to trade and letting compounding work is magic…that’s a smart way to build wealth in a rising market.

With interest rates rising and the picture for stocks deteriorating, I closed the service in 2022.

But I’ll be bringing my trading system out of retirement when the time is right and the Cambrian Explosion gets going.

When that happens, you’ll get every short-term speculative trade I share.

No extra fees. No upsell. No separate subscription. You’ll get every trade, as soon as I share it.

And to get you up to speed on the approach, I’ve prepared a special research report called ‘Trading Tech Booms the Smart Way’.

Inside, you’ll find more details on my approach a full rundown of the track record…and why I think this way of trading could be ready made for 2024.

To recap, here’s everything you’ll get as a Founding Subscriber of Alpha Tech Trader.

  • RESEARCH REPORT #1: ‘AI Alpha: Five Rising Stars to Trade in 2024’
  • RESEARCH REPORT #2:‘The Alpha Tech Trader Guide to Buying Global Shares’
  • RESEARCH REPORT #3:Trading Tech Booms the Smart Way’
  • Every new recommendation I share for the next 12 months
  • Full access to the Alpha Tech Trader portfolio, with specific buy, sell, and hold advice
  • Regular analysis and updates on all stock positions


OK. So, with all that said, what does it cost to get immediate access to Alpha Tech Trader?

Well, frankly, there aren’t many other options out there for Aussie investors.

Sure, there are a few AI dedicated ETFs on the market.

But they’re mostly chock full of the same old stocks you’ll read about in the newspaper like Nvidia, Meta, or Google.

And of course, all ETFs are backward-looking — tracking stocks that have often already had their day.

The problem with that is obvious…

The biggest returns come from the stocks the wider market hasn’t recognised yet.

Chasing down these future winners in the emerging field of AI takes time.

We’re talking deep research on stocks most people here in Australia will never have heard about.

The manpower and research costs involved will comfortably run to six figures.

On top of that, you have the cost of attending industry events, talking to insiders, accessing high-level research and data.

It all adds up.

So I’ll say upfront: a subscription to the Alpha Tech Trader is not going to be cheap.

This is high-risk, high-reward stuff, with every share recommendation fully vetted and managed by a professional team of technology stock experts.

This kind of intelligence doesn’t come cheap.

So the official subscription price for one year of the Alpha Tech Trader is $1,999 a year.

That being said, this IS the first time we’ve offered this advisory to our readership.

Today you have the chance to become a Founding Subscriber and be there right from the start.

To celebrate the launch, I’m prepared to give you the chance to get a much better value subscription…

For a limited time, I’m knocking $500 off the subscription price.

Meaning you can become a Founding Subscriber for just $1,499 for your first year.

And you can lock in that discount for as long as you remain a subscriber, meaning you’ll save $500 every single year you follow my work.

Given the quality of research on the table…and the potential of the stocks involved here…that’s great value.

But for peace of mind, I’d also like you to have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

That way, you can actually check out my research and stock recommendations and get a full refund any time inside the next 30 days, no questions asked.

All you need to do to take advantage of this deal is click HERE.

It’s decision time

You are living through the most amazing moment to be an investor in living memory.

That’s my view of what we’re looking at right now.

In 100 years, people will rank the sudden emergence of AI alongside the birth of the internet, the internal combustion engine, and the printing press as one of THE defining technologies in history.

Not ‘of the year’…or ‘of this decade’…

I mean a technology that is species defining…that shapes society from top to bottom…and, yes, makes a fortune for well-placed investors.

My mission is to make you one of them.

Last year was merely the beginning…the start of a much bigger movement that, in my view, you have to be a part of.

It seems Goldman Sachs agree with me.

In October of last year, its analysts showed that while ‘early winners’ have charged higher…the full impact on the rest of the market is still ahead of us.



Source: Goldman Sachs

You haven’t missed out here.

Not by a long shot.

All of my research is waiting for you.

All my stock picks are fully vetted and ready for you to trade.

This is it.

Decision time.

All you have to do is reach out and grasp the opportunity in front of you.

My advice: DO IT.

Hit the button directly beneath this video right now and you’ll be taken to a secure order form where you can start your subscription and get hold of my research.

Just click that button and my team will do the rest.

Thank you, and I look forward to welcoming you as an Alpha Tech Trader subscriber.


James Woodburn

Ryan Dinse,
Editor, Alpha Tech Trader

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